Firelight Fusion

New vapers are faced with numerous companies to choose from when they decide to buy a kit of rechargeable batteries and cartomizer refills.

They can buy the Magma Kit from Volcano. Halo sells their G6 kit in 9 colors. Both firms sell US-made e juice and upgrades to higher-powered batteries while Halo’s e liquid is among the top-rated brands in America.

V2 Cigs is one of the most popular e cig companies, their mini cigs accompanied by refill cartomizers and e juice. Vapor4Life lists the King and Titan for new vapers and carries WOW cartomizers or liquid.

Firelight Fusion joins a group of solid performers and many other great companies who already supply newcomers to this method of “smoking” without smoke. Will they offer anything different from the rest? Is there room for Firelight Fusion to carve a handhold and take advantage of e cigs’ popularity?

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Firelight Fusion Review

It looks like this new company is still getting its bearings. Alternative kits have been added to a sparse catalogue, with another yet to be released, so options are growing.

Their e liquid and cartomizer flavors are still minimal though. Unlike all the other companies above, Firelight Fusion is a one-trick pony: no advanced batteries or clearomizers enter the race, although one can purchase e liquid and blank cartomizers.

This is the place in a review where I would usually tell you where a company comes from but it appears Firelight Fusion has neglected to provide that information. They are American and so is their e liquid, but where they come from in America I can’t say.

Starter Kits from Firelight Fusion

A 30-Day Bundle will soon be released costing $45.95. Right now you can purchase a Starter kit for $59.95 and it contains 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, and a charging kit. The addition of 5 extra cartomizers saves this from being an excessively-priced set.

Fusion starter kit


Choice number 2 is their Liquid Bundle ($67.95) with all the stuff above plus a 15-ml bottle of e liquid (tobacco or menthol).

A Deluxe Kit contains 4 batteries, 20 cartomizers, the charging kit, and Portable Charging Case (PCC). It costs $99.95, which is the same price as a Couples’ Starter Kit with all of the above plus a second charging kit, 2 car chargers, but no PCC.

Cartomizer Replacements

When you order a starter kit, there are six flavors to choose from: vanilla, cola, grape, cherry, menthol, and tobacco. All of them are batch-tested for safety.

Replacements in packs of 5 (blank or pre-filled) cost $9. This is excellent; one of the lowest prices you will find. I think Smokeless Image might be the only company that beats this price.

It’s a good thing Firelight Fusion’s cartomizer packs are so cheap because there are no bulk discounts. Four packages cost $36. A pack of 40 cartomizers is priced $72. Select from 0 to 18 mg/ml. With no volume savings and a high of 1.8% as opposed to 2.4% nicotine, Firelight Fusion is being just a little bit stingy.

E Liquid at Firelight Fusion

Firelight Fusion sells juice in 3 bottle sizes: 15 ml, 25 ml, and 50 ml. The latter two resemble V2’s bottling style and sizing format which is distinctive from other bottles.

Most companies jump from 15 ml to 30 ml. Sizes of 25 ml and 50 ml are unusual. Printing appears to go right onto the bottle, not a label, just like at V2 Cigs.

The cost $8.95, $13.11, and $22.44, respectively, and for some reason, only the middle size comes in all six flavors. The other two are offered in menthol and tobacco.

Accessories for Firelight Fusion Customers

A standard list of extra pieces lacks any pizzazz: no battery skins, color variety, clear tanks, or power-cigs. You can buy a PCC, chargers, and extra batteries rated 250 mAh which last for around 200 puffs. This is their only battery size, so it’s a good thing Firelight Fusion chose the higher value as opposed to a wimpy 180-mAh battery.

Shopping at Firelight Fusion

Use their online chat function to get in touch with a live customer service assistant. Shopping online is secure for payment by one of four sorts of credit cards. Since you can shop over the internet any time, 24/7, this is a convenient way to buy e cigs. Now let’s evaluate what we know so far.

Firelight Fusion: Final Words

There are not really any distinguishing factors about this brand. Their look is clean and simple, but it might be too simple.

Green Smoke is a respected brand backed by a reputation for producing quality products and serving customers with consideration. Good reviews abound.

While they do not sell e liquid and their prices for cartomizers are higher, Firelight Fusion is an unknown company newly making its way in a packed industry. If simple e cigs are what you want (no upgrades), Green Smoke would be many consumers’ choice.

But Green Smoke has a connection to Big Tobacco, which might put some consumers off. Firelight Fusion is so far unaffiliated with national cigarette manufacturers. That matters for many vapers.

Besides, Firelight Fusion sells e liquid and provides an extra option Green Smoke does not: refilling empty tanks. Still, if I was going to use that as my argument for vaping with another brand, that could lead me to one of the other brands above for equipment and another one for e liquid. You are not tied to one brand for both: it’s not like proprietary threading between cartomizers and batteries where your hands are tied.


If this were my first vape, however, Firelight Fusion would have to prove itself. Americans like an underdog, but there is already plenty of competition. Maybe if they launched a disposable so I could try their flavors and functionality, that would be a way to entice me to buy a Firelight Fusion starter kit.

They do have a nice looking  product selection, a nice clean website, and certainly they have decent products, and so they may be a nice choice for you to try out electronic cigarettes. Having 10 cartridges as opposed to 5 to start out with is a great feature that you will appreciate if you start vaping e-cigs.

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