Clean Smoke

Florida’s e cig city, Miami, is home to many companies selling vaping products. Vaporfi, South Beach Smoke, and several others operate stores here and all over the state.

On the west coast, Los Angeles and outlying cities are vape magnets with their gourmet juice and countless vape shops. On the east coast, Florida is where it all happens.

Clean Smoke is not a household name yet, got its start in 2012: almost 3 years ago, about the same time as Vaporfi launched onto the scene. This article will review the company and maybe give us some idea of why they are not as well known as other firms from Florida.

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Not Just E Cigs

A clue to their relative anonymity is in products listed here. Their catalogue is a mixture of stuff: vaporizers, disposable e cigs, and eGos.

A lot of it is not really “Clean Smoke” gear. The Pax clone listed on page one, for instance, is an SMY product for about half the price of a Pax by Ploom. The Pax is well known as one of the best portable, rechargeable herbal vaporizers available today.

A Rogue for $59.99 is a liquid or wax vaporizer while the Digitoke works with dry herbs. The latter one resembles the shell of a utility razor with its graduated slots for letting the razor out bit by bit.

You can set it to between 200 and 428 degrees to gently vaporize or turn up the heat. An LCD screen shows what is going on.

Lots of Disposable Products

Blackbird Disposable E Cigs are featured in 3 sizes: 250, 700, or 1,200 puffs. I thought those were battery ratings at first and they probably come close since milliamp hours and puffs are closely related.

Clean Smoke Blackbird Disposables

The lowest, sold in menthol or tobacco flavors, costs $5.99. Next is the 700 for $9.99 flavored peach, strawberry, tobacco, menthol, or cherry (plus loads more flavors). A 1200 Disposable costs $12.99 and provides mango, citrus, fruit punch, or blueberry-like e liquid. All of these provide 12 mg of nicotine per/ml.

Another disposable, Allor, comes in Classic Tobacco or Menthol with a 500-puff capacity and 14 mg nicotine. Other than these, Clean Smoke turns its back on the cigalike format, eschewing rechargeable devices of this size. Florida vapers are too serious for the likes of those.

The Clean Smoke Premium Kit

When you finally see a brand-name item, it is featured on this set for $64.99. I did a double-take, thinking at first these were cigalikes, but they are eGos which explained the price.

Clean Smoke premium kit

Each kit contains a soft case, 1300-mAh Spinner battery, USB charger, and a Kanger Aerotank. With those items on board, it is not so badly priced. Customers can still do a little better, but I am talking about the difference of a few dollars. Choose black, blue, neon green, or purple.

Their standard kit for $49.99 comes with one 650-mAh battery, a charging kit, a Tox clearomizer, and 2 replacement coils. The 2-battery kit costs $69.99. Both are reasonable items if you were shopping with Clean Smoke anyway.

More from Clean Smoke

Florida’s Clean Smoke also carries accessories and devices by famous brands like Innokin and Kanger. Choose the Kanger Protank Mini III, Aerotank (as featured above in the Premium Kit), and other items. Find the Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 here for $59.99.

This earlier version of the newly upgraded portable charging bank and 20W mod is sold for $59.99 without a clearomizer. Although this price was up-to-date a few months ago, most companies are now listing the iTaste MVP 2.0 for $50 or so, sometimes even with an iClear 16, just to make room for V3.0.

Variable Volt eGo batteries and regular 650-mAh or 900-mAh batteries are chosen to fit with ViVi Nova 3.5 tanks and various clearomizers. Replacement heads and dual coil heads are listed here; replacements for the ones found in the rebuildable clearos and tanks they sell. I wonder where globes for concentrates are since Clean Smoke is a generalist.

Clean Smoke E Liquid

US-made e juice at Clean Smoke contains the finest-quality, USP ingredients. Flavors like Pineapple, Cinnabun, Almond Delight, and Strawberry Cheesecake are sure to delight audiences with their price tag of $4.99 for 10 ml.

The nicotine range is short: 0, 9, 18, or 26 mg/ml. Each flavor combines 75% propylene glycol with 20% vegetable glycerin, leaving 5% for water, nicotine, and flavoring.

Bit of Everything, Bit of Nothing

Clean Smoke is not clear about its identity. If theirs was an all-purpose shop, their selection would be larger and feature more for the herbal or essential oil user.

If they were dedicated to selling their own brand of goods, there would be more of them. Why choose Clean Smoke, then, instead of VaporFi? Their selection of e cig devices is wider and they’ve got an herbal vaporizer too.

Clean Smoke asks and answers that question on the site. They are dedicated to customer service with 24/7 customer support and free domestic shipping on orders of over $39. That is nothing new.

Some firms have won awards for their customer service. I feel as though customers would need more information to bring them to Clean Smoke instead of another online vapor-equipment supplier.