Anyone who has been vaping for a year or more might have forgotten already how they were once enslaved to cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes freed them from that slavery, replacing toxic fumes with aromatic options, returning money to their pockets, and improving their lives overall.

That is what happens when you start using e cigs if they don’t become an obsession in their own right. The name MyFreedomSmokes reminds vapers that they weren’t free not so long ago. Cigarettes had a hold over them, but not anymore.

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MFS LogoMyFreedomSmokes Review

That is why I find the name intriguing, appropriate, and even poignant. This general-purpose vape store began in 2008 when an ex-smoker went looking for quality vape gear to replace his own smoking habit.

It often happened this way in the early days. Smokers saw opportunity in the e cig business, sometimes as a way to replace jobs they lost during the recession, but usually while searching for better quality gear and lower prices than they had found to that point.

MyFreedomSmokes gave the owner new freedom to run a business his way and to find the best vaping products he can offer. This online store also provides vapers an opportunity to locate decent prices and access them from wherever they live in the United States.

The MyFreedomSmokes Clearance section reveals some excellent bargains too. Orders valued at $75 or more qualify for free shipping.

myfreedomsmokes.comWebsite Design

This is not the most attractive website compared to many I have seen, but it is well laid out.

All it needs is a bit of brightening up, but the lay-out and photographs are professional. Categories make sense and are sub-headed to the left. You can look up starter kits for variable voltage, 510, and eGo devices, for instance.

Choose products by the brand or manufacturer that makes them or by the price range they fall into. It helps to research brands ahead of time so you know which ones supply reliable gear that vapers have already tested and rated highly.

Clearance Section

I went straight to this discount portion of the website in the hope of finding great sales and was not disappointed. There I found the Joye eGo-C 100-mAh battery, Innokin iClear 30B BDCs, an Anyvape T3, and Innokin A10 510 sets with a PCC. There was a lot more and the list changes regularly.

My freedom smokes kitsStarter Packages

Thanks to blister kits, the lowest prices here are under $20. This enables individuals ready to try vaping with decent eGo batteries instead of overpriced, low-powered mini cigs.

The Joye eGrip kit costs $58.95, giving new vapers instant access to one of the best names out of China’s e cig manufacturing industry. This is a 20W device featuring 1500 mAh of battery power and a viewing window to show how much e liquid is left in the tank. With 20 watts, it’s possible to vape at low resistance, but nothing lower than around 0.8 ohms.

The Innokin iTaste EP kit sells here for $19.46, a great price for a great introductory product. Innokin typically gives good value for money. Choose the K1 VV set for $23.21 if you are a little more than intermediate but not quite advanced.

An iTaste VTR by Innokin, priced $99.95 for the kit, provides a bit more control while an Innokin DRV set is their innovative product for people who vape while they drive.

My Freedom Smokes mods and rbasMods and RBAs

Everything related to mods and atomizers can be found under this heading, including battery spacers, rare earth magnets, and replacement parts.

From the looks of things, MyFreedomSmokes carries only cloned or low-cost mods. I did not go into detail examining the entire site as there were a lot of items listed, but nothing from the $150+ club jumped out (that is, limited edition Pinoy mods).

Instead, I found the MyFreedomSmokes 18350 Bagua Mod clone for $11.24. A MyFreedomSmokes Tiger was a couple of dollars more. They had the Smok Extender Mod for $32.21 and an Anymod Express Kit 18350 priced $25.95.

You could choose a genuine Sigelei Legend V2 Telescopic Mod and pay $64.95. Wellec’s E-LVT device (hardy in the face of clumsiness and bad weather) costs $82.46. There was a lot more to choose from: some mechanical, others controlled electronically. Stock levels appear good.

Batteries and Chargers

I found the overall value in this category to be very reasonable. The only trouble is I don’t know which brands are represented when cells have been re-labeled “MyFreedomSmokes.”

Tanks and Atomizers

The Mini ViVi Nova 2-ml clearo costs $4.46. Go for a cheap CE4 when you are just using a 650-mAh battery while the Kanger EVOD clearomizer is only $4.40 at MyFreedomSmokes. Troll RDAs cost $24.95. Add drip tips of various shapes and colors, sani-tips for sharing, and other accessories.

E Liquid Inexpensively

MyFreedomSmokes makes their own e liquid in two styles: regular and Signature juices. The total number of items on this page is 45 including some vegetable glycerin items and nicotine from 0 to 48 mg.

Select flavors like champagne, cinnamon, and almond. Choose a Havana tobacco or Ben & Harry tobacco. The price is very reasonable starting at $4.99 for 10 ml and reaching as high as 500 ml for $129.99. Sample bottles (6 ml) cost $1.99 each.

Make your Own

One thing I like about MyFreedomSmokes besides their excellent prices is the fact that, should I wish to try making e juice, every tool and ingredient I need is listed on their website. I can buy pipette, bottles, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine in one place. Flavoring is listed too.

While I don’t recommend consumers take this route or make e juice and try to start their own business, if you are so inclined, prices are good and you can easily wind up spending the $75 needed to qualify for free shipping.

If low-cost juice is all you want, their bulk sales are an excellent option to consider. Vape vendors can also arrange wholesale pricing for MyFreedomSmokes e juice.

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