Vapor King

Vapor King calls their store the premier vape shop in New York. That is a big boast, so I think it is fitting we examine what gives the team at Vapor King this impression.  As for the shop, you will have to go in and take a look around; talk to employees and gauge their people skills.

I’m only interested in their online store right now where I found lots of Kanger, Joye, SmokTech, and Innokin products, plus lots of e juice. Every brand they carry is the real deal unless they tell you a product is made in the style of something else (i.e. a clone).

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Vapor King Review

Brands are listed along the bottom of the screen with their recognizable logos. Headings reveal which juice labels they carry. There is no way to get lost at Vapor King; a list of product categories is ever-present along the head or left side to guide your shopping experience. Website design and organization are straightforward with no glaring problems I could see. Shopping at Vapor King should be a stress-free browsing experience.

Starter Kits of Various Levels

I always think of a starter kit as a package a brand new vaper chooses which contains only low-powered cells and cartomizers. They are also a means to start using any type of electronic cigarette which is new to you, providing necessary accessories.

Bundles include proprietary chargers and/or tanks or clearomizers. Packages are also frequently less expensive than a collection of compatible items (clearos, chargers, and batteries) purchased individually.

Vapor King carries EVOD, Innokin, and their own-brand starter kits. These include the EVOD glass-tank kit and a Smoke Pass starter kit for newbies made by Kanger ($19.95).

Vapor King Smoke Pass Kit

This package comes with a USB charger, two cartomizers, and a battery. The EVOD Mega Tank Kit costs $27.95. A Deluxe Vapor King set with two batteries, two clearomizers, juice, and a charger is listed at $39.95. Choose a blister kit for $21.95 (EVOD Mega). These were just some of the many items available.

Low Cost Mods

All of the mechanical mods on Vapor King’s online shopping page are either clones or authentic, already-affordable units. If you want a real Akuma or Tobh, head to another store and get ready to put a splint on your credit card.

Vapor King favors brands like Infinite, iJoye, and Tobeco, known makers of decent clones. Makers of clones are often so successful in making a version at least as good as the original, sometimes better.

Multiple companies will often tackle a single device, so for information about which is the best version, look up specific models. I did not see an authentic mechanical mod from the likes of RJ Mods or Vicious Ant anywhere on the Vapor King site. Instead, there was a Dimitri, Penny Mod, 2Six, and other copies plus the original CLT.

Cloupor’s Mini 30W and T5 tube mod are both adjustable and user-friendly if you have experience with variable watt/volt devices. Vapor stores recommend that new vapers steer clear for the time being.

The ABS by Cigreen was sold out, probably because it’s a novelty item. Though it operates as a box mod, the outer shell is clear, creating a dramatic effect for $54.95. I have not come across a Borshway 260W mod before.

Borshway 260W

It uses three 18650 batteries, fires at a low of 0.3 ohms, and costs $150.

Images show two-color wide faces framed by silver. Vapor King had the eLeaf iStick, a popular make of APV by eLeaf. Any of these units will operate for at least a day when the battery is fully charged.

Rebuildable Atomizers

Select rebuildable dripping atomizers or rebuildable tank atomizers. Again, Tobeco clones feature prominently. Their products include an Airek RDA and Doge V4. Select a Quasar RDA, Steamship Clear Glass Tugboat clone, or a Cigreen X V3 RDA.

Tanks like the Aspire Atlantis are easily powerful enough to operate effectively with an iStick. A Big Dripper V2, Steamboy Clone, and the RDAs shown above are great for high-watt mods like the Borshway. You want a dripper attached to your box mod because you can wrap coils so resistance is very low and their design is suited to use with thick juices producing excellent vapor when warm.

E Juice

When you select juice for your electronic device, be sure it’s the right style for your atomizer and suitable to the power you are capable of. Cheap, thin juice is a waste on box mods but fine with refillable cartomizers for KR808D systems, CE4s, and similar items for inexperienced vapers.

Vapor King’s list includes American-made products that belong on gourmet menus like Uncle Junk’s, Velvet Cloud, and Vaping Rabbit. Browse flavors from Cuttwood, Vapor Cool, and Caterpillar. Feast your eyes on Fuzion, Vaperoo, Boiler Maker, and ANML Vapors.

Sales and Deals

When I was looking at mods and RBAs, it appeared, at first, as though Vapor King only sold a few items but these were merely featured models on sale. Deals like $15 for the Steamboy clone are examples of monthly specials. There are some excellent deals to be had on items which are already sold at low-cost because they are factory-made clones from China.

Vapor King Aims

Vapor King has set itself the goal of selling authentic, top-name brands at low prices and they appear to have succeeded. I won’t go so far as to say their prices are the cheapest, but I won’t grumble about their pricing either. The iTaste VV3 with clearomizers, a charger, VV/VW battery, and attractive box costs $59.95. The MVP 2.0, DRV Kit, and Cool Fire I starter kit ($34.95) are not only great choices but consumer’s costs are fair.

For a more intimate look at the daily dealings from Vapor King, to connect with other customers, or to contact the company, log on to Facebook and find their page. Learn more about what makes these guys consider themselves vaping royalty.