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Welcome to Henley Vape if you are 21 or older. That’s the legal smoking age in New York if you even look at the box that indicates how old you have to be to shop here.

In most states the age is 18. There is a good reason for imposing an age limit: vaping is not a new hobby for people to pick up if they didn’t ever smoke. It is supposed to be a smoking alternative.

That is why the FDA and various government officials are so concerned about some of the businesses and their method of advertising e cigs: the audience they aim at is young. They market colorful, sexy rebellion in a tube. Henley, however, strikes a hip but mature chord.

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Henley Vape Review: a Business in Flux

This industry never sits still; there are constant changes afoot, whether in the field as a whole or individually within firms. Henley has made some alterations.

For one thing, their website is a little different. These upgrades were not necessary as their website was always highly functional, but they don’t do any harm either.

Customers might notice that the Henley e cig starter kits are no longer listed. You can still buy accessories, but no more small bundles.

Is Henley phasing out the mini cig they gave their name to? Time will tell, so do keep an eye on this space for updates. If there is a flagship product carrying their name these days, it’s the liquid.

Exciting Pre-Spring Sale

A neatly labeled sidebar reveals headings such as “Pre-Spring Sale,” an exciting place to find savings of 30 to 40%.

Products in this category currently include the Aerotank Mega for $24.50, A10 E Cig 510 priced $29.40, and an iClear 30b for $10.50. Pick up a Vamo V5 Kit or Cool Fire II, both of which have had their prices cut.

Vapologist’s Picks

Vapologists already have a lot of fun mixing e juice flavors and talking about vape gear with customers. At Henley, they also give their recommendations under this heading.

For instance, the current advice suggests that you buy a Coil Master coil winding device, Cereal Killa e juice (30 ml for $18), and an Aspire Atlantis for $40 (not bad).

Henley e liquidsE Liquid at Henley

Select the many types of Henley e juice or browse a collection of top class labels you have probably heard of.

Five Pawns, Alpha Vape, and NicQuid have already made the grade. You can pick up 10 flavors of NicQuid, $9 for 10 ml. Pink Spot, ANML (2 flavors), and Salacious Elixirs (3 styles, $18 for 30 ml) also make it to the short list.

Henley sells five types of NJOY Artist Collection juice too. Flip through the pages of their pantry for e juice inspiration. Assorted flavors (and prices) make for tasty reading.

Mods and Henley Egos

This page contains individual batteries and kits like the eGo-T for $27 or an RBC Kit II for $66. An iTaste MVP 3.0 20W mod sells for $80 or the V2 kit will cost you $60. An IPV3 and iTaste SVD are also listed here. I can’t say Henley wowed me with their pricing strategy. They don’t go overboard with markups, but better deals can be found elsewhere.

If you want a purely mechanical device, Henley can provide you with just the thing — at a price. You came to the right spot for authentic, numbered mechanical mods like the Zodiac for $220 or a Flagship costing $125. A Labyrinth will cost you $126 while the Jade Bamboo is priced $210. Each is a beautiful piece of machined metal; a work of art.

Atomizers at Henley

A 454 Big Block RDA goes for $70, but the Colt by Deus is just $52.50. Each is an authentic device. Tanks and clearomizers include EVOD 2 tanks and the Mini Protank by Kanger for $16. Everything they sell has been tried by the public and proven worthy to be included in this catalogue.

Henley Accessories

I was surprised to find Henley cartomizers sold but not e cig starter kits, so I searched for evidence that cartomizers would have some use in my life if I still bought them from Henley.

It turns out the batteries are still listed for $11.95 each, so all is not lost for Henley e cig fans. Their cartridges cost $12 for 5. I wouldn’t stock up as it looks like maybe the Henley mini cig will soon be a thing of the past. Another accessory you might like is Henley apparel: it’s very chic.

The Henley Website

Go live with Henley: okay, not actually live. There isn’t a “Henley-Cam” showing images of what’s happening at the vapor store in real time. If there is, only the boss knows about it and she kindly refrains from publishing this material under “Henley Live.”

Instead, you will find articles the owners find educational, entertaining, or important. They also provide their own “TV” channel which is just assorted videos showing reviews of their products, tutorials, and other pertinent visuals. Henley is also connected socially: find them on Facebook and the like.

Becoming Affiliated

Vapers become affiliates of e cig businesses because they grow to like a product a lot, tell their friends, talk about it to their blog audience, and make comments like “I should get commission for this.” That’s what ends up happening. Become an affiliate at Henley and earn 20% commission.

It is a strangely connected world we live in where all a customer has to do is use the coupon code or banner on your forum or blog site to enter Henley’s e-commerce page, and if they order something, Henley is notified that you should get the credit.

By “credit,” I mean “cash”: real money, not reward points. You can spend it at Henley and could very well end up doing that, but the cash could also help you pay for a new car or cover the cost of groceries.

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