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Are you visiting Mig Cigs for the first time? Have you vaped before? Mig Cigs could satisfy you either way with their assortment of mini, intermediate, and advanced vaping devices.

Mig Cigs keeps chipping away at their website, trying to organize it better and make it more appealing. They have come a long way and now it is easier than before to assess the goods they offer without being distracted by their visual clutter.

Maybe this site will become more sophisticated with time, but give them a chance and discover excellent value from this small company.

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Mig Cigs is the brainchild of former smokers: this is often how things take its course. Numerous electronic cigarette brands began with excitement about being able to use this as an alternative to smoking and fascination with this new technology.

Mig Cigs operates out of Coral Springs, Florida, a state where a lot of e cig activity takes place (think of VaporFi and South Beach Smoke, among others).

migcigs.comA Brief Mig Cigs Review

Before going into detail about hardware, here is what Mig Cigs has to offer.

They carry basic e cigs, and basic here refers to the type that looks like a cigarette.

Their next level of hardware is the Mig 21 featuring 380 mAh of power (a bit like an Air by South Beach Smoke). Following those we have Aspire Kits with Kanger batteries and Aspire tanks.

A Stinger Tango is their variable voltage cell with a knob at the base. This battery provides 1600 mAh of power: enough for about a day or slightly more when it has been fully recharged.

The Phantom UFO is a variable watt battery, they carry the Kanger K Mod, and a Torpedo dry herb vaporizer is their final offering.

All told, this is a decent selection: not presented in such a snazzy way as VaporFi’s assorted models, nor are they as youthful and attractive, but what you’re getting is a solid list.

The Mini Cig by Mig Cigs

Forget the $29.95 kit with a single battery: you won’t need that. A second battery is essential when it is only going to run for 4 or 5 hours before you have to swap. Go straight to the Economy Kit with 2 batteries, 5 cartridges, and a USB charger for $46.95.

Mig Cigs economy kit

Since the price is decent and there are both automatic and manual batteries, customers won’t mind the omission of an AC adapter which they get with a bigger mini cig kit or can purchase separately. For battery colors, Mig Cigs lists rainbow (manual only, $1 extra), stainless steel, white, and black.

Mig 21 Kits

With their larger batteries, the Mig 21 bundle is excellent value at $69.95 or $89.95 with two batteries. That extra $20 buys you a limited edition boxed set, the box being ornamental but formal and old-fashioned. A Mig 21 battery connects to the Clear Fusion tank.

Aspire Kits

Add considerable power to your vaping routine with these 1300-mAh batteries and excellent clearomizers by a well-known brand. Again there is the special boxed edition or standard product with a regular case. EVOD batteries are supplied as standard. All parts can be replaced by Mig Cigs.

Stinger Tango Packages

Vary voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V: not a lot, but enough to get the hang of changing the power level of your battery and the warmth of your vapor. Buy a package with or without e liquid and enjoy the freedom of selecting flavors from Mig Cigs and many other vendors selling juice that isn’t too heavy on the vegetable glycerin.

The Phantom UFO

No one who sells this many styles of batteries and tanks would forget to present a VW unit to their customers. Mig Cigs supplies one in the form of a 1600-mAh product for advanced users who have either dropped by out of curiosity after experimenting with this technology for a while, or graduates of the Mig Cigs e cig program.

By selling the more powerful Kanger K Mod, Mig Cigs expands on what they started, knowing that for some consumers, a 15W Phantom will be the tip of the vapor cloud.

Torpedo Dry Herb Vaporizer

You have seen this model before under a different name: maybe the Eonsmoke Falcon or VaporFi Orbit. They’re not stealing from each other. A manufacturer provides the same template in whatever colors companies want. All a firm has to do is ask for their label to be added and there is your new vaporizer.

The Torpedo costs $99.95. It’s easy to fill, rechargeable with a built-in 2200-mAh battery, and comes with lots of pieces. You receive a USB charger, various mouthpieces, a cleaning brush, and extra mesh filters.

Cartridges and Liquid

Cartomizers (atomized cartridges) in packs of 5 cost $9.95 and come in several flavors. Choose Green Tea, Red Zeppelin tobacco, Classic Vanilla, etc.

Volume discounts are available. Liquids in 30-ml bottles are priced $15.95. MigQuid is available in Half-Baked (cookie plus sweet bread), Colombian Coffee, Blueberry, and Cherry Zinga.

Rest of the Site

Mig Cigs knows a good formula when they see it. They don’t buck trends for the sake of bucking trends so you can become an affiliate, watch videos, and earn reward points. Get in touch with Mig Cigs directly if, after reviewing their articles and videos, you haven’t found the information you want.

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