Vapor Couture

Read the top of V2 Cigs’ web page and you see three icons: one for V2 Cigs, one for the Pro Series 3-in-1 Vaporizer, and one for VC which stands for Vapor Couture. This is V2 Cigs’ unique line of ladies’ e cigs which are slimmer than their Classic batteries; slimmer than most mini cig batteries for that matter. They were designed with delicate hands in mind.

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Brushed Aluminum Vapor Couture BatteryBattery Power

You will notice longevity is not the point here but class and style. With a 190-mAh battery, a customer will not be able to vape for long before she has to screw her battery into a USB charger once more.

But with a second battery waiting, this is no big deal. She just has to come to every event prepared. Besides, Vapor Couture e cigs are not her practical choice. The cells she chooses to use at home are for real vaping.

Vapor Couture e cigs are accessories designed to match clothing, shoes, hand bags, and the décor or mood of special occasions. For extensive vaping at home, she is going to choose her trusty eGo or APV.

Starter Kits at Vapor Couture

As an accessory, it is fitting that Vapor Couture bundles should come with attractive extras like charm necklaces and bags. The first kit for $41.46, however, is just an express set known as the Entrée containing a single battery, USB charger, and 6 cartomizers.

entree kit

The second set called L’Essentiel costs $67.41 and provides the second battery, AC adapter, and 4 more cartridges.

L Essentiel

A L’Essential+1 contains a portable charging case with sliding cover and mirror or a charm necklace made of stainless steel.

L Essential+1

If you buy the Passeport Kit, both of these items are included plus a car charger.

Passeport Kit

That’s where the name Passeport comes from: you can travel with this bundle, recharging batteries far from access to a USB port or wall outlet.

Choose the Maximale to say you own the most expensive cigalike starter kit available in the United States.


This bundle priced $207.51 contains a third battery, 20 cartomizers, all the chargers above, the charm, and a beautiful Smartphone clutch. Customers say a lot of good things about the clutch, especially its size which enables them to carry a lot of things besides their e cigs all in one capacious bag.

Cigalike or Not

Although this size of e cig is referred to as a “cigalike,” a Vapor Couture battery looks nothing like a cigarette. Vapor Couture cells are available in Brushed Platinum, Rose Gold, Deep Purple, and White Signature. I have never seen analogs of these colors or with crystal tips like those that light up at the end of a Vapor Couture battery when you draw on them.

Vapor Couture cartridgesFlavors at Vapor Couture

Since your objective is not to get the heaviest nicotine hit or enjoy really hot vapor, Vapor Couture e liquid offers up to 1.8% nicotine and come in just 6 flavors.

Choose an American tobacco-style called Rodeo Drive, another style known as Bombshell, Passion Fruit, Fresh Mint, Strawberry Champagne, or Arctic Mint.

Replacements in packs of 5 cost $13.44. A box of 20 will cost you $46.65 for a better deal. I’ve seen worse in the mainstream: as much as $20 for 5 cartridges, so their cartomizer prices are not as bad as you think.

Vapor Couture disposablesA Disposable Starting Point

It is typical for new vapers to begin with one-time e cigs because they do not want to make a big investment before trying this technology. That’s sensible and, at Vapor Couture, affordable. Choose a pack of 5 for $46.65 or pay $82.97 and share them with friends. A couple of flavors are on offer: enough to get a feel for vaping the feminine way.

Accessories at Vapor Couture

These are among the most expensive batteries per/mAh on the American market. Clients pay $20.70 for each one and they’re only automatic.

All the items listed in starter kits above are featured in the list of accessories and they are not cheap. One way to save some money is by purchasing sale items which are last years’ designs of charms and clutches. Only fellow Vapor Couture fans will know.

That stainless steel fluted charm necklace (an e cig holder, actually) costs just over $50 on its own. It’s also available in sterling silver for three times the price.


Vapor Couture provides a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, free shipping on domestic orders over $50, and a lifetime warranty. Although V2 Cigs owns Vapor Couture, their products are not compatible with each other.

Overall Thoughts about Vapor Couture

The word “couture” is fitting as it conjures images of fashion week in Paris and high-end accessories most people could never afford. This is not vaping at its most cost effective, but Vapor Couture has some of the prettiest products around.

If you’re a real girly-girl who wants to try out e cigs, their beautiful batteries provide the way to go. If vapor production, flavor, and battery life are more important to you, Vapor Couture will be an attractive waste of time and money.