Central Vapors

Central Vapors refers to their e-store as “your one stop for everything vapor.” Let’s test that statement in the following Central Vapors review.

Look at what they have to offer and ask yourself if it is everything you would need as a vapor. There is probably no single store that can really make that claim, but some come closer than others. What does Central Vapors have in store for you?

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Everything E Juice

When they said you can shop here for “everything vapor,” Central Vapors initially meant “vapor juice.” They got their start as a team of people making e liquid for personal use.

This pastime blossomed into a business; the business of providing USA-made e juice. They believe in customer service and aim to keep expanding their menu to satisfy their audience of e cig users. Central Vapors is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and operates from Dallas, Texas.

Not Everything Hardware

While selection is great, this is not a stop for DIY mod builders or individuals who repair their own devices. It’s great for finding replacement for atomizer heads and new batteries for VW mods though.

About Central Vapors E Juice

Juice flavors at Central Vapors are formed from a 50/50 ratio of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin by default unless customers ask for a different ratio. They use only ingredients deemed “safe” by the FDA except nicotine which is not considered safe. Nicotine is an addictive stimulant, optional in e liquids, and desired by the many thousands of vapers in their vape devices juices.

Nicotine levels, however, vary to a degree which you will not find in traditional cigarettes. You can opt for 0 to 24 mg by 6-mg increments (mg per ml). Central Vapors looks forward to receiving flavor suggestions from customers with no guarantee these will be adopted, but it’s worth a shot.

They also sell DIY ingredients. They got their start going the DIY route after all. It’s not going to hurt Central Vapors if customers try to make e liquid at home.

Some of those individuals will make products that compete with theirs in the long run, but a lot of people will discover there is plenty of work involved in making e juice not to mention expense and upcoming regulations from the FDA. Even customers who persevere with homemade juice will keep coming back for supplies if nothing else.

Best eJuice Liquid

Standard Subheadings

Use the usual juice headings to narrow your search for e liquid. Pick out a cinnamon style or a fruit “juice.” Find a tobacco e liquid (it won’t contain actual tobacco leaves) or a menthol variety.

The list is extremely long, so you are best to filter to some extent. Consider buying a sampler pack if you’re having trouble honing the list to just one or two flavors.

With Each Product

Every product listed shows how many stars it has received from customers and you can read what they had to say. The price for a 10-ml bottle (whether or not it’s on sale) and an image to reinforce the product’s title are also shown.

A new one is “The Mailman,” a marriage of semi-sweet mixed fruit on sale now costing $3.79 for 10 ml. Choose to rearrange the base to a higher level of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and select Normal or Extra flavor.

The usual price for 10 ml is $5.99. Liquids are made from certified Kosher, USP PG and VG. The only tobacco product is nicotine which comes from tobacco grown and harvested by hand in the United States.

More Products

Going alphabetically through the entire list, I found at least four ways to vape banana: alone, as Bananas Foster, in Banana Nut Bread, and as Banana Pudding. There are caramel coffee drinks, Caramel Apple, Caramel Cheesecake, and straight-up Caramel Candy. A Salted Caramel variety turns up later in the menu.

Central Vapors makes multiple styles of cheesecake e juice. This gives just a hint of the variety you will find, including products which will inspire you to blend two or three bottles into one.

Strawberry stands alone, with banana, mint, tropical fruit, and cream in various styles of juice. Tiger’s Blood contains strawberry with coconut. Melons, blackberries, apples, dragon fruit, Twinkies, and a host of other flavors have become the core of a product or make up part of a combination. Most of the styles here are found elsewhere; Central Vapors doesn’t reinvent e juice. These tastes are what customers demand.

Privileged Premium Vapor LiquidPrivileged Premium E Juice

There are three hand-crafted liquids (Honor, Prestige, and Fortune) sold in 15-ml glass bottles, $11.99 each. Honor tastes like fruity cream. Fortune favors pear and coconut with cream. Prestige is a candied version of Honor. They should be called “Premium Cream E Juices.”

E Cig Hardware

Discover every level of vaping equipment at Central Vapors except 280-mAh cigalikes. Start with eGos, like an eGo-T battery or Vision Spinner combined with a CE4 or CE5 clearomizer.

Vamo and Smok products are also listed along with Kanger Protanks and ViVi Nova tanks. When Central Vapors profiles a mod or RBA/RDA, it appears to be the clone of a high-priced elite model or they carry affordable, factory machined devices by Smok and others.


Central Vapor’s prices are excellent. Although they cannot claim to carry the cheapest liquids (Mount Baker Vapor and Vista Vapors are competing for that spot), all of their products including e liquid are reasonably priced and made to the kinds of standards customers want to see.

Central Vapors belongs to the SFATA and is a member of the Electronic Cigarette Forum. Google lists theirs as a trusted online store.

They reward customers with points for loyalty (3 points equals 30 cents to spend in the shop). Whether you live in Dallas, Texas, or Seattle, Washington, this is a great place to do business with.

Shop Online: http://www.centralvapors.com