I remember this company from earlier e cig reviews. Vapage is also Cig20, and in some cases there is no difference between the two except a name.

There are even some items listed under both headings which don’t appear to differ in any respect. But that’s a small part of the entire website which, though all-purpose, is dedicated to Vapage products.

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Vapage One-Stop Shopping

You really can buy all of the things you need as a vaper at any level by shopping here. That includes advanced regulated and mechanical gear, e juice, and accessories such as atomizer heads.

Vapage Review

The website lists several shopping categories, including disposables which, on other websites, would take two sentences to describe. At Vapage, you will need to give me a bit more space to talk about their extensive range.

Two of their 4 product categories double up: the Barfly and Black Label series. They are both 400-puff, 18-mg selections of flavors like Classic Tobacco, Red Tobacco, Menthol, Double Cherry, and others. A few of these items can be purchased with 0 mg of nicotine but they are exceptions. All of these and the Vookah line cost $9.99 each.

Vookah disposable e cigs not only break away from the previous mold in strength and flavor, but also in shape and style. Select zero-nicotine or 11 mg of nicotine. Opt for sweet fruits and desserts like Banana Split, Lemon Berry, Mango Tango, or Grape Zing (with lemon). All of them are housed within lathed wooden tubes, silver mouthpiece tips reminiscent of old-fashioned hookah mouthpieces.

The Mini is an e cig in the analog style. You pay just $5.99 for Red or Classic Tobacco or Menthol. This section shows 6 products: two of each, one called “the Mini,” the other a “Cig20” version.

Electronic Cigarettes

Those disposable flavors are available in rechargeable format as the Vapage/Cig20 lines. They feature 220-mAh batteries and some hard-to-believe kit arrangements. I mean, who sells three 1-battery options?

There is the $19.99 starter kit with a USB and 4 cartomizers. You can buy the ECiggo for $10, the same set up but with a Zippo-style battery. It’s similar to the Zippo Kit at Smokeless Image. Select another one-battery kit with a USB charger and 9 cartomizers priced $44.99. After those come in 2-battery bundles.

New Pieces

Replace batteries for $19.99 each. Extra cartomizers cost $14.99 for 5. If only similarities with Smokeless Image went further: that would mean you paid a more reasonable price for batteries and refills.

Six Mods for Several Levels

There are six ways to ramp up your e cig experience; six new levels of vaping pleasure. These are provided by the Uturn, VPro, Duo, Titan (automatic 1100-mAh cell), Mekanik, and VMod. Since the Uturn is just a variable voltage Twist battery (650 mAh or 1300 mAh) and the VPro is an eGo in three sizes, let’s skip to the VMod.

This is an all-in-one vaporizer with a pressure-feeding chamber sending e juice through the atomizer in a unique way. The body and chassis screw together. Lock and unlock your mod for safety. It comes with an aluminum shell and cone, Silo cartomizer, hybrid 510 atomizer, 2 empty 5-ml bottles, two 900-mAh batteries, and a charging kit.

The Mekanik is a mechanical mod made from stainless steel. Its telescopic tube accommodates an 18650 or 18350 battery. A single firing button is all you need to get this thing started, plus a lot of experience with mechanical, unregulated mods. Pay $89.99 for the kit with a 5-ml Crystal BDC XL tank plus batteries included. This is an excellent price.

Colorful Clearomizers and Tremendous Tanks

Vapage also carries several tanks and clearomizers which should appear familiar. They are similar to versions by Kanger, Aspire et al. The Jato BVC and the Honeycomb BDC, though unoriginal, are lovely to look at and made to high standards.

The Piston RDA is another example of exceptional quality, and all of these would be suitable for use with the Mekanic or one of the higher-powered versions of other Vapage mods.

Actually, standard threading enables use with advanced models of all sorts. You pay $49.99 for any one of the three. A Jato measures 22 mm across, offers adjustable airflow, and is made from 303 Stainless Steel.

The Crystal tank mentioned above costs $21.99. A Crystal Pro bottom coil clearo is $11.99. Look for e liquid listings and get in your order for vapor juice to create a vape-ready setup.

Luscious E Liquid

Aura, Vapage, and Vookah are your three choices of e liquid. The first one costs $1.50 for a 10-ml bottle, leading me to wonder if it will soon be phased out or if the quality is not so great. Sweet Apple, Strawberry, and Sweet Apple are three of their 12 flavors.

For $9.99, take home 15 ml of the other two. They come in flavors already mentioned under the heading for disposable e cigs. If you buy 3 of the same simultaneously, Vapage takes $3 off of the bill making that $8.99 for 15 ml. That’s a fairly good price, but I would like to know if I’m paying for American-made quality or factory-blended Chinese e juice.

More on Site

Visit Vapage, a Californian e cig company, on their full-service website. It contains the information you need as a vaper or a professional distributor to determine wholesale costs and shipping fees.

Learn how to get in touch with questions and register your product online too. As a company, Vapage comes across as professional with a well-organized and sensible website I enjoyed browsing most of the time.