Reviews on a company web page offer insights into the inner workings of those businesses besides product info. Sometimes I was struck by how many people took the time to say thank you.

They were grateful for excellent customer service, even if they were not entirely pleased with a product. You know this is going to be a positive JVapes review from the beginning.

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Arizona and Colorado

JVapes operates online and from three brick-and-mortar locations. These are located in Prescott and Prescott Valley, Arizona, and Colorado Springs, Colorado. JVapes is only open from Monday to Friday, 10 to 7.

When a vape shop posts hours like these, I instantly imagine a firm that values family. The shop is shut at weekends when many vape stores are open at least 6 — if not 7 — days a week.

They shut at 7pm, leaving no allowance for “clubbing” after hours even on Fridays and Saturdays. I’m sensing a strong family atmosphere.


I don’t know how much money a person can make promoting e cigs as an affiliate; it’s not like anyone can really corner the market anymore. Since there isn’t that much work involved and no outlay, however, 10% commission sounds like plenty for doing almost nothing.

Introductory Page

Use this source as a guide to products and also how to choose products. Beginners will be directed to eGos. Advanced shoppers will be sent to buy more complicated equipment.


This system is very different from other reward programs. Customers still earn points by shopping, but they only get to buy one thing with their points as far as I can tell: JVapes e liquid. A 30-ml bottle is usually priced $16.99, but if you earn enough points this product in any flavor or strength is free.

New Items

The items listed here were all advanced. They include box and mechanical mods plus atomizers. The Sigelei 50W V2, M65 by Smok, Kanger Subtank, Tugboat V2 and Mechanical Mod found their way into this section. Both Tugboat items are genuine.

Starter Kits: Basic and Advanced

As a general rule, new vapers are steered towards basic eGo batteries and CE4s or CE5s. Batteries rated 650 mAh and non-rebuildable clearomizers are easy to use while teaching the basics of refilling a small tank with e liquid and keeping up with a regular recharging routine.

JVapes goes one better by making these eGo-Twist batteries. New vapers: don’t worry. They are easy to use. Just turn a knob to adjust voltage along a very small range.

Prices include a single battery and clearomizer plus a USB charger, and start at $29.99. Add another battery for $10 regardless of battery size (650, 900, or 1300 mAh) and second clearomizer for $5.

With experience, you will be drawn to devices with more features like the iTaste VV Express Kit, MVP, SVD, VTR, and 134 (all Innokin iTaste products). Their price for the MVP 2.0 is $34.99 with an iClear clearomizer. They are selling these off to allow room for Innokin’s MVP 3.0.

Mechanical Mods and RBAs

Search by brand or browse their catalogue: it’s a rather impressive list. Footoon, UD, UVO, Congrevape, Extreme Blast, Flawless, Style of Mojo, and Tarsius Customs make up about half of this high-end list.

Products like the Ibaloi Mod and Hades Mod cost over $200, while Zodiac Mods and the 2Six are on sale for less than $90 each. Order the Zenith V2, Raija RDA, 26650 Patriot (on sale), and the Kraken (on sale). I was pleased by the number of “sale” items available.

Regulated Mods

We already touched on some of their APVs; kits by Smok and Innokin. When JVapes talks about “regulated mods,” however, they have more power in mind.

For instance, the Asgard DNA is a 30W box which, though no more powerful than an MVP 3.0, looks more formidable. The IPV3 P4 was out of stock and so was a Variant T1 Slim by Vicious Ant for an unbelievably high price: $699.99.

Either they only stocked one or two or there are some seriously devoted vapers out there who will pay any money to get their hands on the most powerful mod around (350W).

USA-made E Liquid

Sample one of 60+ items priced $6.50 for 10 ml with 3 mg to 24 mg of nicotine and a zero-nicotine option. Select the 50/50 blend or a 30/70 ratio.

JVapes e liquid

Flavors include a series of Beatles-inspired bottles, Fruity Dragon (dragon fruit), Minthol, Caribou Lou (a fruity drink), and Furry Wall (papaya plus other fruits). Bananarang was inspired by banana pudding with vanilla wafers. Batter Up is, of course, cake-batter flavored. A Sweet Leaf Tobacco will remind you of cigarettes in only the best ways.


You know those companies whose mods and RBAs I mentioned before? Some of them make drip tips too.

Alongside inexpensive, generic drip tips, they supply expensive, solid-looking examples that better match a mechanical RBA than a marbled acrylic one ever could. Tanks by Surric, Kanger, Aspire, and Smok, however, would look great wearing various styles of tip.

Weigh Up JVapes

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would have to give this company an 8: a high rating. I love many things about their website and there are only a few things that would make it truly excellent.

One would be to elaborate on products. Some received no description whatsoever. Others received too little.

What products are used in the making of their e liquid? Does JVapes comply with any US or internationally-recognized standards or incorporate USP and Kosher ingredients? The site only needs tweaking.