An unfortunate fact about companies selling discounted goods is that customers usually have to say goodbye to website style in exchange for great prices. A case in point is Lite Cig USA.

Their website is dire: really dark with small font and data crammed together so it is not always easy to see their price compared to the original price and how much savings you can expect. They squeeze details together, but it is a well-organized environment.

You can browse by category or choose a particular item and look just at that piece of equipment and related accessories. I would highly recommend giving this company your custom, just once at first, to see what they can offer in the way of customer service and competitive pricing. I have a strong feeling you will be pleased.

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Examples of Organization

When I say they are well-organized, consider this. If you want, say, a Joye eGo battery, LiteCigUSA posts this with the corresponding price plus a charger, clearomizer, and anything else which users might need. With rebuildable atomizers, items like coils and wick are shown.

Read their site on a laptop, desktop, or via your smart phone, thanks to a Google Play or iPhone app. Lite Cig is based in Avis, PA, with stores in Williamsport and Harrisburg. Customers can also browse in a real store and talk with actual employees who know all about the products they sell plus what will be coming in the future.

Lite Cig USA Review

The average all-purpose site is geared at an audience within a certain range: vapers on a budget, experienced vapers, mostly intermediate e cig users, and so on. Most of the products listed here range from absolute beginner to late-intermediate with a few exceptions.

They spread their list to accommodate brand new vapers and highly experienced ones, but their stock mainly hones in on the average person with an average amount of money to spend. Having browsed pricing and selection, I would say this could be one of the cheapest places to shop for authentic Innokin, Joye, and Kanger hardware. Their selection of juices includes cheap, expensive, Chinese, and American liquids. I’m impressed with the range.

Daily and Regular Deals

Their Deal of the Day was not giving me anything during my visit: there must be a measure of luck related to this part of the site, although subscribers are certainly alerted to any day-long deals.

Sales included a variety of Joyetech items such as their eCab and accessories. Most companies are selling these off. The Smok SID was on sale too, plus lots of accessories and parts for various hardware.

Starter Kit Selection

At the top of the page for each subject and along the side are listings of sub-heads; the brand and model of each kit carried here. That includes sets by Aspire, a Kanger EVOD kit, Joye, Innokin, and KR808D-1 packages.

Yep: you can own a mini cig and purchase replacement parts for it while shopping at Lite Cig USA, so if you know someone who wants to try vaping, make them a gift of a cigalike and associated pieces including black cartomizers and great e liquid. It’s not a branded range, but once your friend gets started he might like to explore compatible mini cigs; anything with a KR808D-1 thread.

Atomizers and Batteries

The standard selection is featured under these headings. Buy Joye 510, eGo, or eRoll atomizers and Aspire CF, Kanger IPOW, ESmart, Vision, or KR808D-1 replacement cells. You are better off buying batteries here than almost anywhere else as these are dirt cheap and varied.

RBAs and RDAs for Normal People

Authentic, serialized atomizer priced $50 and more are truly beautiful and often well made, but they are outside of most people’s budgets. At Lite Cig USA, choose clones by EHPro or authentic units, but don’t expect anything high end.

Lite Cig USA lists the Freakshow RDA, AGA/AGI and IGO devices, EHPro’s Kayfun Lite Plus, Omega, and Atomic, plus units by Innokin, Joye, and Smok. Their list is quite long and features items to match their small selection of mechanical mods.

Mechanical Mods and APVs

Save your money: buy excellent juice but purchase top quality affordable mods and clones at Lite Cig USA. They have the Magneto, Bolt, and Fury by Smok. Select a Cigreen ABS Box Mod. The Shipwreck 18350 is $49.95. The menu was limited.

Advanced personal vaporizers were better represented with items like the original eVic Supreme dome-shaped mod for $115.95, Innokin VV V4 and V3 ($44.95 or $31.95), and more. An MVP 2.0 was listed, not the 3.0 20W as yet, but Lite Cig USA carries a wide selection of Innokin units.

E Liquid at Lite Cig USA

Experience culinary variety with e liquids from China (DeKang), Europe (Liqua), and lots of American flavors (Archetype, Beard Vape Col, Cuttwood, The Steam Factory, and more.)

It is no use naming all their flavors, prices, or bottle sizes. I would simply be writing a list you can see for yourself at Lite Cig USA’s website. Owing to their expansive menu, I would argue most flavors and blends are represented at Lite Cig USA.

Shopping at Lite Cig

Using your credit card here is totally safe. But if you prefer to keep your credit card details off of the internet, pop by one of their two stores. Customers earn rewards as a temptation to stay with them and buy all replacement gear, e liquid, and accessories from a single supplier.

That is a doable prospect with Lite Cig USA for everyone but the collector of authentic, high-end gear. They have almost everything you need to vape fully and most things were in stock during my visit.

You can also become an affiliate and promote Lite Cig USA’s policy of trying to bring the best prices to e cig customers, earning some cash as a bonus for spending on e liquid or anything you want.