Considering that they started designing e cigs back in 2008, when America was getting its first whiff of e cig vapor, it’s no wonder the company thought they might coin a popular phrase. These ex-smokers from New Jersey refer to “Bloog” on their website as though it’s a verb.

Little did the makers of Bloog know 7 years ago that “vaping” would not only catch on as the word to describing puffing on an e cig, but that the e cig industry would become so significant.

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Bloog Overview

Bloog products are threaded to be either 808- or 510-compatible. Their range consists of:

• 808 mini cigs
• 808 eGo cigs
• 510-threaded 900-mAh and 650-mAh cigs
• E liquid
• Cartomizers
• Clearomizers

E liquids are both US-made and imported, with no obvious I.D. on the imported stuff. Numerous accessories are available to bulk up simple starter sets.

Bloog Mobile Kit808 Starter Kits

The familiar starter kit formula did not begin here.

Bloog’s answer to the chaos is a streamlined offering of 3 kits: Express, Basic, and Deluxe with prices rising by $10 each time. The first one is a 1-battery, 5-carto kit. The second adds an AC adapter to the USB charger in an Express kit, plus a velvet carry case.

Deluxe Kits cost $49.99 and come with two 78-mm batteries plus 2 velvet pouches. There are color choices to be made plus a selection of 17 cartomizer flavors and 5 strengths, plus the 0-nicotine option. Your first and best stop should be the Deluxe Kit, priced around the same as comparable packages.

808 Intermediate/Advanced Kits

Although separated as sub-headings, there is no difference between intermediate and advanced Bloogs. Take a look at 3 kits: the Deluxe Viquid, Viquid Ultimate, and a 650 Kit. Kit #1 features two mini batteries (78 mm) and two 1-ml clearomizers plus a bottle of Viquid and a charging kit.

Deluxe Viquid Kit


Deluxe Viquid Kit

The second kit contains one each of 78-mm and 650-mAh batteries along with appropriate clearomizers (1 ml and 1.6 ml) plus liquid and chargers, including a car charger. The 650 kit comes with two 1.6-ml clearomizers and the regular charging kit as well as liquid. A 78-mm battery should last around 3 to 4 hours. The 650-mAh battery probably provides double that.

510 Vesta

This 900-mAh device works with a covered clearomizer, like the EVOD. Its counterpart is the H2 rated for 650 mAh and fitted with a 1.5-ml cloudy gray clearomizer with a removable atomizer head. Since they are 510-threaded, consumers cannot attach them to 808 eGos.

Bloog e liquidsBloog Bottled E Liquid and Cartomizers

A 10-ml bottle in any style costs $6.95 so this is not the cheapest juice you can buy.

Nor is $12.75 for 30 ml a bad deal: in fact, that price is less than VaporFi ($14.99 for 30 ml) where the price is also pretty low.

The USA-made juice selection by Bloog is very short by comparison with VaporFi’s thousands: Cranberry Harvest, Black Cherry, Clove, or Pumpkin Pie. Opt for 6, 12, or 24 mg of nicotine.

Large bottles of imported liquid are available with up to 36 mg of nicotine, can be purchased without nicotine, and come in 6 flavors. Choose Mint2 (double mint), Mingo (chocolate banana), or Sweet Lew (cherry cigar).

Viquid is Bloog’s secret weapon; their supposed claim to fame. Bloog reports that theirs was the first Pharmaceutical E Liquid by which they seem to mean it was the first to be made to pharmaceutical standards.

Back in the early days this was probably news. Their 3 flavors, all made in the United States, are created and bottled in an FDA-approved lab using USP ingredients. Their testing process is cGMP compliant.

Flavors are All American (traditional tobacco), Glacies (Menthol), and Pomona (sweet and tart). I though pharmaceutical e liquids would contain energizing ingredients, sleep aids, or appetite suppressants judging by the use of “pharmaceutical.” Bloog could end the confusion by referring to their mixing facility as pharmacy-grade or FDA-approved instead since health-juices are growing in popularity.

Cartomizers filled with e liquid cost $10.99 for 5, so either Bloog was among the first to pick a low price for this product or this price has been reduced over time. It’s not uncommon to browse another brand’s catalogue and see 5-packs selling for $14.99. Select from 17 flavors including Havana, Chocolate, Coffee, and Apple. Blanks are also available.

Extras for E Cigs

Disposable Bloogs (Vanilla, Menthol, 2 types of Tobacco, Coffee, and Berry) sell for $9.99 each. Select a regular or sliding PCC. The Trifecta battery is a 3-in-1 marvel: use it as an automatic, manual, or pass-through cell. There are several pass-through batteries available, but the only dual-mode competitor I can think of is made by Vapor4Life.

Summary of Bloog

Although the world isn’t “blooging” or sucking on a “bloog” the way this team from New Jersey imagined people might, the name has stuck. Its unique ring makes the Bloog unforgettable, while their pricing and selection enables Bloog to compete in a busy field. There isn’t anything special about their battery compared to others except that they skip the 65-mm selection and go straight for a high-drain mini cig.

Bloog’s Viquid e juice might have been special at one time, but now it’s limited and expensive. Lots of e liquids are made in the US. There are multiple FDA-approved labs devoted to blending e juice domestically.

Their flavor range doesn’t justify setting just three styles apart and giving them their own title. Now, if Bloog were to enlarge on their Viquid selection, the name might stick and even get more air time.

I would appreciate transparency when it comes to their imported e liquid. I’m assuming it comes from China, but there are other options. When I earn points by referring a friend, he’s going to want to know where that liquid is made and what ingredients go into it.

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