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They have not reached the point of being e cig rock stars yet, but Starfire Cigs from the US carries a competitive range of products for people who are interested in exploring what vapor cigs could do for them.

If you are a smoker wondering about giving up analogs or a consumer who already tried other brands of mini cigs without success, read this Starfire Cigs review. They might have whatever it is seems to be missing from other products.

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E Cigs: the Premise

But let’s go back to basics for a minute and talk about electronic cigarettes; what they are and why interest has grown exponentially in these little pens. There is not a person alive who knows anything about cigarettes and fails to realize they are killers, including smokers.

Unfortunately, smokers become addicted to cigarettes because of the nicotine they contain and because of habits formed around lighting up and taking a drag. Smokers feel helpless to give up their lethal habit.

Electronic cigarettes replace tobacco smoke with e liquid vapor comprised of usually propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, optional nicotine, and flavorings. Some add other ingredients, and there are reports of low-level toxicity, but nothing like those that are found in cigarettes.

Controversy has created a dark cloud around the industry, but it hasn’t descended far enough to put-off people from trying vaping as an alternative. Smokers receive some nice benefits by using electronic cigarettes which taste like various kinds of tobacco and menthol smokes but also fruits and desserts.

They get to puff the way they always have, produce no ash or nasty smell and even save money. Add the benefits of being able to “vape” in public and with friends without being sent outside or to some “smoking-only” section, the conversations that start up around vaping, and a returning sense of taste with which to enjoy food and drink properly once more.

Promises from Starfire Cigs

Buy a total of more than $100 of products or arrange for automatic shipments of cartomizers or e liquid and shipping is free within the United States. Order a product and you have 30 days to return it and receive your money back.

Keep the product and you receive a 1-year warranty on faulty electronics. Starfire distributes reward points to customers too, which is a way to save money on regular purchases. The BBB has also accredited Starfire.

Products at Starfire Cigs

The first e cig a person ever uses is usually a mini vaping pen such as a rechargeable or disposable cigarette-like device. The ones at Starfire come in black or white and tan and are packaged in neat starter kits like the ones at Volcano.

Like Volcano’s Magma kit, the Starfire starter kit features a portable charging case, 2 batteries, replacement cartomizers (5 in their case), and a USB charger for $59.95. Even the price is similar.

Starfire Cigs Starter Kit

Cartomizer flavors are Appletini, Turkish Tobacco, Menthol, Premium Tobacco, Peach, Watermelon, Cherry, Vanilla, and Coffee. That makes nine flavors and a decent selection in 0, 12, or 24 mg strengths.

Their next-level bundle (an Ultra Premium Vapor Pen Kit) contains a 900-mAh battery, 2.4-ml clearomizer, and 10 ml of tobacco or menthol e liquid. Later, as you become used to attaching the two parts of an e cig together and decide to upgrade, this will be your go-to device.

Flavors in their full menu include the nine I already mentioned plus Blueberry Mint, Strawberry Mint, Cowboy Tobacco, Cinnamon, Swiss Chocolate, and others. They total 21 flavors costing $9.99 for 20 ml. Juices are made in the United States from US-made vegetable glycerin.

Disposable Starfire Cigs come in black or white/tan and 5 flavors: Peach, Turkish or Premium Tobacco, Menthol, and Watermelon.

Reviewing Starfire Cigs Top to Bottom

Advertising on this black and burgundy website seems targeted at young but not under-age smokers. They look very serious about their diamond-tipped e cigs; even sultry sometimes, but sex is not the primary tool.

Only one image is suggestive. On the home page you see a bit of everything; every possibility. This entices the reader to look further and find out more about flavors, pricing, colors, and so on.

Prices are generally good and compare favorably with others already in this market and the range of choice featured at V2 Cigs, VaporFi, Green Smoke, and others is not missed. When vaping is a new pastime, you do not need to be bombarded with options.

Two very classy things about the mini cig starter kit are that it is packaged with a PCC and presented beautifully in a black or white box. The box is a storage container; the PCC, or portable charging case, is one of the most useful items a vaper can ever own.

How many times did you take a package of real cigarettes to work, a game, or on a drive with you? For e cigs to be a viable alternative to cigarettes, they have to be as portable as analogs. A wireless PCC makes this so.

Their shipping policy lacks generosity, but the price of refills and e liquid makes up for that. Starfire Cigs has the potential to take some of the market share from Halo, South Beach Smoke, V2 Cigs, White Cloud, and Green Smoke.

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