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Element Vape hails from — well, they don’t tell you that. At least, if the information was on their website I could not find it.

Usually that kind of information is available in the “about us” section, under “company info,” at the top of the page, or on the contact page. Unfortunately their “contact” section provides no address; just an online form.

I am assuming this is an American store. Telltale signs of foreign commerce include some very interesting mistakes with verb conjugation which are absent on the Element Vape website.

2015 Element Vape Coupon Codes

All-Purpose Vape Store

Element Vape specializes in selling variable watt mods but they also carry several regular-power devices and items for the in-between user. Hot Products listed on the home page are mostly high-watt mods like the Sigelei 100W, IPV Mini 30W by Pioneer4You, and iTaste MVP 3.0 20W (the new version from Innokin). A Cloupor T8 150W is also featured here along with a Doge V2 RDA by Congrevape: just the right thing for high watts.

New Items

I have not seen these before but now I’m seeing a coiling tool everywhere I look. Here it is the Kuro Koiler by Kuro Concepts for $18.95 which works with 20- to 28-gauge coil.

A Dark Horse V2 RDA clone with 4 rings is priced $18.95. Choose the Joye Delta II Sub-ohm tank or a Mutation X by Indulgence for use with your high watt box mods. They are designed to handle thick juice and low resistance.

Element Vape kitsStarter Kits at Element Vape

Now that the Innokin iTaste MVP is onto V.3, they must have thought it was also time to upgrade the excellent variable voltage battery. Choose a new VV V4.0 or a V3.0 kit (express or full).

Kanger EMOW kits cost $45.99 while an eGrip by Joye (their box mod) provides an alternative to the many options currently available in the mid-power range.

Kamry’s Vio Starter Kit is a unique product shaped like a violin (hence the name “Vio”). A K1000 ePipe by Kamry is lovely in its own way.

Mechanical Mods

Select the Le Petit Gros V2 by Infinite, a Praxis, Smok Fury, or Munstro Clone. Generally, if a device is inexpensive but appears like it should cost more because of elegant features, it is a clone and Element Vape prefers those. They are affordable for the average person, yet beautiful at the same time.

Clones can be great value or a terrible mistake, but Element Vape has purchased theirs from reliable vendors whose copies of gorgeous limited edition mods are very good.

Variable Batteries

In this section, Element Vape simply lists their Spinner and Twist eGo batteries. I would expect to see the MVP here or the VV V4.0. I guess Element Vape didn’t feel right opening a section for eGos since they don’t carry many of those.

Tanks (plus RBAs and RDAs)

The heading didn’t tell you as much, but all tanks and atomizers are listed in the same place. You will find the Aqua V2 Clone by Tobeco, Legion RDA Clone also from Tobeco, and a Lemo RTA Tank by ELeaf all under this heading.

Accessories for Hardware and Tanks

There are countless things you could own to make vaping and equipment more efficient, more beautiful. Some things you really need. Certain items are just fun to have like new drip tips. Others, such as cotton and batteries, are essential. Elevated Vape lists all such items here. Use the left hand sidebar to narrow your search.

Juice at Element VapeJuice at Element Vape

While mods and atties might be clones, the e Juice is top notch, brand-name stuff designed for discerning palates. You will find Beard Vape Co. in 5 flavors plus a combo pack. Six Cosmic Fog flavors are listed such as Nutz, The Shocker, and Gummy Cola.

Choose one of 4 CRFT juices such as Trail Mix and Strawberry Blonde. Cuttwood’s four flavors on the Element Vape site include Sugar Bear and Boss Reserve. Absolute Pin by Five Pawns is here plus five styles by The Vial like CafĂ© Latte and Island Bliss.

Element Vape Review

If I had to choose a theme for the website and company it would be “elemental.” That is, Element Vape is more concerned with providing the essential elements for your vaping experience than stroking the egos (no pun intended) of elite vapers. If you want to save up and spend $300 or more on a vaping system featuring serialized equipment, you came to the wrong place.

Save money by earning points as a loyal Element Vape customer. Each time you spend $10, you receive 20 points. Every 100 points is the same as $1 worth of store credit.

Buy your next electronic vaping mod with points. There is no expiry date on rewards, so save up as long as you want. Otherwise, use one of 4 accepted credit cards to shop securely online without waiting.

Affiliates can also take advantage of a vaping habit to earn cash. Advertise Element Vape by placing coupon codes and banners in your website.

When customers click the link from your site to Element Vape, any purchases are connected with your affiliate code to earn you 5% commission. You vape anyway: why not take advantage?

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