The guys at continue to tell us they are too busy to write a bio; that they have orders to fill. Curiosity is killing me: fill in this page already.

Customers want to know what should make them want to do business with you and read your stories. Stories are interesting, especially from people who used to smoke and now enjoy e cigs or from two guys who are friends and fulfilled a dream by opening a business together.

If they don’t write a story, consumers will make one up. We just want a few sentences, not photographs; nothing complicated. Naturally, we all want to know you more.

2015 Coupon Code Review: The Cloud Company

Vapers turn to e cigs for e liquid and vaporizers for herbs; advanced personal vaporizers and vaporizers for concentrates (like the Innokin iTaste VV V3.0 which can be used with globes for concentrates). satisfies their needs from every direction as long as what you want is in stock.

There is a big room for improvement in this element of their business. A lot of items I honed in on were out of stock but that was not apparent at first because they don’t use the typical style for telling customers when something is sold out.

This detail is stated right on the page in the same gentle shade of blue with white writing as featured when they ask you to ‘Choose your Options’ or ‘Buy Now’. When an item was on back-order it was not immediately obvious.

Items for Sale carries USA-made e juice, Starter Kits, Mods, E-Hookahs, Atomizers, and Accessories. To say “thank you” for subscribing to their newsletter, the two guys who make up also remove a percentage from the cost of your first order which will ship from Burnsville, MN. Headquarters is based in Minneapolis.

Their kits include an Aspire CF set that features the latest carbon fiber battery by this Chinese e cig maker, best known for the Nautilus. A BUD Touch Vape Pen Kit, Carbon Spinner III Gold Plated e cig kit, and eGo II Twist are next on the list.

Try the Ego One by Joye for $59.99 or a CLK Kit by Innokin for $45.95. V.2 of the MVP by Innokin, sold as a kit with a clearomizer, is currently priced just $50: a great deal worth snapping up.

Mods at
Mods at Vapes.comIf a device sold here is authentic, it will be among the lower-priced items produced in the thousands.

Attractive mechanical mods pictured on their website which look like expensive counterparts are all clones of limited edition mechanical mods.

Cloupor’s T8 150W box mod costs $159.95 and is regarded as one of the most powerful VW devices around. The Carbon Fiber Paragon is $59.99.

An Anarchy Mod mimics the good looks of an Anarchist. Beauty and a bargain combine, thanks to the Copper Akuma clone. Copper is highly conductive so that a battery’s voltage tends to remain stable over time.

The iTaste 134 is $149.95, or you can choose the Smok Bolt 18350 for $60. Order an X6 1300 mAh or X6 1300 kit with a clearomizer.

There are loads more mods besides; choice is excellent but, again, be aware of stock. Don’t get excited until you read what is written in the box beneath each item.

E Juice at

For the widest selection of flavors, Juishy is your best choice. also carries The Standard, Tito, Veegee, Ray, Baker White, AL, and many more.

Their bestsellers are all made by Juishy: Gummiberry, Cotton Candy, Menthol Delight, and Arctic Watermelon, for example. Browse alphabetically, by price, etc.

Wax and Herb Vapes

I will just combine these because some of the items featured on either page can be used to vaporize both of these materials; possible e liquids as well. The Cloutank by Cloupor, Dripstick 2-in-1 Pen, 2-in-1 Airistank Chilim Dry Herb/Wax attachment, and various globes or containers are featured here.

They carry Skillet atomizers for herbs and wax, an E-Paradise Dry Herb, Wax, and E-Liquid device, and two Titan products: I and II. The first one is for herbs and wax but the second vaporizes dry plant material only.

Hurray for E-Hookahs

Statistics suggest that vapers start here: with disposable products. Some will use them as an alternative to smoking. For others, they are a launch pad into the world of rechargeable vaping devices.

At, choose from three brands of disposable electronic hookahs. They are made by 800-puff, Fantasia, and Imperial. Alongside these three products (available in several flavors) is an e cigar which is also disposable. does not carry disposable tobacco and menthol e cigs.

Approaching Atomizers

You might not understand all the jargon on a vaping website, but there are some educational resources at Use these to learn what atomizers are and the differences between tank, rebuildable, and dripping atomizers.

Remember those mods listed above? The same attitude rules with atomizers. If you are looking at an RDA or RBA with the appearance of a high-end device, it is a clone.

Other items are the more affordable originals like tanks by Kanger. Select a Freakshow RDA for $29.99 or the DCT 6-ml tank for $12.95. The Genitank, Aerotank, and other Kanger vessels for e liquid are listed here at competitive prices. Try a Doge RDA Competition Style Clone for $23.95.

Price Practice

There is nothing wrong with pricing at, generally, but you always have to be conscious of what other companies charge for things. While a certain item is well priced, another is overpriced and you could save some money by spreading loyalties.

The advantage of loyalty is that you earn points to use as money for spending at Moreover, if your order doesn’t come to $50 or more, you are going to pay shipping.

So sometimes it’s worth paying $2 more for something and $2 less for something else. That way, there’s no shipping and no additional hassle of placing another order somewhere else.