Vape Dojo

The people who started Vape Dojo began as a small team, a little but hopeful company. The owners had a big vision though.

Those few short years ago saw them launch their own line of e juice. A little bit of hardware followed.

Now their hardware catalogue has extended marginally: there are still times when I click on a category (like eGo batteries) but nothing is listed there except a definition. At least that is helpful to the uninitiated, which I am not, but I visited to read about their juice anyway.

Thanks to their growing success, Vape Dojo has added a second series and created a new line of e juices called Charlie Noble. They are also gutsy enough to carry a few other, lesser-known brands of e juice.

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Some Quick Facts

Firstly, the Charlie Noble e liquid line is quickly being picked up by gourmet juice vendors as a dripping series in several excellent flavors. Although Vape Dojo now offers a New Classic line, you might call Charlie Noble e juice a new classic in its own right. Customers can shop at Vape Dojo or head to the Charlie Noble website for more information.

I love the way these guys play with themes and jump into an image so whole heartedly. With Charlie Noble, the theme is nautical and the tone tongue-in-cheek. Vape Dojo juice labels and some names are also cheeky but the theme is oriental: more on that in a minute.

There is no free shipping option but Vape Dojo lists a cheap flat rate: $2. That’s enough to cover costs and make people think twice about placing silly orders for $5 items instead of organizing themselves and placing more substantial orders. A fee of $2 does not break anyone’s bank either.

Vape Dojo Hardware

I am itching to get to their e liquids, but first let’s have a look at hardware and save the best for last. You will find brands such as UD, ELeaf, Evolv, and Kanger among these pages and listings. If you recognize those brands, they give the viewer a good idea of what is in store: atomizers, tanks, and electronics.
Vape Dojo starter setsVape Dojo’s two starter kits were sold out when I checked, but they had the colorful DNA 40 dual 18650 box mods for $225 in several shades.

It was created with a 3D printer and covered in cerakote ceramic coating, making it a unique advanced personal vaporizer from the manufacturing standpoint alone. This USA-made variable watt item also features a spring-loaded, adjustable 510 connections compatible with many excellent tanks including those with low-resistance coils.

The Sigelei Zmax mini is $49.99. You will find a Blonde Lil Cub by BBM priced $230 or the Ember by Gold Armour Mods for $199.99.

There is a bit of everything: variable voltage and purely mechanical devices; expensive mods and affordable Chinese offerings. As for tanks, they’ve got one of the best: an Atlantis Adjustable Airflow Tank System for $44.99.

Prices are fine: you wouldn’t argue they are trying to fleece anyone. Moreover, their variety of devices encourages interest from high-end shoppers and vapers with shallower pockets.

Other E Liquid

I also mentioned other brands of e liquid. They are not the names I usually see on vendors’ websites, but you might have heard of them. Vape Dojo carries Sicboy, D Squared, Theriac, and a few others.

I wonder if the guys at Vape Dojo are aiming to give some new vape companies a break as an alternative to the names shown on every list (The Standard, Suicide Bunny, Cosmic Fog et al.)

Vape Dojo classicVape Dojo Review

At last we are here, at the heart of our review: the Vape Dojo e juice line.

Actually there are two series with the New Classic Collection and originals, all made in Middle River in Maryland, and under strict blending conditions using kosher, USP-grade, pure ingredients.

You needed those details and I am proud of Vape Dojo for stepping forward to offer them. It is not a foregone conclusion that e juice companies will be this considerate.

A bottle from the Classic series costs $5.99 for 20 ml which had me looking twice: that is darn cheap. These are not thick dripping juices but mixed to a ratio of 40 propylene glycol/60 vegetable glycerin.

They look to be bottled in glass with dripper tops which is why I expected high-VG e liquids. The “black” in Black Menthol is blackberry. Key Lime Pie is self explanatory. Caramel and Blueberry Vanilla are two of their others.

But it is the original line which always fascinates me. Perhaps their whimsical labels styled to resemble aging oriental paper with Asian-style drawings are simply too attractive to resist.

Under each name the PG/VG ratio is listed. For instance Banana Nut Bread is blended using 70% PG and 30% VG. Berries and Cream is a 50/50 offering.

Try Black Cherry for a compromise: 60/40. Cucumber Mint has become a surprising hit (it’s a 50/50 mixture). The Berries and Cream option provides fruit plus a richer texture which is surprisingly noticeable even though you experience vapor. Several other juices portray tobacco, menthol, fruits, desserts, drinks, and more.

Getting Closer to the True Flavor

Under each flavor which has already been subject to customer reviews there is a star rating and comments by users. These are interesting to read as they not only reveal the quality of a product but also give vapers some ideas about flavor and its fickleness. You see in some reports that one flavor is stronger and that this element is muted by others.

Prices at Vape Dojo

A bottle of Vape Dojo juice costs as little as $4.99 for 15 ml: an exceptional price. Only Mount Baker Vapor appears to sell e liquid for less. So: their juices are US-made using high quality ingredients and at low prices. What else do you want?