Sun Vapers

The website for Sun Vapers, a Californian vape store, is shiny and bright. It conveys a joyful image, as though the team behind Sun Vapers is happy to come to work every day and happy to share what they know about vaping with customers. That is a great attitude to have and maintain when so much about this industry is still up in the air.

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Cheerful Sun Vapers Review

Two physical shops are located in La Mesa and Santee, but you can also shop with Sun Vapers online from any location in the United Sates. They carry the major brands of hardware, but only a few box mods and advanced items. The biggest selection here is e juice from brands like Cove, Cuttwood, and Five Pawns.

Shopping for Stock

Customers can shop online for items listed under the usual heading,s plus one unusual section for DIY modders. You know right away if an item is out of stock. A banner is plastered over the picture.

All of the pictures are well lit and clear. Apparently there are 213 items on the website, some listed at clearance prices, with a top price of $180. You can also shop by price.

Rebuildable Atomizers and Mods

These include authentic items like the Ragnark Mod and Patriot V2 RDA. Sun Vapers lists the mods plus spare parts and accessories you are going to need right away or eventually.

For instance, you will probably look after your own rebuilds and need things like cotton and wire. Sun Vapers carries Japanese cotton, Kanthal, and ceramic tip tweezers plus other accessories. As I said, these are authentic pieces so they are costly but well chosen, beautiful devices for advanced modders.

For DIY Modders

Are you planning to build a box mod? With some electrical know-how, it is not that hard as long as you don’t want to get too fancy about the look of your unit. Sun Vapers carries 510 connectors, the DNA 40 by Evolv, battery contacts, clips, wraps, and resistors. They have battery sleds, tactile switches, and more.

Few Starter Bundles

This is a short section featuring fewer than 10 items. Most were sold out during my visit which was a shame and an unusual situation. Most items under other headings were in stock. Sun Vapers bundles for the Kanger EMOW and Aspire CF were available for purchase.

Clearomizers and Tanks

This was another short section. Sun Vapers knows what they like and doesn’t bother with rubbish. Select a Kanger Mini Protank 3, Aerotank, Aspire Atlantis, or Joye Delta II Sub Ohm. The price range is $21.99 to $35.99, and very competitive.

Clearance and Sale Items

The Aspire CF Sub Ohm battery, Kanger EMOW 1300 cell, and Smok TDux 3.0 were all mentioned in the sale/clearance pages. Pick up a decent or even an outstanding deal here.

There is a difference between “sale” and “clearance”: the former is reduced in price, while the latter is heavily discounted to get rid of stock quickly. Usually, a vendor is making room for newer stock or the next version of a product.

Regulated Mods: a Small Section

I was surprised by how few box mods were listed, but also pleased. Sun Vapers lists a few brands and models rather than trying to be everything to every vaper. They carry the eLeaf iStick 30W and IPV Mini for sub-ohm vapers. In the section known as “Edward’s Choice,” you will also find an eGo One by JoyeTech.

Other Headings

Before we look at e liquids, there were other headings I will touch on just so you can see how general a vendor this is and their dedication to selling high-quality brands. Batteries are made by Sony, AW, and Samsung.

They carry XTAR chargers and an entire section for Nautilus gear. Replacement parts include battery caps, drip tips, RDA heat sinks, and beauty rings. One of Edward’s choices (I am assuming he is the owner or manager) was a series of hand-blown Ghosted Glass drip tips.

Now for E Liquid

This is the part where Sun Vapers explores the creative side of this field, bringing in all kinds of brands from the United States. You will find three flavors from Beard Vape Co., 10 from Perfect Cloudz, and 11 varieties of Five Pawns. They carry three of the Cove line, 4 Cuttwood flavors, and many other choices.

Select juice in one of the following ways: look for a brand name, choose vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio, or explore all 94 results.

The juice highest in vegetable glycerin is No. 64 by Beard Vape Co. at 70/30. All of the juices listed by Sun Vapers are gourmet, top-shelf, and you probably pay more for them as a result. Sun Vapers does not, however, crank their costs up beyond the regular retail price.

Thoughts on Sun Vapers

First of all, the website impressed me and made shopping a peaceful experience. I wasn’t frustrated by dark images, fonts that were difficult to read, or finding an item was out of stock only when I went to buy it.

Most of their prices were either fair or better than fair. If I was past the newbie stage, this would be a great place to find good quality, user-friendly equipment

Organization made it easy to shop for precisely what I wanted. Sun Vapers compares favorably with other all-purpose vape stores operating online as long as you aren’t looking for anything obscure or unusual.

The most unusual feature — maybe what you would call Sun Vapers’ niche — is their DIY modders section. This was a pleasing find as there are many advanced vapers who would call themselves hobbyists.

They find pleasure in the challenge of doing more with their equipment than just vaping, like fans of remote control cars and airplanes. Customers of Sun Vapers approach this business intelligently.