It is a pleasure to write up a review about American manufacturing in any industry. China has cornered just about every area relating to electronics manufacturing, so finding something made anywhere else has become nearly impossible.

Yet, ProVape supplies just what the patriotic shopper is looking for, especially if that shopper wants an electronic vaping mod.

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A Pleased ProVape Review

They bucked the trend at ProVape with results that should encourage people. One is that quality is controlled according to United States standards, not Chinese ones.

Chinese standards have been considered to be sometimes foggy: Americans do not know how China monitors electronics manufacturing in their own country. It’s a situation which contributes to the fears of both the FDA and the consumers about the e cig industry.

Worse still, there are concerns that e cig factories are employing children in their plants as a means of keeping prices as cheap as possible. American consumers are not always aware of what really goes on behind the scenes, but the makers of ProVape probably are.

I imagine this is one reason they felt passionately about creating their own style of vaporizer for e liquids and building it right here. ProVape is a member of CASAA and SFATA.

They have been making these devices for more than 5 years and in that time have established a strong following of loyal vapers. Their customers consider the ProVape to be one of electronic vaping’s best products even though it costs a little more.

Shipping is free after $99 which is a good thing: you pay more for American quality and standards. That’s domestic shipping by the way, but ProVape is used in more than 60 countries.

Why So Much?

There is no way around the fact that without falling into the same traps that Chinese employers have gotten themselves into, American manufacturers cannot compete on the price front. To do this, they would have to cut corners and pay unethically low wages.

If you want to vape with a clear conscience, always look for some sign that a company takes care of their employees. Better still, you have the chance to support American-made products like this one.

The PV3: Intelligent Quality

Actually, the IQ symbol on a PV3 stands for Input Quality Technology, but it could stand for “smart tech” too. ProVape says this is the only personal vaporizer able to read the resistance (known here as electrical impedance, a.k.a. ohms) of most connections you care to attach.

They will read the value, report it on your screen, and monitor resistance against power for safety. A number of safety features are built in to protect you from faulty atomizers or irresponsible use.

New Native Threading

Most devices of this kind employ 510 threading, but that has not always been successful for consumers. Apparently, vapers complain about this a lot, saying the threading wears down too quickly and is not reliable after multiple uses.

Tanks get stuck in the grooves, unwilling to come free or be threaded on fully. To combat this problem, ProVape just made their own threading and added an adapter to their kits.

The Latest from ProVape: PV3

The latest device in ProVape’s lineup is the PV3 which comes with reverse battery protection, a self-adjusting center pin (for various atomizers), a flat top, and OLED display. It gives off short bursts of power when you tell it to, creating extra vapor for a moment.

There are pre-set functions and the device is upgradeable. They can all be upgraded for extra money without buying a whole new product, which is one way this device pays for itself in the long run.

The other is that its quality is superior to that of many mods costing a fraction of the price. Pay between $249.95 and $305.95 for a kit which comes with a charger and tank. Colors are satin silver, blue soft touch, gunmetal Zenkote, and more.

ProVape says they have the largest battery capacity of any Advanced Personal Vaporizer: 7 to 10 hours. I’ve read that there are other devices capable of more, but maybe I am thinking of high-watt box mods.

When a company makes claims that they are the best in some way, it is hard to know how to take them. ProVape writes that theirs is the industry’s leading designer, manufacturer, and direct retailer of the highest quality US-made cigs.

That sentence is so convoluted you could prove or disprove the statement in various ways. Basically, though, if you are looking at American-made hardware, theirs is the best in ProVape’s estimation.

Exorbitant E Liquid

It turns out ProVape also makes their own e liquid in the United States, but I won’t laud it the way; I laud their electronics. A few details are missing.

From a patriotic company like this one, I expect to read that their ingredients are all sourced in the United States and are 99.9% pure, USP grade, and kosher. The high cost suggests flavors should be all-natural and organic too.

Like the hardware, e juice is certainly expensive. While you can justify the cost for an APV, there are plenty of very good American e liquid companies selling juice for much lower prices, so I can’t see the logic behind the high pricing.

ProVape charges $9.95 for 10 ml and $13.95 for 15 ml, making them more expensive than BluePrint, Space Jam and the like. Their Big Sky Tobacco (black cherry vanilla) and Whitehorse Tobacco (555 plus caramel and nuts) sound wonderful, but not for nearly $1 per ml.

Peppermint Patty (chocolate mint) and Snickerdoodle are two more of a tasty collection. They aren’t even special reserve options steeped in oak barrels.

Special Offers at ProVape

The ProVape Mini 2.5 is featured among sale items. This does not mean it is cheap gear: just cheaper than the bigger, newer version. Pay between $135 and $199.95 for one of several shades and even a glow-in-the-dark edition.