E-Cigarette USA

Other companies might have wanted to identify themselves as America’s e cig company, but E-Cigarette USA got there first. They mark products with their eagle motif so you can’t mix them up with anyone else.

Also, patriotic customers can be sure they are dealing with an American company. Goods are still made in China, but that’s just the way it is most of the time. If you want quality and affordability — two things the founders of this company claim to provide — you can’t buy American-made hardware.

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E-Cigarette USA Review: first, their Website

I found this site easy to explore without having to scroll through stuff I did not want in pursuit of items I sought. Choose the model or type of e cig or accessory you want and get right to the product or a list of potential products you need.

That saves time and frustration. Across the top, headings send you in the correct direction. Along the left are sub-headings including specific models and categories. Featured items are posted top-right.

Online/Offline E Cig Shopping and Support

E-Cigarette USA operates online giving customers 24/7 access to products, but there is a real shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, open 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Owners were once smokers with backgrounds in research and business. They are very social: get to know them on Facebook or Twitter or walk in and say hello.

Shipping is free if you spend $50 or more, but there are coupons too so your order might come to less than you expected. A 10% discount code will soon run while there is a special deal: spend $199 or more and receive 20% off.

Super Models

E-Cigarette USA carries house-brand stuff and items by the best Chinese manufacturers. Buy items made by Joye, Innokin, Kanger, et al. They list eGo clearomizers, TGo clearomizers, the IMAX e cig for herbs and dry tobacco, plus more.

A big list of starter kits comes in numerous configurations: several battery sizes and colors; straight Kanger or combo kits; high-powered and low powered devices. Pick up accessories such as extra tanks, coils, and chargers.

Starter Kits at E-Cigarette USA

They have a Kanger EMOW set and an EVOD 1100 kit. Select a KR808D1 (mini cig) or DSE901 (another mini cig) configuration. Joye’s 510 kit looks similar but with different threading. Choose a single eGo II 2200-mAh kit ($34.99) or the iTaste MVP 3.0 listed here for $59.99. The K1000 ePipe costs $39.99. E-Cigarette USA has set prices competitively.

Cheap Disposable E Cigs and E Cigars

Prices for disposables are unbelievably low. Choose a standard tobacco or menthol variety like USA Mix for $5.99. An RY4-flavored disposable, not commonly available, is sold here for the same price. Fruit flavors are even cheaper: $3.99 for cherry, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, peach, or coffee. E Cigars are more expensive but provide more time and more puffs.

E Juice at EC USA

E-Cigarette USA promises e liquids are made to high standards from organic, food-grade ingredients. They do not mention it’s origins as American, Chinese, etc.

I would appreciate a more detailed breakdown of these ingredients and where their liquids are made, but here is what I do know. A 50-ml bottle costs $16.99.

They also sell 30-ml bottles and 10 ml (priced $4.59) in strengths from 24 mg/ml down to 6 mg, and also a zero-nicotine option. The ratio is 80/20 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin. This is an ideal ration for mini-cig cartomizers and CE4s.

Fruits like blackberry, banana, apple, and strawberry-banana fill your mouth with the flavors of summer and exotic locales. Peanut butter is savory and cheesecake is delectable.

Select tobacco such as 555, Red USA, or Virginia. That’s just for starters: the list is considerable, though not 100’s of flavors long. There are no customization options such as adding extra flavor or changing the base ratio, but juice is too affordable for complaints about this stuff.

The Beast Flip

Last but not least, I would like to describe a formidable mechanical mod: the Beast Flip. Priced just $49.99, it combines elements of aggression and beauty as you would see in elaborately engraved armor or weaponry from a medieval country or fantasy realm.

Beast Flip


The Beast Flip is frightening, yet beautiful at the same time. The makers of this mechanical device added 3D engravings using CNC machining, creating the eagle logo of E-Cigarette USA on each one in an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.

To change your battery mode from 18500 to 18650, just twist the unit 3 ½ times and flip it once or twice. The Beast Flip accepts the Kick or Kick 2 if you want to regulate your mod, but without you having to screw on an adapter.

A 24k gold-plated, floating, adjustable brass contact pin offers superior conductivity and accessibility. Add any 510 tank you want, fitting it to sit evenly against this mod made of 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel.

E-Cigarette USA in Summary

Who will shop at E-Cigarette USA? My guess is that their usual customers would consist of the thrifty ones, beginners and mid-level vapers, and patriotic e cig lovers.

For anyone not familiar with the industry, vape stores organize their products in various ways. There are generalists who sell a bit of everything.

Some companies carry just mid-level to advanced products: regulated mods and mechanical mods. A number of firms stick with well-known brands and authentic devices, but several American vendors prefer to stock lower priced but excellent clones of classics.

E-Cigarette USA has stayed away from high-end rebuidable atomizers. Their stock focuses on easy-to-use, affordable models and contains just a few mechanical or regulated devices apart from spinner-style batteries. This is a safe place for new vapers to find their way and also ask for help from experts.