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Using vaporizers seems to be a more popular and established hobby than vaping electronic cigarettes and e liquids. Companies have been put up and products developed in Canada, the United States, Germany, and South America, whereas the most successful e cig businesses come from the United States.

Shipping from Vape World is free anywhere in North America because in this industry, more than even the e cig field, vaporizing crosses many boundaries.

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Vape World Review: Online Vape Shop

While this spread of interest and activity has led to the creation of dozens of desktop and portable devices for use with herbs, oils, and waxes, the selection at Vape World does not reflect that. They are picky about the products that they carry and sell to users.

Their catalogue is based on what employees there would use, devices their customers have favored, and worthy upgrades as new products are released. At Vape World, they do not sell everything.

Items like vape pens, for instance, are absent from the main list, though they do stock some. Their quality is often questionable, especially since many of them burn herbs. If you were looking for a Dube or a Trippy Stix, they are not featured here and neither are some of the better pen-style vaping devices.

It is easy to check that listed items are, indeed, good choices by browsing the internet. Many articles, reviews, and testimonials have been published proving their worth. For instance, many users attest to the fact that the Pax, Firefly, and Da Buddha are all good value for money.

So while this is a general vendor not dedicated to one or two brands or models, their selective nature means you should be visiting another store if you want a 3-in-1 pen or a cheap $40 unit. Nothing here was designed for use with e liquids. Vape World chooses not to carry even high-end electronic cigarette box mods the way some vaporizer vendors do.

Trusting in Quality

If you want quality, relatively safe vapor from your materials, you need to choose construction components and brands carefully. Do not just assume that Vape World is careful about what they sell.

Do your homework and educate yourself. Read their informative articles and watch their instructional videos. Read between the lines. They go into considerable detail about these topics for the good of their clients.

At the same time, their educational materials go some way to explaining the ethos behind their selection process. Come to this website to find the answer to any questions you might have regarding convection or conduction heating, ceramics, stainless steel chambers, and more.

Here you learn why convection is more efficient and the reason that many vendors choose ceramics, glass, and stainless steel when building desktop and portable mods.

Devices at Vape World

The website is divided neatly and sensibly into categories like portable, desktop vapes, top rated, and “Our Favorites”: models used and loved by the people who work there. Go straight to the correct style then find out what is available.

Another route to take is to browse their “On Sale” department where price reductions are not a reflection of quality; just consumer popularity. Items on sale include the Davinci original, H.Aire H2.2, and Hot Box.



Expanding the Field

Other products sold here include high quality vaporizers listed at competitive prices but not “cheap.” Vape World only carries authentic models backed by warranties.

When a Volcano is offered to you at $300, be suspicious. While Vape World won’t necessarily give you any tremendous bargains on the price of a Plenty or Silver Surfer, their rates are fair.

Search by the brand you want if you know anything about brands at all. Storz & Bickel’s entire line is on the site: the Crafty, Mighty (their two recently released handheld mods), Plenty, and Volcano (well-known performers).

Furthermore, if they carry any model of vaporizer, accessories and parts specifically designed for that machine can also be purchased here. In this sense, Vape World is a one-stop vaporizer shop.

Search for 7th Floor items, products by Arizer, and Vapir’s line of vaporizers. Go to the search box and look for herbal vaporizers, specifically.

Again, Vape World elects to distribute products by the best brands with solid reputations in this business. Price is important to most people so click on the “price” filter when you are searching. The number of items under each sub-heading (brand, desktop, price, etc.) is listed as well.

Getting Hold of Herbs

It is not easy finding herbal plant material when you go shopping online. Many of these products are sold through independent companies whose reputations are not as well established as that of Vape World and sometimes look seedy.

To be sure you are getting quality Lemon Balm etc., shop with Vape World. They are even accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau. This is a reflection of their willingness to be accountable to customers.

Herbs are sold in 1-oz increments. The $4.95 price tag for each one pays for a little bag; glass jars shown on the site cost another $5.

It’s a little bit misleading, but read the fine print. Stock levels in this and every category appear to be reliable. Once in a while things sell out, but you don’t see the “out of stock” sign under every second listing.

Pay for Goods Securely

Flexibility in this department has become important to consumers. There is still understandable fear about shopping online with a credit card even though stores like this one are secure for credit card use.

Buy your vaporizer, herbs, or parts using PayPal if you do not want to use a Master Card, Visa, Discovery, or American Express Card. Your order will arrive discretely packaged in a short time, and if you buy a vaporizer, it will probably be sent with a free gift.

My guess is that gift will be a grinder if you order an herbal vaporizer. Enjoy professional customer service and quick, discrete delivery.

Here’s one of the videos they have on their YouTube on the Ascent, a very popular vaporizer: