Take a leisurely stroll with me along Ecig Avenue, and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. It might not have everything you want: no store can be so inclusive.

If you’re a DIY modder building your own boxes and fixing your own advanced personal vaporizers (APV), maybe Mad Vapes sells the switches and lights you want. For the usual person, though, Ecig Avenue’s catalogue is extensive, usually in stock, and priced affordably.

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Ecig Avenue Review

One thing that’s easily likable about Ecig Avenue is the organized way their products are presented on their website, falling under both general and specific headings. Explore Mods or eGo batteries and clearomizers.

Examine accessories or e liquids. Search for specific brands such as Aspire, Innokin, and Tesla. Go by price: $1 to $10, up to $25, up to $50, $51 to $100, and $100+.

Mods at Ecig Avenue
Mods at Ecig AvenueThis is a general term that refers to modifiable e cigs.

Some aspects of the way they function can be adjusted by the user mechanically or electronically, thanks to a built-in microchip.

There are 26650, APV, Box, and Mechanical Mods. This heading also includes Mod starter kits, RDAs, and RBAs (types of rebuildable atomizers).

E Liquid Menu

Just some of their products are Avenue Premium (house blend), Cosmic Fog, Thrive, and Vitamin Smoke. It’s interesting that they sell a Vitamin Juice since this is such an uncommon product.

Sales and Special Deals

These are essentially the same, but some items are listed beneath one heading and some are listed under the other. Between them, items such as a Cool Fire 2 Kit with an iClear 30B, Hammer Clone, Rush E Liquid, and the Kraken Clone are offered at discounted prices. E Cig Avenue shows the old price and the new one.


Use this website to explore the topic of vaping apart from shopping. Learn what’s happening in the industry or read what people have to say about products. Get in touch. Search for a specific product, by-passing every other filter when you know exactly what you want.

The 26650 Club

These are large mods, their diameters larger than most, fed by 26650 batteries. These include a Panzer Blackhawk sold here in combination with multiple atomizer clones for $65.

The Tesla M7 is $59.99, or you can own an exquisite Hades Clone for $39.95. Generally, when it comes to high-end mods, E Cig Avenue prefers clones, not the real thing.


These are adjustable devices with variable voltage and wattage, possibly airflow control, and more. They include the Innokin Cool Fire I, JoyeTech eVic Mod (original), and many others.

Box Mods

This section is packed. A new device comes out virtually every week to compete with existing variable-watt mods in the 20W, 50W, or even 100W class. A few have gone to 150W with the predicted potential of reaching 200W soon.

Models sold here include a Wood Box Mod, Kamry 20W ($34.99), IPV V2 and V3 150W, iStick 20W, and Innokin 20W (the MVP 3.0). Pricing is good and, in spite of low stock elsewhere, there doesn’t seem to be that problem at Ecig Avenue.

Mechanical Mods

Choose the Sigelei Fu Chai, a highly-rated authentic mod in the $50-and-less range. A Troll RDA by Wotofo would go nicely with it at $24.99. Add a battery and you’ve got a kit for less than $100.

A Chi You Clone ($34.95) costs little more than 10% of the original, authentic Chi You mod. Try a Kamry 102 for $55 or a K100 Telescopic Mod (the colorful ones) at $39.99. An Omega clone is $19.95. There is tons of variety to choose from.

Disposable E Cigs, Clearomizers, Tanks, etc.

Disposable vapor cigarettes might feature on all-purpose e-commerce websites and they might not. E Cig Avenue lists one type and they selected an excellent brand: the Square 82 for $6.99.

While they do not generally cater to mini cig users, this is a good introductory product if you want to know what vaping feels and tastes like before buying equipment.

Clearos come from the likes of eLeaf, Innokin, and Kanger. There are lots of Kanger choices like the Unitank, Protank II, and more under “Tanks.” Choose a sub-ohm tank for use with 20W or 30W mods: there are more models available now than ever, including the Arctic by Horizon Tech and Aspire Atlantis.

Healthy Liquid

I mentioned that Ecig Avenue lists not only flavorful but also healthful e liquid, at least according to the people who make it. Cosmic Fog is great juice but without the potentially positive side effects of inhaling vitamins B12, Vitamin C, Echinacea, plus optional nicotine and caffeine. Vitamin Smoke, however, works all of these ingredients into their 20+ flavors of e juice.

Thrive could also be considered a “health juice,” but not because of what they put it in; it’s what they remove that matters. Thrive does not use artificial flavoring, and this leaves only natural additives and fruit styles for their exclusively vegetable glycerin-based line in more than a dozen flavors.

Brave New World

Ecig Avenue’s menu of pieces and products presents an impressive and, at times, brave selection. For example, they did not go the traditional route with e liquid.

Some brands of vitamin juice have traveled the globe such as VaporBoost (not sold here), an American label featuring energizing and relaxing flavors. Considering the big picture, however, gourmet, cloud-chasing, hand-mixed juice is generally regarded as the pinnacle.

Ecig Avenue might be predicting a trend; putting their hat in the ring to gather loyal customers around their vitamin-enhanced products ahead of the competition. If Vitamin Smoke and Thrive catch on, they will be proven right and enjoy success as a trusted distributor.

The rest of their products realistically reflect where vapers are at. They prize affordability and quality. Ego products like the eGo-C and eGo V V2 Mega give them the option to play safe before trying VW mods.

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