Is ProSmoke really the number one rated electronic cigarette? They have this placed all over their website. Details do not indicate, however, if the company believes this is a worldwide or US rating, but various credentials are mentioned. More than 99% of customers rated their products and service “excellent.” ProSmoke has been featured on CBS News TV and radio.

I am inclined to wonder, though, if maybe there is a possibility that this Chicago-based company is trapped in the past. Perhaps they were once on top, but not anymore? At least they’ve got attitude enough to proclaim themselves worthy of your attention, rightly or wrongly.

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ProSmoke Review

What makes me so sure this is not the top e cig brand? It’s the fact that they still use a three-part e cig system, and every vaping and e cig aficionado these days knows that is about as out-of-date as you can get.

Almost no one uses a separate atomizer for a KR808D cigalike. Cartridges are not atomized as they would be at Halo, Bull Smoke, South Beach Smoke, or Triple Seven. Customers have become used to the atomized cartridge or “cartomizer” as it’s known, finding it considerably easier to use.

Green Company

I will say this for ProSmoke: even Green Smoke hasn’t tried to say they are certified by the Green Business Bureau. I have never heard of the Green Business Bureau before, but obviously ProSmoke is keen to point out their eco-friendly credentials.

Not only is there the possibility that vaping is potentially a better for the air and environment (the jury is still out on the long term effects and chemicals in vapor compared to smoke), but ProSmoke uses recycled materials in their packaging. Some of what they are saying is true of the e cig industry in general, but ProSmoke makes it official with their special certification. They encourage customers to recycle batteries which you can do at any depot that accepts dead batteries.

Misleading Headline

ProSmoke makes it sound like theirs is a fully American company, right down to the nuts and bolts of their hardware. I read “assembled and tested in Chicago” and decided this statement was realistic, but further reading suggested something more that is not actually true.

ProSmoke is aiming for 50% American manufacturing in the near future and more than 75% within the next few years, but their website suggests that time has already come. Most of their manufacturing is actually done in China, but that is the case with most e-cigs, and electronics for that matter. Read carefully for the full picture and don’t be tempted to fill in the blanks with the most positive interpretation you can think of.

Batteries and Accessories

They state that ProSmoke batteries are the longest lasting and lowest priced. What do they mean by this? There is no rating on the batteries such as 190 mAh or 240 mAh. I don’t even see anywhere indicating the number of hours they hold their charge. All I could discover was that you get about 100 to 200 puffs out of a battery and they take 1 to 3 hours to charge.

Realistically, you can expect battery power to last not much longer than the time it takes to replenish it, so South Beach Smoke probably beats them in an endurance race. As for price, $12.99 per battery is a reasonable price, but again, that is far from being value for money if you look at ProSmoke battery as merely a sprinter.

Starter Kits at ProSmoke

prosmoke starter kit

With a cut-off of $100 for free shipping, you are not going to qualify by purchasing their first starter kit, the $59.99 two-battery option with 5 cartridges, an atomizer, and a charging set. Number one is well-priced if you want a three-part system, but the second one for $99.99 with a portable carry case provides 4 packages of cartridges and no extra batteries, so dismiss it in favor of 1 or 3.

The third and final offering in this section is their $109.99 bundle which replaces the portable carry case from #2 with a portable charging case. Smokers who aren’t sure they want to shell out for a bundle can try disposable tobacco or menthol flavored e cigs, $9.99 each or four for $35.99.


Each package of 5 cartridges, black or white, costs a decent $9.99. Add the atomizer every so often for $12.99. Their flavors are Vivid Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Classic Tobacco, Chocolate Indulgence, Coffee Jolt, Marvelous, Menthol, Awesome Apple, and Very Cherry. Each one comes with a Color I.D. cork considered unique by the makers of ProSmoke, but it’s not. South Beach Smoke uses a color code in the form of a ring around their analog-style refills. ProSmoke filters are soft-tipped for excellent comfort.


ProSmoke’s batteries and cartridges aren’t painted; they use electro-magnetism to apply colors. If you have questions about this or anything else regarding the product or firm, go to their FAQ heading and search through a lot of articles. They couldn’t just conveniently place info about e liquids with their cartridges or battery power with replacement batteries. You have to hunt for information, which I consider poor form.

This is also another clue that ProSmoke is a little bit behind the times; that they haven’t updated their self-image for a long time, perhaps not since shortly after they got their start. By the date on their website (2008 to 2015) I would say their beginnings correspond with those of BluCigs, V2 Cigs, Vapor4Life, and lots of other brands which are pushing hard to keep up with demands for clarity, especially with the amount of scrutiny the industry is under.