Eonsmoke was one of the first e cig companies to test out the possibility that electronic cigarette customers and vaporizer users might have something in common. Furthermore, the products they use share some important similarities.

You see this approach more and more in the industry with firms like VaporFi releasing their dry herb vaporizer, the Orbit, and V2 Cigs with their 3-in-1 Pro Series 3 and 7.

They aren’t the only ones; besides, the approach has worked in the other direction. White Rhino makes e liquid and herbal/wax/essential oil vaporizers. Eonsmoke might be overshadowed, but they took this step before many of the other bigger firms, and they took it more definitively.

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Not Just Herbs

In fact, a glance at their starter kits will reveal that the Orbit is only one of several crossover devices. They also carry a wax kit plus a device used with both herbs and wax. Then there are the e cigs, cartridges, and e liquids.

This American firm does not carry herbs, but who knows? Maybe one day soon these will be added too. As the industry comes to terms with what it is and what it will become, everything is possible.

eonsmoke.comEonsmoke Review

A website full of products and starter kits contains several sets at various levels and a price range from less than $30 to more than $100.

One will quickly see a commitment to value, especially in volume discounts offered by Eonsmoke on certain products.

What is a Volume Discount?

Most electronic cigarette companies coax customers to commit to big purchases and stay on the books for longer with deals related to how much they buy. If you order one set of cartridges, it costs $10, for instance.

Order 5 sets and each one now costs $9.50. Packages of 10 cartridges cost $90.00 or $9 each, and so on. This is done with batteries, chargers, liquids, and cartomizers. Companies save money on big shipments compared with little ones.

Discounts at Eonsmoke

You will see this policy played out at Eonsmoke in various ways, including the cost of disposables. These are e cigs that cannot be recharged or refilled but supply the user with about the equivalent of one package of cigarettes before they must be disposed of (recycled ideally).

Buy one disposable and it costs $7.99. Purchase 10 at a time and pay $59.99: just $6 each. These are sold in tobacco and menthol flavors on the website.

Sets for the New Millennium

A Millennium Starter Kit is on sale right now for $89.99 and contains a DC tank, 18350 battery, charger, and 8.5W regulated unit.

Eonsmoke Millennium Kit

This is an e cig device like the Nova which is priced $49.99 as part of a small kit. This set contains a 2600-mAh battery and charger. Volts and watts are adjustable on the Nova.

An Eternity Kit is like your usual eGo battery with a 650-mAh capacity and a clearomizer to go with it.

Even new vapers can use it comfortably if they don’t mind the size. Basic e cig packages supply 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, and chargers.

The Wax and Dry Herb Mini Paradise for $29.99 offers 350 mAh of power, enough for 4 or more hours, plus a USB charger. The Falcon is Eonsmoke’s one-piece, one-button dry herb vaporizer in black or red for around $100.

Eonsmoke cartridgesE Juice and Cartomizers

If you enjoy the flavor, vapor production and strength of Eonsmoke vapor, consider buying more than one pack at a time.

Packages of 5 cost $12.99, which is not a great price: comparable with Green Smoke, but even their cost is a little high when you think of Halo at $9.95 and V2 Cigs at $10.33.

With VaporFi’s Express cartridges costing $14.99, Eonsmoke looks cheap, but VaporFi fills their cartomizers with American e juice. Eonsmoke e liquid might not be American: nothing is stated to suggest that it is US-made.

While cartomizers are sold in a number of traditional flavors like Wrangler Tobacco, Gold, and Platinum, there are some fruity and sweet styles too like mango, vanilla, and cherry. In an unusual move, the top nicotine strength is 30 mg: quite high compared to almost every other company: 2.4% is the usual maximum.

E liquid is sold in 15-ml bottles at a much better price: $9.99. There are more flavor choices like pineapple, acai, and passion fruit. Use your credit card to make a secure online payment knowing there’s no extra fee for shipping in the United States.

Juice does not qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee, but hardware does and is also subject to a lifetime warranty.

What I Like about Eonsmoke

It’s great to have so much that I need as a vaper in one place; on one website. It’s a no-nonsense shopping environment, and although it lacks the sophistication of White Cloud and Green Smoke, Eonsmoke does the job it needs to do. Products are easy to find, especially using the filters supplied.

What Eonsmoke Could Improve

I’m not thrilled about their use of Chinese e juice. Could they consider making their own professionally or, if this cannot be done to high standards, selling juice by a reputable American provider?

Also, I wish that Eonsmoke would do a better job of presenting products. Their photography leaves something to be desired and I’m left wondering exactly what I’m supposed to be looking at.

Many shots are of packages: I want to see the contents. Overall, the entire online setup could be slicker, but if that means adding to their excellent prices, Eonsmoke can forget that and carry on as they are.

Shop Online: http://www.eonsmoke.com