Using their phone number and exercising some patience with the internet, I finally located SmokeTip in Baltimore, MD. So if you were curious, this is an American company and they have a real physical address, not just some nebulous presence in cyber-space.

SmokeTip provides free shipping on orders of $59 or more and only ships within the United States. That’s enough of the trivia; let’s get down to business.

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A SmokeTip Review

Several years ago, when the company got started, they were just selling a cheap starter kit and cartomizers. Within the last 12 months, this American company has added a second starter kit with more power and added e liquid to their stock.

It’s US-made juice, too, so that’s a bonus. Their website has also been slicked-up very recently, mostly in good ways, though with at least one risqué image. Otherwise it is business-only.

Starter Kits for Levels One and Two

The basic kit costs $59, which just so happens to be the free-shipping threshold. Buy this kit and receive 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, a charging set, and a gift box.

Smoketip starter kit


Packaging could also do with improving; it still has that cheap, brittle appearance I dislike. Also, the $59 price is higher than customers need to pay. You can simply go to Smokeless Image and pay less than $40 for the same thing.

You get to choose from more than 20 flavors and 0, 6, 12, or 16 mg of nicotine when ordering cartridges for your kit. These flavors are comprised of 3 tobacco, 2 menthol, 10 fruit, plus a few spice and dessert flavors.

The Tank Kit

An updated option released last year is the Tank for $79 with 2 batteries, 12 ml of liquid, 2 tanks, a charging kit, and a few extra accessories. The heavy-duty case might win you over as it has the look of something secret; something special and exclusive.

It’s the foil to SmokeTip’s fragile-looking basic kit. Select Full Tobacoo, Cowboy, Menthol, Chocolate, Coffee, Fruit Mix, Cherry, Strawberry, or Vanilla e liquid. Strengths are 24 mg to a low of 6 mg plus a nicotine-free choice.

Buy Cartomizers

While the starter kit is not the cheapest, there is a bonus to buying from SmokeTip: free gifts for bulk purchases. Order lots of cartos at one time and SmokeTip has a reward waiting for you.

With every 3 packs of 10, your order comes with a battery. Order six 10-packs and get a charging kit plus a battery. Orders of 10 or more packages are shipped with a full 16-mg basic starter kit.

If you do not want extras every time, pay full price for single packages which is pretty good after you realize they appear to sell packs of 10, not 5 cartomizers as is standard. If packages contain 10 cartomizers for $19.95, then SmokeTip is on par with V2 Cigs ($10.33 for 5).

A special flavor of the week in half-sized packages costs $8. This week you could take advantage of the discount on any fruit flavor. Bottles of e juice, by the way, cost $9.95 and similar bulk discounts apply.

Disposable E Cigs

The price of a single disposable e cig at SmokeTip is nothing to get excited about: $9.95. Shop at White Cloud or Volt and get one of their one-time e cigs for about $6 each and White Cloud offers many exotic or sweet flavors too.

Once again the way to save is to buy lots at one time: 5 for $39.90. That works out to around $8 each for Cowboy or Regular Tobacco or Menthol, 6 mg or 16 mg. An E Cigar good for 1,000+ puffs costs $19.95. Select a Cuban or Havana style.

Battery Replacements

You really need to make use of volume shopping offers when it comes to batteries; otherwise, you are paying one of the highest prices for 180-mAh batteries in the market.

In fact, at $18.95 each, these white, black, chrome, or pink batteries with various colors of LED tips are almost as expensive as Vapor Couture cells but not nearly as pretty. A 350-mAh battery costs $24.95. You could buy an eGo for less.

Their 15W variable battery, 2200 mAh, is $29.95. I don’t mind that price, or the cost of a 650-mAh replacement for the SmokeTank priced $19.95. They carry all the vape tank parts separately, such as an airflow chamber, liquid tank, and a spring tip. This part provides a flavor boost on demand.

Favoring Affiliates

If you can ensure your first sale as an affiliate is a big one, then it’s possible to make a huge initial profit. Besides a $50 bonus for the first sale, you also receive 40% commission. The residual rate is 15% with a 10% commission for your lifetime.


SmokeTip has improved their product range and their online presence generally. Their website is up to date and they are adding some products to stay competitive.

The tank looks sleek and contemporary and that flavor-boost mechanism sounds interesting. I like how they added an airflow control chamber to their one APV.

I would be more inclined to trust this company if they were more personal, though. They make themselves anonymous, not even posting an address on the website.