Premium E-Cigarettes

A part of the “About Us” blurb on Premium E Cig’s website says they have spent considerable amounts of time and money researching the 2-part e cig format. They are dedicated to producing high quality electronics and flavors such as their Premium Tobacco, considered their “signature” flavor.
BBB A+Premium E Cig is rated “A+” by the BBB, offers secure payment by credit card online, a warranty, 30-day Money Back Guarantee, and free shipping in the US. Find out more in the following Premium E Cig review.

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Customizable Batteries

Another claim made by this Virginia Beach firm is that their customizable batteries are the only ones of their kind in the entire world. Look up “colorful batteries” and see an array of elegant and funky designs.

Premium batteries


These include solid colors like purple, orange, and pink plus patterns such as the American Flag, Fireworks, and Roses. I can say that these are not the only customizable batteries sold worldwide in this size because Green Smoke makes several in patterns to represent major US cities.

They are not as vivid, and you can’t add them to a starter kit, but they are there and cost less. There was a time when Green Smoke could never have made the claim to sell stuff for a lower price than the competition, but they reduced their prices last year and are now more competitive. Premium’s batteries cost from $14 to over $20, and they aren’t even eGo cells.

But I have to agree: no one offers as many customizable features as Premium. Glossy, Crystal, Matte, and Aluminum are the 4 styles of battery tip to choose from as well. Premium sells batteries in 3 sizes so you can enjoy the size of a real cig or the power of a longer electronic one and gain a few hours of vaping.

Disposable E Cig by Premium

These come in 6 flavors, $8 each, and contain the tastes of coffee, blueberries, tobacco, etc. They are nicely packaged inside of individual boxes rather than tubes and make me think of candy.

premium disposable

Each one is white top and bottom: a little like a cigarette. I really like the look of these and the bundle of 6 is well-priced at $42.

Bundles by Premium E Cig

The Premium Kit might offer the best value for a vaper at $89.95. It only contains one battery which seems to be the story all over this starter kit page, but at least you get a USB cig and a disposable with it. Choose any of the cartomizer flavors: a full package (I will talk more of those in a minute) plus 2 extras. Select any of the six disposables. You get a charging kit and a PCC.

An Express Kit comes with one battery and a disposable e cig plus 5 cartridges. Again, choose your flavors in both instances. The price is $29.95.

premium express kit

The Pocket Pack is a 1-2-1 kit: a single rechargeable battery with 2 cartridges and a USB charger, this time in a carry case. The case holds a second battery. Another set, this one for women, is the “ME” kit with an eGo battery, clearomizer, and USB charger for $59.

Pricing is up and down: sometimes good (the Pocket Pack is redeemed by its carry case from being overpriced) and sometimes high (the “Me” looks special and has a 900-mAh battery and AC adapter, but you’re paying for packaging and colors).

Liquids and Cartomizers by Premium

There are just 4 flavors and two strengths of e liquid: Tobacco and Menthol; Strawberry and Vanilla; 16 mg and 24 mg. At least that’s what I think. These aren’t laid out in a user-friendly way to show the entire selection on a single page.

I didn’t know there were more than the first two until I clicked on “menthol” which is when two more appeared below as “related products.” The cost is $7.99; milliliters are not mentioned. I’m guessing 10 ml.

Premium E Cig is now on to version 2 of their cartomizers, but the earlier ones are still available. Buy 5 for $12 or buy multiple packages and save money on menthol, tobacco, Irish Cream, Coffee, or Vanilla.

If I could do with anything, it would be the additional but essential information of what goes into these flavors: ingredients and volume. Only 6 mg to 24 mg strengths are shown: I guess you can’t go nicotine-free with v.2 cartos.

More Brands

Premium lists a number of other brands on their website, most of them familiar and well rated by the vaping public. Their choices are excellent, such as 4 iJoy eGos and APVs. From Innokin, they have a range of clearomizers, atomizer heads, and hardware.

Their prices for the SVD Express Kit, iTaste VV 3.0, and iTaste EP are all very good but they are currently carrying only earlier versions of iTaste kits: the MVP 2.0 iClear kit, not an MVP 20W, for example.

The JoyeTech eGrip is $65. Kanger’s iPow, Kbox, EMOW, tanks, and accessories are shown here. They don’t have a lot from either company but more than enough to become familiar with their reliability and user-friendly designs.

Rating Premium E Cig

The website is very clean and crisp: I feel clean just reading it. A smoker would certainly feel inspired by the bright, white background and simple graphics.

I would say, however, that organization is a little poor at times. As I said before, some items didn’t show up where they should have.

Besides that, if I have to go searching the site for information which should be posted below a product, that’s another organizational element that needs updating. Overall, though, I really appreciate their selection of easy and advanced hardware.