Vapin Plus

Vapin Plus was started with these goals: to bring high quality electronic cigarettes and accessories to the public at affordable prices. This US business carries vaporizer kits, e liquid, dry tobacco vaporizers, atomizers, and accessories to take you further than firms such as Green Smoke and 21st Century Smoke at a reasonable cost.

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Starting with your Ego

Vapin Plus skipped the mini cig stage and went straight to eGo vaporizers with their Liquid Vaporizer Pen Kit. That means you won’t find cartridges here either: just e liquid. The cheapest kit costs $24.99. Customers receive a charging set, tank, and a battery. A second kit with a higher-powered battery (1100 mAh) is priced $29.99 and also includes two extra atomizer heads.

Buy the BDC Liquid Vaporizer Pen Kit for $39.99 and receive two 650-mAh batteries. Your kit also contains 2 Bottom Dual Coil atomizers (BDC), two 1.8-ml tanks, a USB charger, wall adapter, and lanyard so you can wear your e cig around your neck. BDC atomizer heads are said to produce more vapor than single coil and also work well with thicker e liquids than a single coil.

First Time Buyers Kit

Vapin Plus recommends their $39.97 starter kit for first-timers. This contains one 650-mAh set and 4 atomizer replacements plus e juice. Select two flavors from a respectably lengthy list containing apple, peach, cool menthol, clove, strawberry, and more. Nicotine values are 0%, 1.6%, or 2.4%.

Vaporizers for Herbs

The Viper is an herbal vaporizer from Vapin Plus. Dry tobacco is the other alternative to e juice many smokers are turning to. While they can use the same tobacco that is utilized to build cigarettes it isn’t mixed with carcinogens. Moreover, the vaporizing process eliminates tar and makes this a safer way to “smoke.” Buy the pen kit for $49.99 and receive a sleek all-black cylinder (chamber and battery) plus internal parts (ceramic filter, glass filter, spring, and chamber connector), cleaning and packing tools, a black rubber mouthpiece, and chargers.

This is a very low-entry item at an affordable price. You will notice that products in this price range tend to combust herbs if they become very hot whereas higher-end ($150+) vaporizers manage to keep herbs and heat separate. Still, the Viper gives beginners an idea of how to use an herbal vaporizer.

Vapin Plus carries a Viper/tank set for $63.98. Information about this tank is inadequate: does it fit with both the vaporizer and eGo batteries from Vapin Plus or just tanks? They say it can be used with both materials but not whether threading is consistent between batteries. It’s described as being a 3-ml glass tank with no wick and dual coil atomizer.


The aforementioned tank is listed at $13.99. They also carry 2.5-ml tanks in 4 colors as well as clear at a price of $7.99 each. Single 1100-mAh batteries come in blue, red, green camo and pink camo for $16.49 each or buy the black Variable Voltage cell for $21.99.

Buy E Liquid

One advantage they have at Vapin Plus in the e cig market is that they carry items that don’t have to be sold or used together. If you love their e juice but dislike their hardware, stick around to purchase items you enjoy.

Their team of e liquid blenders sticks with the best e juices in their opinion, opting to “focus on popular flavors with a wide appeal.” Once they select a style, Vapin Plus doesn’t “stop tinkering with the flavor formula until it is just right” according to their “about us” section. Each bottle is produced and bottled in an FDA-approved facility located in the United States.

The price is very good: just $5.99 for a 15-ml bottle containing up to 2.4% nicotine. Child safety caps make these relatively safe for families but should still be stored away from children in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Plastic bottles are durable and inexpensive to produce, keeping prices low.

Select an individual bottle or a bundle which reduces the price further. VP lists a fruit bundle and a Bold bundle, the latter consisting of Clove, Rich Tobacco, and Classic Tobacco flavors for $14.95 (a $3 saving).

Save a Bundle with Vapin Plus

Those bundles help you cut vaping costs but there are other ways to go about that. For one thing, auto shipments bring the price down by about 5%. Sign up any time and cancel any time; there is no obligation. With an auto shipment, you arrange for products of your choosing to arrive at your door automatically at certain intervals.

Vapin Plus lists monthly specials, a $25 free-shipping threshold (very low), and offers a few sale-priced items as well. Their Mint Chocolate Chip e liquid, Café Mocha, and Chocolate Covered Cherries e juices are currently on sale. Buy these 30-ml bundles and receive $2 off the usual price.