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Numerous companies have christened themselves with regal titles to suggest their superiority in the field of vaping. Kingly Vapes certainly bestows some monarchial favors over its subjects.

Emails are answered within 20 minutes, they promise. You receive a 15% refund on orders shipped late. Kingly Vapes offers a 30-Day Product Defect Warranty.

This all-purpose vapor store is setting out to make a good impression on its kingdom and to enlarge their number of supporters (seen as “likes” on Facebook) with strong sales tactics. I would say they start out encouragingly enough.

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Free Shipping

The limit for free shipping is a little high though: $75. Most companies set this limit at around $50 or lower and some offer free shipping.

Then again, a lot of firms also charge more for goods to make up expected losses caused by this so-called generosity, but still: there are many times when getting an order to the point where it is valued at $75 or more is out of the question.

Sometimes you just need a tube replacement. If I had to pay for shipping, the temptation would be to stop by a physical vendor and buy what she had, even if the price was higher.

VapeHacks and Learning

Hack into the minds of vaping experts by visiting VapeHacks, an online learning center. This link on the Kingly Vapes website directs new vapers to educational articles about the industry.

It also serves vapers who are preparing to upgrade and want to understand what it means to wrap coils or relate volts to resistance. You don’t have to buy anything to gain access to knowledge. Read recent updates located at the bottom of the home page for news about the vaping world.

Kingly Vapes Review: Shopping Safety

Use your credit card to shop conveniently and quickly with Kingly Vapes. I hear you asking “isn’t that dangerous” to which I would say “it can be.”

Even great security has its flaws and hackers get into everything, but SSL is a good security system favored by many online vendors. You should be safe as long as you erase your browsing history at the end of a shopping session.

Top ProductsTop Products

Kingly Vapes promises to list top products at good prices. They even provide a 10% discount off your first order for signing up to receive their electronic newsletter.

Find out what’s new at Kingly Vapes, discover their sale items, and examine featured vaporizing devices such as the iStick 50W for $49.98. The Delta II by JoyeTech is sold here plus heads and an RBA kit.

A few new juices have recently been added from the likes of ANML and 9 South Vapes. The Arctic Sub-ohm tank by Horizon is both on sale and available for pre-order. They must expect excellent stock.

The GCT Tank by Smok was featured here too alongside their XPro M80. Kingly Vapes connects goods which were made to be used together, which is a nice move. When Kingly Vapes lists a product, they also provide customers with the accessories and tools to make it work in the long run.

Juices for the Kingdom

Kingly Vapes lists Cuttwood, ANML, Cereal Killa, Cosmic Fog, and the X.0 Series to name only a small group from a big list of gourmet products. They are generally excellent yet varied American e liquids for connoisseurs who expect gourmet flavor, not the aftertaste of cheap juice.

The X.0 series is made up of 21 basic styles and costs $6.18 for 15 ml. That low price is why I think this is the house blend, but there wasn’t any mention of this on the site.

There is always secrecy behind the doors of a great castle. Where the monarch of a vaping nation is concerned, however, there should be no secrets about who makes their e juice, where they make it, and what types of ingredients they use (US-sourced, USP, kosher, etc.) Secrets should be reserved for their propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin blend if they want to keep anything close to their chests at all.

Accessory to Vaping

The accessories category could go on indefinitely at any vaping website. There are drip tips, tube replacements, adapters, and so much more. Kingly Vapes carries inexpensive aluminum tips in styles like the T2, assorted skulls, The Big Splash, The Great Ming, and more. Expect to find affordable items here even among the more unusual designs.

Clearomizers and Rebuildables

The Goblin by Youde costs $34.89 or you can choose the Melo by Eleaf, makers of the wildly popular iStick Box Mod. Either the Aspire K1 Glassomizers or Nautilus kit ($27.98) would work wonders for your juice. Aspire makes some of the best tanks in this industry and glass has always been known to be the best medium because it makes no impact on taste.

Clone makers EHpro, Infinite, and Tobeco turn up many times. The Tubgoat V2, Plume Veil, and Asmodus 26650 RDA could all be costly items if you bought the real thing. Kingly Vapes might be regal, but they aren’t into overspending like the immoderate monarchs of history who wound up losing their heads. Kingly Vapes knows how to budget for a healthy, long-lasting reign.

Many Mods

Browse through a list which includes the top names (as promised) in regulated devices like Innokin, JoyeTech, and Sigelei. The JoyeTech eGo One costs $59.98. A Sigelei 50W V2 is priced $89.98. Choose the Innokin iTaste SVD 2.0 for $68.99 or an Innokin Cool Fire I for $37.98.

They carry a Kanger Emus starter kit, Aspire CF VV 1000 mAh, and E-LVT mod ($83.40, one of the best prices I’ve seen). A CLK starter kit is $43.99. The MVP 2.0 with a clearomizer is $43.99. Again, pricing is just superb.

Mechanical devices like Panzer and Pegasus clones join copies of rebuildable atomizers to form inexpensive kits for experienced hands. If you can’t afford the real thing but want the best mechanical experience, Kingly Vapes can help.

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