Green Smart Living

Electronic cigarette companies usually advertise using one of these themes: sex, health, savings, or the environment. Green Smart Living flies their flag for the “environmental” camp, promoting e cigs as the alternative to cigarettes for a healthier planet.

Of course, quitting cigs and e cigs would be best for the earth, but since that’s not practical, vaping will have to do for now. Green Smart Living has gone so far as to research the topic and post some startling facts gleaned from a variety of sources (they provide references if you want to pursue further reading).

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Green Smart Living as Environmental Educator

For anyone expecting to argue in favor of e cigs with anti-vaping opponents, just quote some facts from this web page. Tell people that 32% of debris collected during an ocean clean up comes from cigarettes.

Inform a debating partner that 4.5 trillion cigarettes are disposed of annually and that the pollution they cause is greater than the pollution caused by automobiles. They didn’t pluck these facts out of thin vapor either.

Green Smart Living Review
GreenSmartLiving.comDo we really need another e cig company?

Is Green Smart Living doing anything different from anyone else?

Where promotional prerogative is concerned, yes; they really push the “green” theme. As for being recyclable and so on, that’s nothing new. Green Smoke has been collecting empty cartridges from customers for a long time and issuing rewards too.

There are numerous battery drop boxes and recycling centers. Companies often ask their customers to recycle. If e-waste is a problem, that is partly to do with laziness and negligence on consumers’ parts.

Products at Green Smart Living

If someone were to randomly tap this phrase into a search engine or saw it and looked up the name, expecting to find hints on how to make their homes energy efficient, they would be surprised to find e cigs instead. Green Smart Living sells only cigalikes and related gear with a streamlined focus and tidy presentation.

Purchase a starter kit — their only bundle — for $10.99. This contains the makings of one complete rechargeable e cig, one spare cartridge, and a USB charger. Choose menthol or regular flavor in what is one of the industry’s best-priced express-style kits.

For those who have been overwhelmed by selection at V2 Cigs, 777, and Eonsmoke, etc., being presented with a single option might be a relief. There aren’t even colors to pick or choices of battery style or size.

Replacing the Flavor

Strangely, a refill package costs more than the kit: $13.95. This supplies 5 cartridges and comes in 3 strengths: 0, 6, and 18 mg. There are 9 flavors such as vanilla, strawberry, peach, and clove.

Not only is the image that their website promotes clean, but their flavors actually sound healthy. Isn’t acai a super-fruit? With all that green imagery, it would be tempting to think these were cartridges of vitamin juice.

Accessories at Green Smart Living

Again, expect nothing but simplicity in both content and pricing at Green Smart Living. There is no such thing as a portable charging case. They don’t carry a USB cig, vaporizer, or tank.

All you see are chargers and a case, and everything is $1.99. It’s so very cheap, but $1.99 is a closer reflection of how much stuff like this should cost considering what companies buy it for from China.

Speaking of China

I must mention that while e cigs are made in China (Shenzhen, specifically), e juice can be made in China or the United States (rarely anywhere else). Green Smart Living e liquid is made in the United States and uses only pharmacy-grade ingredients.

You can trust this stuff as much — if not more — than most e juice. V2 Cigs liquids come from China. Eonsmoke e juice appears to come from Asia as well. Halo, South Beach Smoke, and VaporFi use American e liquid.

Geo Disposable?

Here is a contradiction in terms: a green company promoting something that is designed to be used once and disposed of. At least, I think that’s what the Geo is.

Green Smart Living did not label it as a disposable e cig, but reading between the lines it supplies 400 puffs and smooth, consistent vapor just once in its life. Select regular or menthol; 18 mg or 24 mg. These feature a soft top like real cigarettes.

Special Features at Green Smart Living

Do you think it is possible to build up an order here so it’s worth $50 or more? If you can do it, this will earn you a free pack of cartridges. The website is set up to show new vapers how to use their products and get them excited about the technology.

After reading their articles about how they should go about using Green Smart Living mini cigs, customers will probably want to spend $50 or more on these lovely white and green cigalikes. That way, they can hurry up and send in their 50+ cartridges to earn a 20% discount on their next purchase.

Is Green Smart Living Special?

I don’t think Green Smart Living is better than Green Smoke or White Cloud. Green Smoke is straightforward in their approach, though more expensive in some ways, but they provide greater selection. White Cloud takes a fairly simple approach too.

All three companies have the same idea: target the new vaper. Sell cigalikes but not vaporizers or eGos. This mini cig trio does not experiment with big cells and e liquid. They bravely paddle their own canoe in smoke poisoned waters to offer a cleaner alternative.

These three cigalike businesses promote a green image with their clear, clean websites. When Green Smart Living starts selling just a little more stuff, they could probably compete strongly. I just hope they stick to their guns and continue promoting this industry from an educational, environmentally friendly standpoint.