Bedford Slims

Maybe you know the name. Perhaps you recognize their “mustache” logo. Either way, Bedford Slims is probably familiar to you as a gentleman’s electronic cigarette.

Their brand is like the masculine foil to Vapor Couture for women: slender, but as effective as any e cig at producing tar-free, ash-free smoking-like enjoyment. Bedford Slims comes from Brooklyn and employs local artists for some of their design work: Aimee Wilder and Joshua Williams. You will see their work on a couple of batteries.

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Bedford Slims Review

Great art can’t hide bad electronics or make something good work better. The Bedford Slims line is a good product and wears a robe of sophistication at the same time.

You really will appear refined holding a Black Plaid battery with an LED tip, black cartomizer, puffing out the enjoyable smell of roasted coffee without creating a mess or a stink.

Products at Bedford Slims

The catalogue features e liquid, cartomizers, rechargeable singles, starter bundles, and replacement batteries. For reference, their e cigs are known as “vapourettes” and cartomizers contain 1.2 ml of e liquid (about 20% more than usual).

Batteries are rated 280 mAh: full of possibility but providing only 3 hours-worth of vaping according to Bedford Slims. I will say this: to suggest your battery will last only 3 hours at that rating makes this company one of the most honest I have come across. Many other firms would have promised half a day of vaping on less.

Mini Kits

When they say “mini,” what Bedford Slims means is you get a single rechargeable product without a USB charger, so their use of the word “kit” is a loose interpretation of what we would call a “bundle.”

Bedford Slims Vapourette mini kit


Flavors are Roasted Coffee, Tobacco, and Menthol and colors include Gunmetal or Stainless Steel. The price is $12: a little high for a “kit” since you do not receive a charger or a free coffee refill. You can buy 10 of them in a lovely box for $105. At least this isn’t much more than the price of a disposable you can only use once.

Starter Systems

These are actual “kits” or “bundles”: better value than buying single pieces one at a time. The first product is a $36, 1-battery set with 5 cartomizers and a charging system.

Bedford Slims Kit

Colors (besides the ones noted above) are Gold and Black Plaid. Bedford Slims adds a third flavor choice: Clove. Their second system for $45 contains a second battery and a soft carrying case, so paying an additional $9 makes good financial sense.

Those batteries and cartomizer have a knack for rolling around and getting lost without having somewhere to put them, and the case is very elegant. It put me in mind of a shaving kit.

Replace Cartomizers

Packs of 4 or 5 are advertised: $10 for 4, $13 for 5, but the second group comes with 4 extra flavors made in small batches. These are Root (Beer), Turkish Cut Tobacco, Southern Tobacco (buttery, honeyed), and Hi-Menthol.

Their Roasted Coffee flavor is infused with real caffeine, Gum Arabica beans, and Ginko Biloba. Regular tobacco is mild Kentucky-style: not sweet, yet with a hint of vanilla.

Choose 0, 12, or 24 mg of nicotine: no slow weaning here. Blanks are priced $10 for 5 or you can buy clearomizers, a new addition at Bedford Slims. Refill this with e liquid from Bedford Slims, but it’ll cost you dearly.

Expensive E Liquid

I’m sure this is great e liquid; tasty, well made, and so on, but $12 is steep for a 10-ml bottle. That’s $1.20 per/ml and more than gourmet companies charge. All of the 8 flavors are listed here but that’s a pretty short menu.

Even though the second four are made in small batches, so are numerous cheaper brands. That doesn’t justify the high price. Their use of naturally-derived ingredients in the small-batch set is a bit more impressive, but not to this expensive tune.

Overall Thoughts

Their home page made me laugh. Bedford Slims listed a new product: Cat Seduction, perhaps for April Fool’s Day. It is supposedly made from cats in heat, 100%. Ha-ha: great attention grabber.

cat seduction

Just in case this turned out to be spearmint (a relative of catnip) or tuna, I browsed for it and there wasn’t a real product called “Cat Seduction,” but the packaging art they depicted was adorable.

Bedford Slims puts on an attractive show in general. Their site is pleasingly refined without being pretentious and some of their ideas breathe new life into the stale e cig format if you are visiting their site for the first time.

I like the masculine yet slim e cig, plaid or gold batteries, all black clearomizers, and small starter kit selection. Although their collection of products is fairly substantial for a mini cig company, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot. I feel bombarded when I visit some web pages, but not at Bedford Slims.

Their bigger batteries and cartomizers please me a great deal. Batteries are cheap too: $10 each. Cartomizers, while bigger, are no better or cheaper.

Flavor selection is very short but not dire: Root Beer and Coffee are great choices, especially their version of a cup of Jo with the essential ingredient: caffeine.

I would love to identify the font used in their title: it’s an older type, only slightly stylized. Maybe one day I’ll take the time. But whatever the font they chose, it emphasizes an elevated tone even though the site isn’t snobbish in the least.