Vapor Kings

At Vapor Kings, you get the distinct impression they take their name seriously. Stock listed by the Kings tends towards the high-end.

I went looking for clones but came up short and found myself gazing enviously at authentic beauties instead. Here is what a Vapor Kings review turns up for the vaping crowd.

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Brand Conscious

Vapor Kings knows their customers are conscious of the brands they use. This is not so they or their clients can brag but so they can be sure of the quality arriving in their mailboxes.

Aspire, Kanger, Joye, Dark Ronin, Space Jam, Provape: they can be relied upon to deliver the goods. Unfamiliar names can’t say the same thing. That is why their names remain unfamiliar.

New Products at Vapor KingsNew Products at Vapor Kings

The latest and greatest products show up here and it’s all about sub-ohms.

You will see the JoyeTech eGrip 20W starter kit and accessories.

Boiler Maker juices and Kanger Sub-Tanks show up here. Find the gorgeous Cherry Bomber Mod priced nearly $300.

Mod/RDA Sale

After reading that last price tag, a sale is just what your financial adviser ordered. Some of their deals are phenomenal. Others are just okay. The Bandit Stainless Steel Mod, Totem, Zenith Atomizer, and Omerta RDA are all authentic and pricey.

More Deals

Lots of stuff is on sale, not just Mods and RDAs. A lot of bargain stuff is made by Joye, including eCab parts which appear to be on sale everywhere. Joye must be eliminating this line or upgrading to a new edition of eCab.

Ovale Elips batteries and Kanger MT3 BCCs ended up here. The really big sale item is a Sigelei 20W VW mod: the deal on this advanced personal vaporizer (APV) is excellent so hurry. It won’t last.

Hu Man Fog MachineHu Man Fog Machine

Hex Ohm mods are box-shaped vaping devices offering 50W or 110W power and priced $156 or $195.95 each.

Authentic US-made products don’t come along every day so get excited about these powder-coated mods with 3 choices of button color, 10A output, and an OKR-T10 chip.

Each box has its unique serial number. Pair your Hu Man mod with a worthy tank or RDA from the extensive collection at Vapor Kings.

Mods and RBAs

This section is so loaded you have to click on sub-headings to make an effective search of their catalogue. Choose from elegant real wood e-pipes, introductory rebuildable atomizers, high-end mods, and more.

In the introductory section are IGO-W7 RDAs, the Mutation X RBA, and Smok RSST. These devices create excellent vapor and flavor but at affordable prices.

High-end items include the Geyser RDA, Lancia RDA, and APO RBA. They cost more so you should be sure of what you are doing when purchasing these products. Rings, caps, and other supplies are listed beside these advanced products.

Sub-ohm Clearomizers

A left-hand list of sub-headings makes navigating the Vapor Kings website easy. You can look specifically for sub-ohm tanks or regular clearomizers and tanks.

Joye, Smok, and Kanger have all recently released sub-ohm tanks listed here. Sub-ohm atomizers are built to take thick liquids and handle high-watt devices.

Vapor Kings starter kitsStarter Kits

Even though these guys really like their high-powered APVs, they realize customers don’t know how to use an advanced mod until they first operate an easier system.

Their starter kits include the Aspire Basic system, Kanger E-Smart, and Vision 650 Express (on sale for $6, which is surely a great deal). They only sell parts for 808 devices, not kits (mini cigs feature the 808 thread). Choose batteries or cartomizers from their list plus many 510-threaded products by the likes of JoyeTech, etc.


Vapor Kings makes a unique electronic hookah shaped like a pyramid. As you attach the pieces, they take on that tell-tale shape in white with black hieroglyphics. You will not see anything like it anywhere else.

Parts etc

Don’t forget your drip tips, cases, and so on. Drip tips start at around $1 but you can spend as much as you like. Buy a Vulcan drip tip for $25 or an Atmistique variety for $20. Vapor Kings has every shape and color of tip imaginable plus drip tips made from many types of materials (rubber, stainless steel, et al).

E Liquid Lineup

Variety on this menu is exceptional. Gourmet companies can’t sell to everyone: they simply don’t have the stock. As a result, you often find labels here not sold in many other places like Namber Epiclouds and Shakedown.

Six Namber flavors cost $15.95 each for 30-ml bottles. The same volume costs $18 from Shakedown with 4 flavors. Try one of 8 Halo flavors, Space Jam, Cyber Liquids, and more.

About Vapor Kings

Shop online or make your way to meet the kings in person. They operate out of 4 locations: two in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one in Sand Springs, OK, and one in Las Vegas. They are also very social (Facebook, etc.).

Their website is dark but easy to read and well organized. You can shop by type of product or brand. Catch the news as it scrolls by on the home page. Drop down a little way to find out what’s new on their list and explore featured products.

The Vapor Kings carry lots of stock, most of it aimed at advanced vapers. Although they supply some affordable products in the advanced section, none of them appear to be clones.

On their site they also assure customers that every “Joye,” “Kanger,” and other branded item is the real article. They don’t have anything to do with clones or copies.

Vapor Kings started operating 5 years ago so they’ve been around a long time when you consider how young the e cig business is in America. They support the AVA, SFATA, and E-Research Foundation.

Their prices are competitive and fair. Explore what they have to offer and find most things are in stock, ready to roll out the door when you order them.