Three aspects of the Eversmoke website give me the impression that, out of the two, Eversmoke is the little sister and VaporFi is her big brother.

One is that Eversmoke talks about her big brother all the time, inviting customers to click on links to VaporFi’s line of vaporizers and e liquids.

Second is that Eversmoke presents a limited array of products compared with VaporFi: no vaporizers of her own, no e liquids; even a smaller number of flavors than middle-sibling South Beach Smoke.

Third is the youthful impression conveyed by images of very young people being active and healthy. Does this impair Eversmoke in any way? I would say “no.”

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VaporFi can be the cool older sibling and South Beach Smoke can emulate VaporFi while Eversmoke plays quietly, attracting attention the old-fashioned way. Weren’t you always curious what the silent but good-natured child was doing all by herself with her toys, unconcerned about the rest of the world?

Eversmoke is like that child, not the least bit interested in 650-mAh batteries and e juice. They have quietly maintained a strong presence in this industry despite their refusal to play the eGo game and are no worse off as a result.

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Customers come to Eversmoke for the basics. They want a great battery of the mini cig variety and they get it: a standard and a high-drain variety.

The first one is about 190 mAh, the second 240 mAh, and this second one can keep chugging for hours. They don’t sell bling batteries or blank cartridges. There isn’t a clearomizer in sight.

Starter kits come in several formats including the ever popular Couples’ Kit. Take a close look at the first package on their list and the last one: the special deal for $15.99 and a Reusable Express for $29.99.

I can’t tell if Eversmoke has overlooked the irony here or if I am overlooking something myself, but who would order the Reusable Express when a 2-battery set with 5 cartomizers and a full charging set (USB and AC wall adapter) are available for less than the price of 2 disposables?

Next is their Basic Kit priced $49.99.

eversmoke basic starter kit

It’s essentially the same as their $15.99 bundle listed above but for one difference: customers choose automatic or manual batteries while the cheaper bundle is available with automatic batteries only.

Their Pro Kit contains 2 batteries, 10 cartomizers, a charging kit, car charger, and power cig. The Ultimate provides a third battery, 15 cartomizers, all of the above, plus a portable charging case and a carry case. These small gradations allow consumers to decide how much stuff they really need to truly “get started” with vaping and pay according to their needs.

Vaporflo Cartomizers

The Vaporflo system is Eversmoke’s name for the relatively easy draw through a soft silicone, non-leaking tip. Vapor should taste clean and smooth. Learn more about cartomizers in their education section which posts articles about the entire e cig industry: what an e cig is, the history of electronic cigarettes, and local regulations regarding public vaping.

Packages of cartomizers contain 15 items each which are equated with a single package of cigarettes. If a single cartomizer costs $2.66, for example (the website shows you a price break down per piece), that is how much a smoker is paying for the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes.

While I agree this is cheaper than smoking, Eversmoke’s price for cartomizers is far too high. I don’t dislike that you have to purchase 15 at a time. A vaper can empty 5 in a day and a half. I simply dislike the price of $39.99 for 15.

Compared to 5-packs by V2 Cigs, Halo, and White Cloud, this is the same as paying $13.33 per set. Halo’s cost is $9.99 for 5. Prices drop a little at Eversmoke when you order 30 or 60, and there is an auto-ship discount. Of course with the additional 10% coupon code, this brings the price down even more.

Their description of tobacco varieties is much appreciated. I can see at a glance which one most closely resembles the cigarettes I was accustomed to buying. Classic Tobacco equates to Chesterfield or Lucky Strike. A Parliament or Kent user will want to buy Royal Tobacco. Gold Tobacco should taste something like a Camel or a Marlboro. Select 24 mg or down to 0 by 6-mg increments. They also provide vanilla, cherry, peppermint, and more.

Refer a Friend, Earn Points

A rewards program is one way to save money if you really like a product. Build up a steady supply of points by referring friends or writing reviews while also accumulating credit as a customer. Eventually, you will have enough to make the cost of batteries more reasonable.

At full price, regular batteries are $19.95 and high-drain batteries cost $22.95. A portable charging case costs $49.99. One last thing about Eversmoke is that she has developed an excellent reputation for excellent service and quality.