NicQuid doesn’t just sell e juice. NicQuid has great flavors that they use as a selling point, but so is the facility they operate in Ohio.

ISO certification proves that their Clean Room is more than a tidy kitchen subjected to a thorough bleaching every night. Furthermore, this is a private lab setting: only NicQuid uses it, so they maintain uniform standards of operation and cleanliness.

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About the Juice: NicQuid Review

That’s the lab covered; what about NicQuid’s e liquid?

Consumers might have seen it featured on other websites and in online and physical vape store galleries as a “top shelf” juice. NicQuid makes four collections: Blast, Burst, Bliss, and Blend.

They represent fewer than 100 Fruits, Menthol styles, Desserts, and Tobacco-flavored e liquids. All of them are made using USP kosher vegetable glycerin and USP propylene glycol (certified in both cases) but the ratios are secret. Don’t ask; they aren’t telling.

Flavorings satisfy GRAS standards, are food-grade, and do not incorporate certain artificial elements that bring some consumers out in stress-related hives. You will not find colorants, dyes, alcohol, water, diacetyl, or custard flavoring in their 99% pure juices. When they arrive, bottles of e liquid are already steeped: just pop the cap and start dripping.

Pricing for Flavors

A 10-ml bottle costs $7.95 or you can pay $19.95 for 30 ml. The difference between 80 cents per ml vs. 67 cents per ml adds up, so after deciding you really like a flavor, save yourself money and buy the 30-ml bottle.

Choose from 0 to 2.4% nicotine with a low of 0.3% for truly slow weaning. Volume discounts apply to regular and wholesale customers, but wholesale prices are seriously discounted.

While ratios haven’t been disclosed, it’s safe to assume that NicQuid juices are safe for blank mini cig cartridges since Smokeless Image sells this brand alongside their own for refilling Volt mini cigs.

If you want a change from cartomizers and their horrendous prices (at least $1 per ml), NicQuid’s US-made flavors might have what you want including top-flight flavors and excellent standards.

BlastBlast Flavors

These are the fruits: some juicy, some sweet, and others resembling non-alcoholic summer drinks.

Grape Escape is a candy-style grape. Heartland tastes like berries, melon, and citrus. Drift into a Daydream: strawberry lemonade.

Blueberry Tart is just citrus and blueberry; sweet and tart. You will taste the cream in a Strawnanna (strawberry banana) smoothie, but no custard.

Blend Tobacco Varieties

Midnight Express, one of a small selection of tobacco styles, tastes like a realistic and bold tobacco. Complex Gen 7 juice combines cocoa, raisin, vanilla, and tobacco. This unique flavor is among the offerings at Smokeless Image.

BlissBliss Desserts

Biscotti e juice is seen on a few menus but is not as common as, say, sugar cookie.

Although real biscotti can be flavored with many ingredients (pistachio, chocolate, dried fruit, candied rind), the original style is lightly sweet and tastes like an almond cookie as does this e juice.

Select it as an alternative to sweeter, heavier baked styles. Cherry on Top combines whipped cream with cherry in the old-fashioned style. Select Mint Chocolate Chip for a taste of Grasshopper ice cream without dairy, sugar, or calories.

Burst: Menthol

Many fruits, tobacco, and several desserts benefit from the addition of an icy edge, so NicQuid sells 10-ml bottles of “Added Burst Menthol Flavoring” for $4.89.

You can add this to any of the flavors above, but I would not recommend it with Biscotti. NicQuid has touched a peach and strawberry drink with mint in Southern Freeze. Mintoid pairs menthol and peppermint.

Loyalty Rewarded

Most e cig companies reward loyal customers (people who stick around and buy their e cigs, cartomizers, and batteries exclusively) with reward points. You have to be devoted in order for these points to mount up into something worth spending, but at least you get something back in return for e liquid devotion and the points bring down the price of expensive mini cig products.

NicQuid is not an e cig company; as such, it is a bonus that they offer points. For every $1 you spend, receive 5 points. It takes 100 points to take $1 off of your order; thus, a bottle of e liquid costs about 700 points. Once you have accumulated 100 points, it is possible to start spending them.

Other ways to earn points are to write a review for 5 points, sign up for the newsletter to obtain 10 of them, or collect 100 points for creating an account. Refer a friend who goes on to buy something and receive 200 points, plus 5% of their subsequent rewards (they don’t lose any of their own).

That is kind of like affiliate rewards, except rewards cannot be cashed in for money; only spent in the online store. NicQuid operates an affiliate program separately where members receive 20% commission on sales.

What they do is sign up for free, obtain a tracking code, and start posting banners or links on their websites. When readers click these banners and links, they are taken to the NicQuid catalogue.

If they purchase juice, 20% of that purchase is attributed to the affiliate as commission paid monthly when a minimum value has been reached.

Shipping of NicQuid E Liquid

If you want to take advantage of free shipping, place a big order. It is going to be difficult to reach $100 unless you are a wholesale customer. But if free shipping matters to you, arrange for all of your friends to have their orders shipped to your address and squabble over how to compensate for the points you earned later.

Few e cig or e liquid businesses offer free shipping as standard, especially when customers could spend just $8 every time they shop. This would cost a company thousands of dollars annually.

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