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In some people’s eyes the Cloud Vapes vape pen would be considered a classic-looking device; sleek, simple, clean, and beautiful — the Audrey Hepburn of vaporizers. Although the interior is not high-tech, Cloud Vapes pens are eye catching on the outside.

Their website gives them a glamorous platform as though each of their devices belongs on a catwalk, not the shelves of a vape shop next to the competition. Cloud Vapes does an excellent job of presenting their product using a website that is easy to navigate, though sparse. I could have done with more information about products, especially their Liquid pen line.

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Cloud Vapes Review

A list of Cloud Vapes pens includes the Classic vaporizer, Platinum vaporizer (improved design), and Liquid pens. They also carry accessories such as globe tanks, bubblers, and atomizers.

The two vaporizer pens are oval-shaped; more like cosmetics or perfume tubes than pens, but still discrete. Their e-liquid pens are lithe and lovely. The Phantom is an herbal vaporizer.

Colors and Designs

In both the Classic and Platinum categories, Cloud Vapes spared nothing to come up with a glorious catalogue of colors and finishes including matte, metallic, and jewel-encrusted.

classic cloud pens

They do not use real jewels of course, but a woman would feel spoiled and utterly feminine with such a device in her hands. Keep that in mind when a gift-giving season rolls around.

Prices for Cloud Vapes Products

If you only have a minimal budget, the Classic costs just $59.99, making it the cheaper but also the less advanced of the two vaporizers. With the Platinum, Cloud Vapes showcases a better atomizer and charges $20 extra, but “bling” items are pricier at $99.99.

You can buy the regular batteries for $34.99 and $44.99 respectively. The Phantom for herbs costs $129.99.

A Liquid pen costs $34.99 in chrome, white, black, or black chrome. Tanks are priced $19.99. Their e-liquid pen looks like a cigalike featuring a skinny transparent top.

Every part of the Cloud Vapes system appears to be replaceable: an advantage which suggests they make products to last, or that their clients use pens as accessories.

Generally, one would expect the pen to last for six months, perhaps a year, and for the tank to degrade at least as quickly if not more so. Perhaps buying individual parts is not necessary to keep the unit running or as an economic choice.

The Point of Accessories

I do not think that is why Cloud Vapes carries so many accessories. They offer a variety of tanks and styles, including the water tank, probably so that vapers can choose multiple materials and methods of vaping.

A water bubbler cools vapor before it is inhaled. Not only that, but a vaper will often own a tank for each flavor or aroma he is using so each atomizer is devoted to that specific variety.

The mouthpiece has a window in it, not to keep an eye on the level of your wax but to watch materials turn into vapor.

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The Performance of a Cloud Vapes Vaporizer

The Cloud Vapes Platinum heats up in about 5 seconds — it is almost instant. When fully hot it creates huge clouds of vapor.

Cleaning it regularly is essential to maintain this level of vapor production, a job that does not require much effort. A pen vape doesn’t have many parts to maintain. It gets high ratings from consumers.

Cloud Vapes uses the Tornado atomizer which is among the best heating elements at this level. Pen vapes cannot be effectively compared with bigger portable vaporizers, but as long as you accept them for what they are, it is true that the Tornado atomizer heats efficiently and is sturdy.

Voltage drop is minimal. Editors and consumers often refer to this as the benchmark in vaporizer pens, but that opinion is highly subjective and several other consumers would vote for a different model like the Atmos, Omicron, or G Pen.

In comparison to those models, I would have to say the Platinum is extremely good value for money, although the Atmos RX is an herbal pen so let’s compare apples to apples.

Putting the Cloud Vapes Platinum through its paces next to the G Pen for Essential Oils or the Omicron shows this is a nice little device at a light price; great value and simple to use.

Of course, there is no way to adjust the temperature. Pens don’t feature that kind of technology: where would designers put it?

Package Deal

The Cloud Vapes Platinum pen vaporizer comes with a mouthpiece, tip, atomizer, USB charger, dab tool, and is offered in at least 10 colors. Several vape stores online carry it. They also offer accessories and post consumer reviews so you can view pros and cons.

The Classic is also sold with a similar set of items for cleaning and dabbing: consider this a great starter pen for the brand new vaper in your life. Once you have gained experience, only the Platinum will do.

As for the e-liquid pen of Cloud Vapes, I feel it would be wise to buy vaporizers from them and e-liquid devices from e cig companies. My opinion is based on a gut feeling, not on scientific evidence, but there are numerous reliable brands out there at good prices such as VaporFi, Kanger, and Innokin; all of them proven and widely available.