GearBest wants consumers to think of them first when they are in search of anything electronic. Whether you seek a practical or recreational item for yourself or as a gift, this all-purpose electronics e-tailer has something for everyone. With multiple payment methods and free shipping, products are accessible to clients in more than 200 countries.

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Organizing Gear the Best Way

Arrive at this website with a plan or you are bound to become distracted by their incredible range of products. They carry watches, radio controlled toys, computer tablets, and cell phones. GearBest has a selection of household and garden items, kitchen gadgets, LED lights and flashlights, and more.

Perhaps you have already heard of a brand that always delivers high quality equipment. If so, just look to that brand. GearBest lists names like Mele, Voyo, ZTE, Innokin, EZdive Gear, Sky Hawkeye, Otium, and Youde. GearBest appears to be in direct competition with Best Buy, the Source, and Ebay. While they don’t offer details of where headquarters are located, all the signs point to China; possibly the electronics district of Shenzhen.

gearbest.comCatalogues at GearBest

It would take hours to list everything sold at GearBest and more hours to read that list, but you don’t have time or interest in all items carried here. Take a look at the following categories.

You will notice some items are completely non-electronic and perhaps just fun. Hard as you try to filter your search, it’s likely you will be drawn to products you never knew existed or thought you could not afford until you saw what GearBest charges.

Cell Phones

Under each category, GearBest further divides equipment. You will find items filed under Android 4.4 or 4.2 and Octa Core phones among others. This indispensable handheld technology is well represented.


Where these multi-purpose computer accessories are concerned, you will find a wide assortment. Choose devices measuring from 7 to 10.1 inches. Select from dual or quad core tablets. Graphic artists understand the terms and know exactly what to look for.

Gearbest computers and networkingComputers

Where there are computers and tablets, you will also need accessories. At GearBest, nothing is too small to matter. That goes for memory cards, USB gadgets, and more. Test them and you are likely to find GearBest carries the item you need.

Electrical and Tools

A few years ago, computer experts came up with a tool to help kids understand computer programming. They named this little box the “Raspberry Pi.” Now it is everywhere, including here. GearBest also carries 3D printers and accessories just in case you wanted to build your own Rasberry Pi-style gadget.

Radio Control Toys

Men, women, and children (but mostly men) really get into their radio controlled boats, cars, and helicopters. Peruse a selection of sizes and designs such as 3.5 and 4 channel helicopters. Although often thought of as “toys,” aficionados would argue they are machines and not made for children at all.


Some readers might remember when a projector was the height of A/V R&D, taking the place of a humble blackboard. Cameras contained actual film you had to have developed. These days everything is digital: blackboards and overhead projectors are antiques. Look to GearBest for digital cameras, Cloud-ipc cameras, and sport headphones.

Gearbest car electronicsCar Stuff

A guy who loves his car could spend hours every day and thousands of dollars monthly making his ride look great or adding features to it. Add to your collection of car gadgets for less: things like LED lights, a DVR for the kids, and audio equipment. Even if your wreck is the ugliest thing on four wheels, enjoy crisp sound from your audio CD player.

Home and Garden

A lot of items in this section are not electronics. They include novelty tools for making food look fun, such as strangely shaped egg frying moulds and an interesting orange peeler-ring. Electronic cigarettes and shaving equipment are found here.

Sports and Outdoors

If the remote control cars and boats do not appeal, a more athletic pursuit might drive family members into the outdoors. Give a runner the gift of a water-resistant arm band for carrying an iPod shuffle while covering many miles on foot. While a friend aims to get fit, help her along with a pedometer that shows how far she has to go but also how much she has accomplished each day. This is also where you find tactical army knee pads for playing war games or, just maybe, for wearing around the house.

Flashlights and LED

LED light bulbs have captured the imaginations of consumers because of their low energy, high durability, and low temperature performance. These types of bulbs are among the most environmentally friendly and longest lasting and they can also be charged using solar panels. Buy some here for indoor or outdoor use. As for flashlights, they always come handy in an emergency. Choose from names like Olight, Ultrafire, and Klarus.

Gearbest watchesWatches

GearBest carries wrist watches for everyone and every purpose. Buy matching watches for a couple you know. Choose an appealing timepiece for a child. Browse a selection of Weide and Curren watches to give as gifts.

Excellent Policies and Service

At GearBest they have several goals. One is to be the top-selling electronic superstore, online, worldwide. Another is to provide the widest range of high-quality products you will find. Thirdly, customers come first: so expect excellent treatment, including a 45-day money back guarantee.

Live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Expect fast service even though regular shipping is free. If these details are impressive, maybe becoming an affiliate appeals to the salesman in you. Most items come with a one-year warranty. This covers the costs of repair or replacement.

Get Shopping

How do you get started? Begin by registering as a customer. Next, start to browse products. Third, pick items to purchase and choose a payment method. Finally, wait for the items you chose to arrive at your doorstep.