Smokers approach the prospect of giving up cigarettes as though it’s something they have to do, not a chance they have; a privilege and an opportunity. At least, that is the way every smoker I have ever known has regarded replacing their smoking pastime with anything.

Oh, they know it is for the best, but someone is making them do it: their doctor, friends, family, or the boss. A girlfriend doesn’t like the smell; a guy will not marry his fiancé until she stops smoking tobacco.

Only when someone turns the idea around and views this as a chance to try something similar is it suddenly easier to switch from smoking and try something new, and yet that first drag from an e cig might start with a visit to the pharmacist as though one is purchasing medicine.

Clearette’s logo puts me in mind of a pharmacy which is appropriate when I think of where smokers buy nicotine gum and patches.

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Clearette Review

Okay, I know that e cigs are not smoking cessation devices or medicinal. For one thing, they still contain nicotine which is the chemically addictive component of cigarettes. Secondly, the FDA does not allow e cig companies to market their products as smoking cessation devices.

At the same time, companies such as Clearette are helping individuals find an alternative that is considered as better in some ways (less smell, cost savings), and yet those individuals have to admit they are still addicts in a sense.

They are just saving money (in most cases) and smell better, but isn’t that a good thing? So when I see that logo for Clearette, I think of the potential for healthful elements of e cigs which, I’m sure, is what Clearette had in mind when they picked it.

(It must also be noted that there is much research going on, and e-cigs are under the microscope, and so far as the impacts on health, and whether they are in fact better than smoking tobacco is something being extensively researched, and heavily debated, and so do your own research into this. There are many claims and some studies emerging on both sides of this topic, though nothing can be factually stated so far as long term effects, good or bad.)

Products for New Vapers

Visit Clearette when you first consider quitting smoking or are interested in introducing someone else to e cigs. Their stock includes some interesting bulk variety products, a bit like goodie bags but for adults. They carry e liquid, disposable devices, rechargeable products, and more. Clearette got their start in 2011 and operates from Minooka, Illinois, close to Chicago. Take advantage of their newsletter offer: subscribe and save 10% on your first order.

Starter Sets at Clearette

A $14.99 kit with one battery and 2 cartomizers gives consumers three or four hours of vaping experience. The kit comes with a USB charger in case refills outlast the battery. This price is great but choices are few: 1.8%, 2.4%; tobacco, or menthol.

clearette starter sets

Their rechargeable e liquid kits contain EVOD style batteries, one or two, plus a Clearette Protank 3 or MT3 (better known as Kanger models). These sets cost from $24.99 and up starting with the Mini Protank bundle.

A double-battery set with a case, empty bottle and chargers starts at just $39.99. These prices are very good. New vapers might even start here.

With a little practice filling clearomizers and remembering to press the button to activate the atomizer, these are simple to use and cost effective down the road. EVOD batteries and clearos filled with e liquid certainly provide better value than mini cigs.

Variety Bundles

These aroused my interest as there has never been anything like them anywhere else. They instantly put me in mind of Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and birthday parties when candy companies create bags of assorted chocolates in relevant shapes or mothers put bags of various prizes and sweets together for guests at a child’s party. Adults who smoke will like this kind of goodie bag better.

Clearette’s bundles are known as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond bundles. The “Gold” contains 24 disposables, 2.4% in menthol or tobacco. There are 5 e cigars, 1.8%; 25 e hookahs, a package of cigalikes (3.2%), 18 bottles of e juice, a Protank Mini double vape kit, and extra coils.

Choose flavors and strengths and pay a value price if you make a bulk purchase. These and the other bundles provide an excellent way to purchase gifts for lots of people, paying less in the long run.

Disposable E Cigs and E Hookahs

Again, tobacco and menthol are the only two e cig choices, but e hookahs come in several flavors, soft-tipped or regular, boxed or packaged in foil. There are grape, green apple, strawberry, and other fruit varieties. Pay $7.99.

The USA Blend e hookah costs $10.99 or $8.99 and contains a microchip to regulate the battery and ensure consistent puffing. Try to resist Black Cherry Pie, Banana Split, or Lemon Drop. You will find that resistance is futile.

Recharge Refills

If you bought a starter kit, the time will soon come when refill cartomizers are needed. The price is terrible: $14.95 for 5. I’ve seen worse, but you can easily locate a compatible set for $12 or less.

Dry Herbs and Wax Pens

The Dry Herb pen looks like an Atmos inspiration but costs $29.99 and comes with the promise that herbs will not burn.

g5 vaporizer

I find that hard to believe. Combustion is a problem with herb pens. This one also works with wax, comes in black, red, or blue, and features an LCD screen. Clearette packages it with cleaning tools, screens, and chargers.

E Liquid

Clearette’s crowning glory could very well be their e juice. It is made in a clean room/lab in Ronkonkona, New York, to high standards from high-quality ingredients. Although liquid is made in the USA, ingredients come from around the world, but bases and nicotine are USP-grade. They use purified water, natural and artificial flavorings, and provide numerous tasty flavors.