Did you get confused and pronounce this name “roovaped” like I did? It had me wondering until I realized this is meant to be a play on words (and letters), like Toys R Us.

The name is a question: “are you vaped?” The answer is: maybe I need to get vaped to pick up on the pun.

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An Ruvaped Review

Perhaps you already own one or more vaporizers by brands like White Rhino and Pax, but that’s not what the owners of Ruvaped want to know. They are more interested in whether you own one of their devices, specially made with titanium coils.

Atomizer coils are a topic of some frustration in the vaping world since substandard alloys do not hold up well to extensive use and can infect vapor with a tinge of metal as they break down. Titanium is sure to last longer without leaving a metallic taste in your mouth.

Ruvaped has designed rechargeable, portable, handheld units, all of them relatively small. They are meant for taking to places and using when you are away from home or feel like walking around your house, free of wires and plugs.

These devices are eco-friendly in that they do not burn materials and are rechargeable for many sessions of pleasurable use. Ruvaped has also invested in clean materials that do not affect the flavor or purity of your juice, concentrates, or herbs.

Vaporizers at Ruvaped

Online sales are set up similarly to those of e cig brands. They lay out starter kits of 9 types. These are devices to vaporize all sorts of materials: wax, herbs, essential oils, and e liquids. Ruvaped also carries attachments, accessories, and e liquid.

ruvaped kits

Starter Kits for Vapers

The V3 is a rechargeable unit for vaping concentrates and comes in several sizes. You can buy the Juvenile, Nano (3.5″ long), Micro V3, and regular V3.

A Juvenile Kit contains a micro battery, skillet attachment, removable bowl, glass globe, stand, tool, and charging kit. All of this fits into a soft case included with your purchase for $79.99.

You don’t often see vaporizers so small as the Nano: Ruvaped claimed it is the smallest available, and they could be right.

vaped nano

Turn it on and off by clicking the button five times. This device comes with 2 mouthpieces, a key chain, case, chargers, a tool, and a skillet/bowl attachment.

With the Micro V3, you get a small number of items for $79.99 compared with the regular kit for $20 more. A Luxury V3 Kit for $129.99, however, is the biggest set with various attachments. A demo video is posted online so the visual learner can see how it is operated.

Ruvaped carries an unusual device for concentrates: the Micro Nectar Collector. Online images give a picture that resembles a carved bone or the eerily-designed end of a wizard’s staff. Only the hummingbird motif prevents the Micro Nectar Collector from resembling a necromancer’s tool. Pay $129.99.

A Flora is Ruvaped’s herbal, portable vaporizer. Pay $119.99. The path to flavorful vapor is made entirely of glass once again. They call this the first of its kind, which might be so, but it’s not the only one: Davinci’s Ascent followed suit.

E Juice at Ruvaped

Teaming up with Flavour Art, the people at Ruvaped came up with more than 15 flavors of e juice and three strengths: 0, 9, and 18 mg per/ml.


The price for a 10-ml bottle is $5.99, so it’s pretty reasonable, especially when shipping in the US is free and discrete. Some of their flavors are Hot Cocoa, Blueberry Bliss, Creamy Cappuccino, White Grape, and Sweet Tobacco. They are bottled in cylindrical vessels instead of the usual bottle shape with a neck and narrow tip.



Attachments and Accessories

Ruvaped sells skillets, glass globes, e juice cartridges, and a Vubbler water attachment to create cooler, smoother vapor. They carry several types of containers, grinders, nails, adapters, a torch, and tools. Read the full list and you see a selection of items for replacing parts of the V3, etc., or to enhance your experience.

What’s the Final Word?

Most companies that cross over make a token gesture, selling just one e cig among devices for concentrates or a single vaporizer next to e cigs. White Rhino (makers of the Dube) sells both types of devices, but with a focus on vaporizers for herbs and concentrates. Eonsmoke delves more deeply into e cigs but also provides devices for alternative materials. They also carry e liquid.

Ruvaped presents a less balanced position between e cigs and vaporizers than Eonsmoke, but at least they sell an electronic vaping device and e juice to fill it with. This makes Ruvaped an excellent stopping place for what they call “luxury vaporizers” of both kinds, but not an all-purpose vapor shopping center.

There is lots of stock, selection, and possibility at Ruvaped, but for general supplies you will need a bigger vendor. Their use of glass and titanium is reassuring and not standard: atomizer coils vary in quality elsewhere. Every device at Ruvaped contains a titanium coil.

They provide a 1-year warranty on materials and workmanship, but you have to register your product. There is a handy place to do that online: do not forget. Sign up for their newsletter to receive information by email about their latest sales and products. Ruvaped is also very social as seen by their numerous links to social media platforms such as Instagram and Google+.

Overall, I like Ruvaped. They cleaned up their website since I last visited so images are sharper to match an otherwise slick presentation. Their products are totally portable, small, light, and attractive. They even offer a pink kit for Breast Cancer Awareness which is a nice touch.

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