Jet Cigs

New vapers who start with products by Jet Cigs become a little spoiled. Many companies do not carry US-made e liquid and cartomizers, and if they do, they aren’t available in such lovely flavors as these.

Rather than make simple “cherry” or “vanilla” cartomizers, more attention has gone into the invention and execution of delightful desserts, such as Tiramisu Torte and Apple Medley, than your usual coffee and apple e liquids.

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Jet Cigs Review

This company from Pennsylvania makes just one starter kit: this is all you need, really. The kit contains a USB charger, 2 batteries, and 1 each of Mojito Mint and Perique Tobacco cartomizers (22 mg).

The price for this beautifully packaged item is $29.99. There are no gimmicky extras, customization features like automatic, manual, or colored batteries. Each one is tipped with a plain white LED light.

Jet Cigs e liquids100% US-made Juice

Jet Cigs makes their e liquid at an FDA-registered facility using USP ingredients. The process is overseen by a graduate of the state university with a BSE in Chemical Engineering.

Each carto contains 1 ml of liquid made up mostly of glycerin, but also 25% propylene glycol and 15% water, flavoring, and nicotine where appropriate. Choose 0, 11, or 22 mg plus the newest option: 33 mg of nicotine for their cartomizers.

The site does not indicate that this new level also applies to e liquids, but those are often out of stock and certainly were during my most recent visit. It’s a moot point.

Other choices besides the ones noted above are Swiss Chocolate, Clove Ecstacy, Vanilla Crème, and Sweet Passion. Jet Cigs goes into some detail about each flavor, indicating that several are given the added depth of tobacco such as apple, cherry, and vanilla.

Packs of 5 cartomizers cost $11.99 which is very reasonable. V2 Cigs charges $10.33, Green Smoke’s price is $12.99, and there are numerous other prices above and below these ones.

I did not notice an auto-ship option for money saving or to encourage customer loyalty, but perhaps the people at Jet Cigs consider this a pressure-sales tactic.

Compatible E Cig

At first, I was alarmed that the only e cig accessories for Jet Cigs were their batteries and USB charger. The black satin battery, which feels smooth and lovely, costs $9.99.

Jet Cigs Express Starter Kit


The USB charger was out of stock — no surprise there. What if I want a PCC or an adapter? Stock is an ongoing problem.

But then I noticed that Jet Cigs are compatible with Volcano, Blu, and others. That means their PCC, AC wall adapter, USB charger, and car charger should all be compatible too. The same goes for blank cartomizers.

Since Jet Cigs does not carry them, their range of e liquid seems like an unnecessary addition to their otherwise small catalogue of available products unless you factor in the prospect of buying blanks somewhere else.

Disposable Jets

It is typical that if a company carries disposables, they offer one nicotine level and 2 flavors: menthol and tobacco. Jet Cigs follows the standard route, offering disposables for $9.99 each in Classic Tobacco and Menthol Frost, both in stock. I’m intrigued that the starter kit contains a different style of tobacco and an alternative mint variety.

Pros of Jet Cigs

What do I like about Jet Cigs besides their silky, smooth black batteries? I like that they keep their stock selection simple. Customers know what they are getting here: the same as last month and last year.

Jet Cigs has not entered into the e cig rat race of one-upmanship and multi-level mod marketing. You will not find a selection of other brands’ hardware like Innokin or Kanger starter kits and APVs. Jet Cigs has not added an eGo battery or clearomizer.

I was glad to see I don’t need to visit Magic Mist in order to find a different series of compatible batteries, chargers, or cartomizers should the ones here prove to satisfy me. Magic Mist is a great option, but I can also incorporate my set of Volcano or Blu gear with Jet accessories. Having more choice is appealing and convenient.

Cons of Jet Cigs

What do I dislike about Jet Cigs? Stock levels are a big problem here. If it’s not one thing it’s another.

I could get all excited about their e liquid flavors but do not realize they are out of stock until I go to the order page. I will only discover the price if an item is available to purchase. Prices are not posted on the main page for “e liquids” or “cartomizers.”

I would like their website to go through a more considerable overhaul. A stale quality has settled over their product pages which leads me to wonder if they are active, although the scrolling header on their home page helped overcome my concerns that money sent here would be a waste of time; that the company would shut down before my order arrived. The scrolling header shows that America’s Jet Cigs is highly regarded by the people at Spinfuel, so that puts my mind at rest somewhat.