Halo Cigs

New devices come onto the vaping market with all of their fanfare and one might be tempted to overlook an old favorite: Halo. They have not changed much since launching more than 5 years ago, but it would be foolish to play with a system that works.

A few tweaks have made their G6 better and the Triton came along. Some extra juice flavors were added, but that is about it.

If you have not given this company a thought for some time and you want to buy a great product for a person starting out with e cigs, stop by their website. Newbies will not be overwhelmed; just intrigued. Their website is also one of the hottest-looking online presence in the e cig field.

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Halo Cigs Review

Halo eschews the latest trends which see vape companies become all-purpose vape shops. They do not sell an herbal vaporizer or e hookah. In fact, there aren’t even disposable pens here.

Halo’s Purity line has not become a series of dripping juices for RDAs featuring extra vegetable glycerin. A “Spinner” version of the Triton is as variable as they come around these parts.

If you want airflow adjustment and a variable watt mod with an OLED screen, try VaporFi. Head to Mad Vapes and buy a VW box mod. Only Halo-brand goods are sold here, not Aspire tanks or Kanger batteries.

At Halo, simplicity is treasured. You also will not find 5 different starter kits: just one. Customers customize this set according to what they want most out of vaping.

G6 Mini Cig: Technology for New Users

Choose this electronic cigarette in one of 9 colors such as Electric Lime or Emerald Green; Princess Pink or straight Black. If you want to pretend you are still smoking, they also carry a white battery and tan cartridges.

The kit is priced $44.99. Reviews of the G6 show that it has proven itself worthy time and again, helping to explain why Halo remains one of America’s top electronic cigarette companies.

Halo G6

Choose a battery style: automatic or manual. There is a tiny button on manual batteries you have to depress to create vapor.

An automatic battery remains ready to produce vapor at all times but its charge is draining slowly all the time. Select a size too: small or medium. The larger battery is sold as a replacement for $1 more.

Pick your cartridges: two sets of 5 in one or two flavors and from 6 mg of nicotine to 24 mg of nicotine. At first, there isn’t a zero-nic choice. That is sensible. Early on, vapers do not give up nicotine. They start weaning, and only if that’s a priority in their lives.

The kit contains two batteries, two chargers, and comes in a lovely gift box. When people first see this box, their respect for the value of a G6 kit simply grows. This is not your usual flimsy container. First impressions are everything in a business with so much strong competition, so Halo makes sure theirs is one of the best first impressions around.

Customers can select blank cartridges but e juice is sold separately. Cartridge flavors all contain either a menthol or tobacco-style flavor made in the United States with ingredients of excellent quality. They include HX3, Tribeca, and Turkish.

Triton by Halo

When the Triton was released it was among the few eGo-style e cigs available from a mini cig company. Now it is falling behind considering all high-powered goodies available today.

But its value is indisputable: a generally leak-free system, reliable battery, and one of the most durable cells money can buy. Gimmicks have no place here.

You don’t need to know your puff count to enjoy vaping and Halo seeks to attract relatively new vapers anyway; vapers lacking confidence to manage high-tech, high-priced systems. The Triton kit comes with a cone, two small or medium batteries (400 mAh or 650 mAh), matching cone, charging kit, and is available in 11 colors. Pay just $64.99.

Halo Triton Kit

At this point, customers have to give up their handy but expensive cartridges in favor of clearomizers and liquids. Halo sells one of the finest brands but charges a reasonable price. Select from flavors like Malibu, Kringle’s Curse, Belgian Cocoa, and all the tobacco or menthol options too. E liquid is available without nicotine.

Each 30-ml bottle is priced $19.99 and comes in numerous variations on the theme of tobacco. Tiki provides a sweet and spicy version. Captain Jack is somewhat harsh. Other flavors like the sweet and minty Mystic or Twisted Java with nuts, mint, caramel, and coffee add another dimension to the menu.

Replacement Parts

Replace five-packs of cartomizers for $9.99: $2 per cartridge and one of the best prices in this industry, especially for US juice. A mini tank is no bigger but allows consumers to refill liquid and use it with their G6 batteries.

Blank cartomizers are for use in the same but users are able to see their liquid level with blank tanks. Cartomizers fit in with the cigalike appearance of G6 batteries.

A 65-mm battery holds a 180-mAh charge which is 280 mAh with 78-mm batteries. Both cost $12.95. A pass-thru battery sells for $14.99. Don’t charge it; just plug the end into a USB port and vape at your desk.

Reviewing the Company

Most business is conducted online although a number of distributors carry Purity e liquid at their street-level vape stores and in their online catalogues. A few companies also list Halo starter kits as a preferred beginners’ option. They had dozens to choose from, but these vendors believe Halo is one of the best.

Contact the company via the chat option, by email, or call during business hours. They’re based in the US so you’re not phoning a Chinese help center. E cigs are made in China, but Halo is run by Americans.