Green Smoke

A few little changes have made a significant impact at Green Smoke. Their updated website is just new enough to feel fresh, but not so new as to be unrecognizable.

This is still the e cig company that consumers have come to love, portraying the eco-friendly aspect of vaping and a clean, energetic image. Looking at their online presence, you just know that their advertising department is staying current.

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Green Smoke Review

Alongside favorite products with their new, popular prices, you will notice additions. Five starter kits still range from $18.49 to $129.60. They still carry decorative batteries and analog-style ones. Freshness is guaranteed with every cartomizer.

Worth noting these days, though, is that Green Smoke is greener than ever with their rechargeable alternatives to disposable e cigs. Read more about these below.

Rechargeable Singles

Each single rechargeable e cig looks like a disposable electronic cigarette, but for one thing: it is made to be taken apart and screwed into a USB charger. You don’t receive a charger in the clamshell case containing one full e cig without flavor refills.

A single costs $8 and packs of six are priced $48: that’s a straight 8 x 6, no discount, but $8 per e cig is below average. Choose Menthol Ice, Absolute Tobacco, or Red Label Tobacco.

Green Smoke Bundles

The first kit is an Essentials package, like a single but with a USB cartridge and second cartomizer. Customers pay $18.49.

Green Smoke essentials kit

The second option, their Express Kit, contains a second battery, an AC adapter to go with the USB charger, and three further cartridges. Most popular is a Pro Kit for $74.05 with an additional carry case, car charging adapter, a third battery, and twice as many cartridges.

The Ultimate Kit for $92.56 comes with all of the above plus a second carry case and another USB charger. This package also contains a 4th battery. These are available in two sizes.

gs ultimate kit

Love Birds, rejoice: you don’t have to share your e cigs unless you really want to. When your hubby has a cold or the wife is feeling moody, keep everything separate without losing out on anything or getting into a fight.

Double up on the contents of a Pro Kit, but pay less than double: $129.60 versus $148.10. That’s a saving of nearly $20, which is enough to make singles buy the double bundle and almost covers the cost of two cartomizer 5-packs.

Selecting Cartomizers

Green Smoke recently phased out their chocolate-style cartomizers, so now they focus on the following 7 flavors: 3 types of tobacco-style refills, a menthol variety, and three gourmet possibilities.

greensmoke cartridges

Absolute Tobacco is woody and fragrant. Those who favored mild cigarettes will enjoy Red Tobacco. Cigar-smokers will be drawn to the sweet, rich flavor of Gold Tobacco.

Mountain Clove would be considered a tobacco style in some catalogues but not here. Enjoy this spicy blend containing nutmeg and cinnamon besides clove; like a hot Christmas drink. Mocha Mist tastes of coffee and nuts while Smooth Cream (formerly Vanilla Dreams) is a rich, sweet vanilla variety.

The freshness of Menthol Ice could be a wake up call on a sluggish day. Select 2.4%, 1.8%, 1.2%, 0.6%, or zero nicotine according to your stage in the nicotine weaning process if that’s what you plan to do.

Cartomizers are protected by a triple seal, ensuring they arrive fresh at your door. With a best-before date and lot numbers, Green Smoke backs up their promise of quality.

Expect an easy draw and lots of vapor. Each package of 5 cartomizers costs $11.57: a new low price. Green Smoke only recently dropped the price to $12.99, so this second adjustment is great news.

Customers can pay as little as $9.23 per package when they order 20 packs of 5 refills at a time or secure further deals by signing up for automatic shipments at regular intervals. Larger orders come with bonus gifts and special shipping arrangements.

Buy Battery Replacements

With the option to buy new batteries, you don’t have to replace an entire starter kit just because your battery died. That should take several months with a 300-cycle estimated limit, by which time your USB charger might want refreshing too.

But if it’s going strong, just pick up a single cell or have an extra one in a place where you often wish you had kept a recharged cell for emergencies. This might be your glove compartment, mom and dad’s house, your weekend home, or the office.

Batteries cost $15.71 each in one of several styles. There are black, white, and pink ones with LED lighted tips and two sizes: 4″ or 4.6″. The longer battery lasts longer when charged than the 4″ variety but costs the same price. Packages of three save you money.

A designer battery reflects the spirit of a special American city. Examples are New Orleans with “All that Jazz” depicted as jazzy blue and white zebra stripes. The spirit of Chicago is brown argyle, perhaps the style of a warm sweater worn on a blustery day.

Manhattan invites you to “Explore the World” and resembles a passport covered in stamps. Choose a suitable size for no extra money and pay the same as you would for the standard white, black, or pink battery.

Green Smoke also carries extra cases: leather, plain, and sparkly ones. Replace USB and wall chargers. Sometimes these items become lost or damaged. Maybe you want to give the gift of a leather or bejeweled case to your friend. Use loyalty points or pay by credit card. Maybe you earned money as a Green Smoke affiliate. Some of that could be reinvested in vaping.

Green Disposables

I thought there were no disposables from Green Smoke anymore, but they’re available if you go to the site map. I’m going to guess these are being phased out since they are not shown in the headings.

I also noticed the absence of their recycling program. A big selling point is now missing from Green Smoke’s portfolio.