Signature E-Cigarettes

The original Signature E-Cigarette brand comes from Carshalton in the United Kingdom. A branch in Riverside, California, brings this label to US customers. That is a turn around from the usual format. Most brands of electronic cigarettes start in the United States or China and spread out to Europe.

I am unsure about finding space in the American market for another e cig name to make its mark, and Signature E-Cigarettes isn’t doing anything particularly distinguished. In fact, their website contains very few products and too little detail to show how they are different, but at least their price is right.

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E-Cigs at Low Prices

What really saved me from losing interest was pricing. There is one starter kit: that’s it. It costs $19.99 and contains a single battery with a USB charger and 5 cartomizers. The whole set is black from top to bottom.

sig e cig starter kit


Boxes containing these little starter sets look like cigarette packs: they usually do. On the front, over a black background, are little squares like digital markings in gray. The look is modern and simple, but far from being eye-catching.

Their price of $19.99, though, is fairly good considering you receive so many cartridges compared to the rest. When you buy a single-battery set, it usually comes with 2 cartridges, sometimes three or four, but you pay in excess of $20 for most of these kits.

The one problem I see is that a single battery gets you nowhere: maybe 3 hours into a full day of vaping. Signature E-Cigs, however, has another trick up their sleeve.

Battery replacements cost just $9.99. They don’t state the charge rating of these batteries so they are difficult to evaluate in full, but even the weakest batteries at many companies cost at least 50% more and sometimes twice this much. If you only need to pay $10 for a battery, that means you could have a 2-battery starter set for around $30.

Add a wall adapter for another $10: you see where this is going. You, the consumer, call all the shots, building a full kit to your personal specifications. Use that platform as an affiliate earning 60% commissions on all first-time orders from new customers.


Everything on this list costs $9.99. That goes for batteries, a wall charger, or a USB charger. Unfortunately, Signature E-Cigs stops short of offering carry cases, a USB-cig, a portable charging case, or a car charging adapter.

These are extras which may seem frivolous to those who are not into vaping, but are really helpful in establishing a routine. Vaping is not like smoking: with vaping, you have to organize items in some kind of case or box.

They need to be charged regularly, with refills on hand all the time. If you were a chain smoker, you know what I mean: there is nowhere you can go where vaping won’t be a part of your life.

Smokers who used to light up in the car can’t always get to a USB charger where they can keep a battery charged and ready, especially during a long day on the road. Signature E-Cigs doesn’t live up to all the expectations of real people who vape, but they make an affordable start.

Refill Flavors

There are just 5 flavors available, all with 1.8% nicotine. You won’t be choosing this company if your plan is to wean from nicotine slowly or get the highest throat hit available.

For a lot of vapers, 1.8% is a standard value; similar to what they got from analogs. It would be great to have choice, but I get the feeling Signature E-Cigs has a particular customer in mind. He doesn’t want to stop smoking or give up nicotine.

If he can keep puffing something indefinitely and just give up toxins, he’s happy. That is why the five flavors are Vanilla, Classic Tobacco, Menthol, Java, and Energy. These represent probably the 5 most popular flavors consumers look for every day in one way or another.

Benefits of E Cigs

They spend some time on their site going into this topic as does every e cig website, so there’s no way you could have missed the statistics and information about vaping vs. smoking. E cigs take away almost all the negative aspects of lighting up a cigarette, like smoke and the killer chemicals.

They do contain nicotine, and so it is not the perfect alternative, but many enjoy the differences that vaping brings, such as cost savings, and no more smelling like an ashtray. Signature Electronic Cigarettes offer an affordable way to try out vaping.