Platinum Puffs

It looks like an e cig, but a Platinum Puffs device is an E Hookah pen according to the firm selling them. Really, there is no difference between this and a Pro series pen from VaporFi or a Kanger EVOD. They look and operate in the same way, and you can fill them with e liquids from many companies, including Platinum Puffs’ line of juices.

By introducing themselves as an E Hookah company, however, Platinum Puffs gives consumers a clue that this is not the usual e cig business. They are not as interested in ex-smokers and people excited about vaping as they are interested in a whole other, alternative market.

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Alternatives to E Liquid Vaping

What is that other option?

Actually, there are multiple ways to enjoy vapor which have little do to with obtaining nicotine and everything to do with getting high. That is an unfortunate fact; nicotine is enough of a drug in its own right.

Still, here is the fact: Platinum Puffs sells products for users of dry herbs and waxes. Dry herbs include tobacco; there is no doubt about that. It’s just that, so often, manufacturers cater to users of whacky baccy instead. Platinum Puffs is not a supplier of marijuana, concentrates, etc.

Their catalogue lists the Platinum RX: a clone of the Atmos version in every respect including shape, color, and purpose as an herbal vaporizer. It costs $34.99. Their Hookah Conversion kit turns a combustion method of smoking into healthier vapor. A pretty little Mini Wax Pen sells for $29.99.

E Cig Tools

Distancing ourselves from the other side of Platinum Puffs for a minute, I am going to steer this review towards e liquids and e liquid pens. That includes their disposable electronic hookahs because to some extent that is what vape pens become: hookahs. A traditional hookah is a vaporizing device too.

Tobacco and menthol are “e cigarette” flavors and, though fruit and dessert-flavored disposables are promoted as e cig products, they have more in common with tastes found at a hookah bar. Dessert and fruit styles are still considered e liquids though, so we will review theirs in the same spirit.

Platinum Puffs Starter Kits

Platinum Puffs carries three starter kits for vapers: the standard kit for $29.99, a VV kit for $39.99, and a Vamo package costing $89.99. Increase your power potential and enjoy an elegant looking device while also tasting great vapor.

Consumers receive an excellent deal on these products. Unlike mini cig kits, a single-battery EVOD-type kit can be sufficient because it remains charged for many hours.

The regular kit contains a single battery and cartridge combo in pink, platinum, or black. As I mentioned earlier, you will recognize the design: a Kanger EVOD and Pro Series pen from VaporFi look the same. The button sits flush with its surroundings and there is a narrow viewing window on the covered tank.

Platinum Puffs also adds a charging kit to their pretty gift box (AC adapter and USB charger) with a 10-ml bottle of their e liquid. Select 0, 6, 12, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine and a flavor like Apple Bomb, Paradise Punch, Banana Split, Cherrybacco, Creamsicle, or Pineapple Express. Some of the names make me blush, but these are tame.

The 1300-mAh VV pen set comes with a single Spinner battery, just like other similar regulated but user-friendly batteries that even a brand new vaper could understand and operate safely. It works with a clearomizer and the set is featured in purple, white, or black. Platinum Puffs packages this kit in the same way: with chargers, liquid, even extra coils.

There are several versions of the Vamo and this Platinum Puffs Vamo V6 is the same, but it is still a great looking product. Choosing chrome was a stylish move too. Set the Vamo V6 between 3W and 20W. The screen shows your puff count and there is a puff timer as well to help you prevent over-time vaping.

Disposable E Hookahs

These pretty pens are tipped with “diamond” lights and topped with a silver mouthpiece to distinguish them from dull-looking e cigs and create flare. There are currently 5 flavors (the site says 8, but this is not the case). Apple Bomb, Paradise Punch, and Berry Brain Freeze are among them.

Platinum Puffs E Liquids

Platinum Puffs makes vague statements about the factory where their e liquid is made. They are a worldwide leader in the industry and use all-natural ingredients.

I don’t know what this means until I see a list of ingredients. Several times companies have made this claim only to later write that flavors are natural and artificial.

I see no mention of which country flavors come from or the use of USP ingredients. Since Platinum Puffs chooses to leave this out, I am guessing they aren’t made in the US.

That aside, there are 20 luscious flavors. You have met most of them already in this article but I will also mention Vanilla Mint (think Candy Cane), Raging Bull, Cinnamon Roll, and some mint choices.

From Atlanta, Georgia

Platinum Puffs hails from Georgia, home of southern hospitality. Given the reputation Georgia’s people have for looking after people I will suggest their customer service is exceptional if you need it. Visit them online or give them a call.

Their website contains information about the devices they carry and shipping policies which might answer your questions and also shows you how to earn reward points as a customer. Platinum Puffs takes affiliates onboard as well if you feel like promoting their products for a cut of the profit.