Mount Baker Vapor

I think Mt Baker Vapor might still be America’s most affordable e juice. I am not 100% sure though as it would take a lot of research to determine that: there are dozens of e liquid companies in the US.

Still, if there is anything cheaper, it would have to come in at around 20 cents per ml or less including shipping (taking sale items into account). Shipping is free if you place an order of $50 or more. They even give out free sample bottles with qualifying orders. Find out more about Mt Baker Vapor here.

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Mt Baker Vapor Review

MBV, as they are affectionately known, sells several articles, not just e juice. Their headings are clear: featured items, e juice, devices, and so on. As you search under a heading, the left side bar also lists sub-heading such as pricing, brand, and category.

When an item is out of stock, the image is trimmed with red and an “out of stock notice” is listed. If it is nearly out of stock, this changes to yellow.

Best-sellers are framed in blue. Photographs are professional, items are well laid out and the background is white with blue trim.

Not only is this an attractive site but, in my opinion, it is the most organized and most user-friendly e-commerce site in the whole industry. It looks to have been slightly altered since my last visit, but any changes have been subtle and don’t look like it did them any harm. Mt Baker Vapor now offers an app for iPhone users.

Mt Baker Vapor featured productsFeatured Items at Mt Baker Vapor

The Infinite Cartel MMXII Clone goes for $45.99, though it’s not the limited-edition item, but is beautiful and much more affordable.

Buy an iStick 20W by Eleaf US for $29.99: a great price.

A Shotgun Mechanical Mod by Emit Vapor sells for a whopping $219.99.

As you can see, hardware is a selection of mechanical, adjustable, authentic, and cloned units. Mt Baker Vapor attracts vapers with money and vapers who know how to save a dollar or 3.

Starter Kits

This is where you find packages with chargers, batteries, and clearomizers sold more cheaply as bundles. Mt Baker Vapor works with the best: Innokin and Kanger. Choose a VV V3.0 or VTR by Innokin.

Select the Kanger Blister pack ($15.49) or an EVOD for $29.49. Their pricing is frequently lower than those of the competition, so it is no wonder this team is doing so well — doing far better than they did when Mt Baker Vapor operated out of the owners’ vehicle.

Mount Baker Vapor advanced productsAdvanced Products

A few advanced personal vaporizers were already mentioned among featured devices. Browse further for mechanical mods, rebuildable and dripping atomizers, and VV/VW devices.

They have the Infinite Lava RDA for $23.99 and Infinite Panzer clone priced $39.99. Infinite is a respected Chinese company responsible for many e cig clones.

Accountable for Accessories

Mt Baker Vapor remembers the little things too. These are also reclassified into sub-categories because you could be looking for drip tips or coils; replacement tank tubes or batteries like the Aspire CF sub-ohm battery ($29.99). This heading accommodates most things that are not advanced products or batteries: that is, clearomizers and tanks are located here too.

Mt Baker e juiceJuices at Mt Baker Vapor

Now we come to the act you’ve all been waiting for: Mt Baker Vapor’s e juices.

Explore assorted styles such as nuts and spices, fruit, sweets, and candy. They carry tobacco, menthol, and others.

GWAR flavors appear to be named for and inspired by some kind of science fiction fantasy world: I’m not sure about it but have no wish to visit.

GWAR flavor names are a little stomach churning, but that does not bother devotees. They include Bloodbath (a bestseller) and Spew.

Select colored or uncolored versions (obviously red and putrid green, respectively). Bloodbath tastes like tropical fruit even though it looks like liquid leftovers from an abattoir.

Like all Mt Baker Vapor juices, this series is made in the USA using 50% propylene glycol and 50% vegetable glycerin and diacetyl-free ingredients. Pay $10.99 for 30 ml (just over 30 cents per ml).

The only thing missing are special words like “USP-grade” and “Kosher”: maybe that’s an oversight but Mt Baker Vapor might not be using the highest quality ingredients either. Next on their list should be addressing this question in their product description or improving the quality of goods used in the lab.

Other options include building your own juice or buying a pre-made flavor with 80% propylene glycol, 65%, 50%, or max-vegetable glycerin (this will contain a small amount of PG). Bottle sizes are 15 ml, 30 ml, and 236 ml starting at $3.99. Select from 2.4% nicotine down to 0.3%, or even zero.

To lessen your shock when a juice arrives and it’s dark in color, each flavor is given a color rating on the website beneath its description. A rating of 1 indicates the color is light or non-existent. The highest rating is 5 for very dark liquids. Mt Baker Vapor did not add dye to change their appearance.

Some flavors on the menu are standard offerings available from most vendors in some form or another, although every company does something slightly different, so no two blends are exactly the same. You can buy assorted fruits, sweets (like Cotton Candy), and tobaccos or go for a blend.

Cinnatoast Munch will remind you of a certain breakfast cereal. Hug Juice is like Thug Juice without Menthol (Thug Juice being one of their best sellers). Pink Champagne, Honey Berries, and Hawk Sauce are just a few other selections.

This last one features sweet and sour berries with menthol notes. Lemon Bar, Pumpkin Pie, Amaretto, and White Tea are on sale, some for $2.99 per 15 ml.

Make your Own

For those shoppers who have aspirations in the e juice direction, here is the place to get started. Buy assorted DIY equipment, flavorings, and bases from Mt Baker Vapor. Failing that, just get your Firecider (cinnamon apple) and German Chocolate Beefcake right here.