There must be something in the soil, or perhaps the air, in California. Many fine companies related to vaping originate from there, especially e liquid manufacturers.

NEwhere sells e liquid, but that’s just one part of their commercial endeavor. Their catalogue contains e hookahs, electronic cigarettes, and e cigars too.

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What’s Missing from NEwhere?

You won’t notice at first but one thing missing from NEwhere is cartomizers: you don’t need them. Their only rechargeable item is an electronic vape pen with a tank. Pre-filled tanks have no place here unless you’re talking about disposable products. We’ll get to those shortly.

Accessories are strangely absent. I didn’t see where to buy a replacement for the USB or wall charger in a starter kit or any other complementary items. Maybe this brand is compatible with enough other models the company decided not to bother.

Pleasure in a Minimalist Site
newhere.comFor my part, I recognize the absence of these things but don’t miss them.

For once, an e cig company strips themselves to the very basics without seeming bare. The website is clean, crisp, clear, and makes my mouth water.

I love their logo: an unusual play on the “recycle” arrows but with “n” and “e” worked in. Packaging is also clean: silver batteries and one-time cigs with colored trim to show which flavor is inside. Boxes are clear to display their contents and with a picture for each flavor which, again, made me want to rip open the packet.

NEwhere Review

Disposable e hookahs and e cigs both cost $9.99 or as low as $7.60 each when you order 12 at a time. There are 11 nicotine-free e hookah flavors: BananaBerry, Pink Lemonade, Chocolate Chill, and Orange Cream were four that stood out.

From the e cig section, you might buy a package of 3 for $28.49 or individuals such as Classic Tobacco, Wild Watermelon, or Grape Gusher (2.2%). You should get about 800 puffs out of a disposable product.

NEwhere 3 pack of disposables

The exception to this rule is their e cigar: Boss. Each Boss contains zero nicotine, costs $19.99, and provides about 1,000 puffs. The tips of all their disposable products light up like burning embers on cigarettes.

While they chose not to go with a traditional cigarette color scheme, this tip plus the general shape of their one-time products matches the smoking experience closely enough to feel comfortable in the hands of a smoker.

One Starter Bundle

At NEwhere, they don’t mess around with 5 different starter kits featuring 1, 2, or 3 batteries, lanyards, carry cases, and car chargers. Here’s your lot: a 1-battery, 650-mAh product for $29.99 with a tank and charging set.

newhere elite 1.0

The Elite 1.0 is a wickless system lasting about 8 hours with every charge. Fill the Elite 1.0 tank from the top, up to 1.5 ml.

Replacements cost $7.99 and they appear to be disposable, but made to be reused numerous times. With a ceramic coil and no wick, they don’t gum-up and become useless as quickly as some tanks will.

E Liquid

With a tank to fill, you’ll need e liquid. Here’s some good news: NEwhere e liquid answered every question I had before I asked it.

NEwhere tobacco e liquid

Their juice is made in a cGMP-certified lab using medical-grade ingredients, propylene glycol sourced in the US, and Malaysian vegetable glycerin. They didn’t say as much but I think this choice of vegetable glycerin relates to the nut allergy issue. Malaysian Palm Glycerin is suitable for allergy-sensitive individuals.

Strengths are 0, 16 mg, or 18 mg depending on the flavor. Zero-nicotine flavors are divided 50/50 between propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, but the rest are 70/30, priced $7.99 for 15 ml.

Where to Find NEwhere E Cigs

NEwhere products are found online of course, but they are also available at more than 15,000 locations around the country. Go to their online map to find a store close to you.

It will probably be a 7-11, Circle K, Chevron, Velero et al. Find out how to become a distributor and view images of their display formats from very small counter-top displays to big stand-alone ones.


Approach the Company

Customers, affiliates, and potential partners can find out more by contacting their phone number in Chatsworth, CA, during business hours Monday through Friday. International customers are provided with their own link. Domestic shipping is always free. They provide a 1-year warranty on rechargeable products and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Use the News and Events heading to find out more about NEwhere products, the business, and certain newsy items from the industry as it stands in the United States. I like their tidy approach to selling products and the simplicity of this website.

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