Vapor Beast

Do not be afraid of the Vapor Beast. His bark is worse than his bite and his prices will not scare you either.

This would be a great place to introduce a timid friend to vaping monsters as a species and their entire range of goods.

This includes general purpose equipment, DIY items, and the Beast’s favorite food: e liquid. Vapor Beast, located in Carlsbad, CA, offers same-day shipping. This is a fast-growing company, not an endangered species.

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General Purpose Headings

Educate yourself about vaping with the section entitled “New to Vaping?” This is the e cig equivalent to National Geographic with full color images, research, warnings, and instructions. Learn about threats to the vaping way of life and ways to vape safely. I almost expected David Attenborough to narrate.

Use the headings to find DIY juice ingredients and tools such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or pre-mixed 50/50 and 70/30 bases. Find flavor extracts by Capella and lab supplies such as goggles and stir sticks. Scrolling features depict sale, featured, or new items. Uncover a world of rebuildable atomizers, mods, drip tips, and e liquids plus lots more.

Personal Vaporizers and Mechanical Mods

Each category is sub-headed with other categories for easy reference. Instead of reading the heading for every product to find out if it is mechanical or adjustable, go to the sidebar which shows VV/VW, Mechanical Mods, Clones, Hybrids, Pipes, and more.

Vapor Beast PVs and Mods

Here they even indicate how many of each sort of item is featured. As a heads up, the usual item is priced well below $100. Vapor Beast isn’t into high-end stuff like $200 Pinoy mods and drip tips that cost more than dinner for 4.

Examples are the KVapor V81, Varimax VV Kit, and Mini VV Pass-through for $11.49. A Sigelei ZMax V3 VV/VW, Innokin iTaste VTR, and K100 Telescopic kit pump up the power.

For less power but more glam, go for an eGo Jewel or one of several eGos to undergo makeovers. Their average offering is a little more powerful than eGos, but even experienced vapers often keep one of these handy.

Under Mechanical Mod Clones, you find the Maraxus V2, Turtleship Special Edition, and Adversary. Original Mods include the Tesla M5, K300, Cigreen Panzer, and Chillum Tantra. This last one joins two other mods as 3 USA-made items, their only mods priced above $100. If an item is out of stock, this is shown in the listing page.

Beast Brew

Vapor Beast’s house blend of e juice is known as Beast Brew priced $8.99 for 15 ml or $15.99 for 30 ml. Prices are good, but where does the e juice come from? Is it made in the United States from American-sourced ingredients under lab conditions?

Vapor Beast could give us more info here, please. Their house flavors include Jazzmatazz Blueberry Lemonade, Grape Pixie, and Ridiculous Mint Chocolate. Select from zero nicotine up to 24 mg.

Vaporbeast brew

Another way to search for e juice is to browse their list of brands, pick out propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin (PG/VG) ratios, or select flavor styles (tobacco, candy, etc.) The number of products for each label is noted beside the name. So is the PG/VG ratio.

Vaprs Mark and Propaganda make 60/40 juices. Zero Gravity is nicotine-free. Uncle Junk’s e liquid contains 70% VG, 30% PG. Cosmic Fog and Space Jam are 50/50 products. Right away you know which brands are most suited to dripping and which are better for regular tanks because you read the “New to Vaping” section on e liquid ratios, of course.

Clearomizers and Tanks

Once again you can search by brand instead of skimming the entire product catalogue. Joye, Surric USA, Vision, Boge, and Aspire supply some of the top-class items sold here for both intermediate and advanced vapers.

Company Perks

If you are starting your own business or looking for an e juice supplier, Vapor Beast provides wholesale pricing. You need to approach them as a business; wholesale prices are not available to individuals.

Vapor Beast also runs an affiliate marketing program. This is a cheap way to buy advertising. Customers become fans who want to tell everyone about their experiences with Vapor Beast.

Using internet platforms like social media, WordPress articles, and websites, they do just that, inserting links to the business and coupon codes. When a reader clicks the link and is taken to Vapor Beast’s website, if she makes a purchase, a percentage is automatically attributed to the affiliate whose link was used to bring a customer in. Affiliates are paid monthly with real money, not Vapor Beast reward points.

Our Story

This is often my favorite part; an opportunity for the owner of a business to introduce himself and personalize any transactions that follow. I can see the face of Tim Campbell, founder of Vapor Beast, posted below the blurb where he explains how he got into the vaping business.

He says it began with the gift of an e cig which blossomed into a technical and later business-minded interest in the technology. Vapor Beast has grown around this initial gift into a full-time company. Use their website to find specific contact details for vendors, consumers, and advertisers. Watch videos posted by Vapor Beast.

Vapor Beast Review
Vapor Beast EyesI like this company and the novel way they draw customers in. Those roving eyes featured at the top of the page put me in no doubt of which business I’m interacting with and they phrase “beastly because” is catchy; memorable. Campbell and his team do a great job.

Their full-service site is easy to use and leads me to many ways I can contact them. I only missed that e liquid information as stated above, but I was glad to see fair pricing, a promise of fast shipping, and secure site where I could shop without fearing someone would steal my credit card details to buy their own e cigs.

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