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In the e cig business, there are now a lot of trustworthy brands, familiar and stylish products, and tons of selection. South Beach Smoke competes in this market with Apollo, V2 Cigs, Halo, White Cloud, and many others.

The last two are newest on the list while the others originated around the same time. Half a decade ago they were preparing to bring electronic smoking alternatives to the general public and are still successful today; growing even. Let’s look at the way South Beach Smoke sizes up against its competitors.

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SouthBeach FLavorsFlavor Favor

There’s no contest when it comes to e liquid: South Beach Smoke offers more options than any of the other brands listed above.

Customers can order flavors like Grandma’s Thanksgiving Apple Pie, Crazy Cuban (banana and cigar tobacco), Cool Citrus, Blu-Ki-Co Ninja (blueberry, kiwi, coconut), and Choco-Nana.

It’s possible to customize e liquid too. E liquid is made in an FDA-approved facility from high-quality ingredients, and the price is great: $14.99 for 30 ml.

Of the firms above, the one most fitting to compare South Beach Smoke with is Halo. They don’t produce the same number of flavors but Halo’s Purity line of liquids competes with the top names in this industry.

Purity e liquids come in just over 20 flavors, most of them featuring an element of tobacco and all of them produced to the same high standards as South Beach Smoke liquids. Moreover, both are American-made lines of juice.

Halo is a little more expensive but is a purist in the sense that they blend juices with tobacco and menthol or mint flavors. It’s as though they have anchored themselves to the traditional notion that e cigs are cigarette alternatives. Fruit and dessert e liquids change the image of e cigs, causing concern that people who never smoked are turning to vapor. But for vapers, the amount of choice from South Beach Smoke remains an advantage in their favor.

South Beach Smoke CartomizersCartomizers

New vapers use cartomizers, blanks or pre-fills, to vape with their mini cigs. All of the companies above sell pre-filled cartridges but the biggest standard selection comes from South Beach Smoke.

They offer 16 compared with V2’s 12 regular flavors. V2, however, regularly adds limited edition flavors to their lineup. Right now V2 has Sambuca, Pina Colada, Strawberry Desire, and Mojito.

South Beach Smoke liquids are American-made while V2’s juices come from China. Halo and Apollo make juices in the US also, but Apollo has phased out flavored cartridges in favor of tobacco and menthol only, focusing on their e liquids instead. It looks like South Beach Smoke is the winner on flavor, but not on price.

Apart from Eversmoke (their sister company), no other business organizes cartridge sales like South Beach Smoke. You can only buy the original 10 styles in packs of 15 and are paying about $3 per cartridge. The newer 6 flavors are sold in 5-packs for about $15. All the firms above manage 5-pack increments and lower costs. Every firm, however, thanks customers for bulk orders by providing discounts.


South Beach Smoke, Halo, Apollo, and V2 Cigs all market second-level vaping devices. White Cloud hasn’t ventured here so we can only compare their starter kits with the mini cig kits from South Beach Smoke.

White Cloud has developed three batteries instead of just a big and a small. Their kits are divided by battery size (except their variety kit) and two contain one special device: the squid charger. No other company featured in this article sells a multi-charger like this one.

White Cloud kits are also more affordable than South Beach Smoke starters by a small margin. It’s the disposable e cigs, however, that new vapers will find so appealing. If you can buy a flavor in cartridge form for your kit, it’s also sold as a flavor of disposable e cig. Their one-time products are also very affordable compared with SBS disposables and are available individually, not just in bulk.

Level Two Vaping

South Beach Custom VaporizersMoving on to vaporizers, V2 Cigs launched the Pro Series in the summer of 2014 at which time South Beach Smoke released their series of vaporizers: the Storm, Curve, and Thunder (a South Beach Smoke Air was already available). Halo’s Triton and Apollo’s several intermediate devices (like the Oracle) also vie for vapers’ attention.

While the other items are good value, South Beach Smoke pens are more stylish and varied. Firstly, the Curve is a beautiful, feminine device which women will love if they dislike the formulaic straight eGo cell. The color choices are wonderful.

Halo also provides various colors, but not the different shapes or models that South Beach Smoke can offer. Apollo is also limited in both senses, providing a couple of choices but nothing like the Thunder with airflow control or the custom vaporizer builder from South Beach Smoke.

This is probably one of the most enjoyable features of the site.

Click on the link to see battery choices and a wide right sidebar showing perforated lines where your selected model and color will go.

South Beach Smoke Vaporizer Builder Step 1

Next, add the tank or clearomizer.

South Beach Smoke Vaporizer Builder Step 2

Both the shape and color you selected will appear in the sidebar so you see what your combination will look like and the price you will pay for this BYO kit. Unless V2, Halo, and Apollo develop more products for second-level vapers, they won’t need to add a feature like this one to their websites.



V2 Cigs’ Pro Series 3 and 7 vaporizers fall into a completely different class, however. They are designed for users of herbs, essential oils, wax, and e liquids. With different cartridges, the same battery is useful in any circumstance and automatically registers the type of material to be vaped by the cartridge. Heat is automatically set for a specific cartridge. These devices also connect using magnets, not screws that wear out.

It’s hard to compare the Pro Series with anything by South Beach Smoke, but if you were going to do that, choose the Thunder. This is the closest thing in looks and function being of similar power and size. They’re both great models. The Thunder is cheaper and probably a better bet if you don’t mind threading and only use e liquids.


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