Atlantic Cigs

Magic Mist E Cigs has a competitor in Atlantic Cigs. I compare these two companies because they both offer their own, branded products, but also list items according to their compatibility with other brands.

Atlantic’s Master Comparison Chart shows exactly which of their Portal Mini Tanks work with which major brands of e cigs. At the same time, you can see which brands are compatible with each other. Magic Mist does the same thing but categorizes products under headings named for major European cities.

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Master List

The Atlantic E Cigs lists Blue, Black, Green, and Titanium Portal tanks along the top. The Black one works with NJoy Express, Safecig Original, Logic, and Smoke Free e cigs. The Blue line corresponds with Blu Original and Premium, Fin, Safecig Micro, and Volcano models.

The Green series can be fitted to Green Smoke, Eversmoke, South Beach Smoke, and VaporFi e cigs. Finally, Titanium Portal tanks fit onto Halo, V2 Cigs, Apollo, White Cloud, Eonsmoke, SmokeTip, and Bull Smoke e cigs.

What this means for vapers is that they have more choices between tanks and batteries. If a brand makes shoddy tanks but you like their batteries, you can switch over to Atlantic Portal tanks. If the tanks from V2 Cigs or Halo are great and you like them but you dislike their batteries, for example, Atlantic sells alternatives.

Since Green Smoke, White Cloud, and some others do not sell clearomizers or e liquid, you have the option to attach Atlantic Portals to Green Smoke and White Cloud batteries, giving you an opportunity to use e liquid for the first time.

E Cigs Kits

There are three sorts here: the Wave, Mega, and Ocean. Wave kits are standard one-battery, 2 cartomizer sets costing $21.99. You receive an Azores Classic Tobacco and an Iceland Menthol refill, each one 18 mg, plus a USB charger.

The price is okay, not as good as a Volt kit and many others offering the same thing, but cheaper than some. Also, I get the feeling their e liquid is carefully crafted. The names at least suggest as much.

The next kit, a wave, costs $59.99. It comes with 2 batteries, 1 Black Mini Portal, e liquid, and 5 refills. Their final selection is a Mega Kit: $139.99 for 4 batteries, 4 USB chargers, 26 refills in 3 packages, an AC adapter, and a car charger.

Atlantic Cigs Mega Kit package

I found this one perplexing for 2 reasons. One is that packages contain 8 refills each: I guess there must be 2 bonus cartos thrown in. Second was that I don’t see the purpose or value of owning 4 USB chargers. One extra might be handy for work or a friend’s place.

A further kit is the Portal-Clearomizer bundle in each of 4 colors. For $44.99, you receive 3 tanks, each measuring 1 ml, three 10-ml bottles of e liquid, and a carry case. Batteries are sold separately and measure just 190 mAh.

Refill Cartomizers by Atlantic E Cigs

Instead of 5 cartos per package, there are 8 which is an unusual number. It explains the cost of $19.99 per pack. Choose one of 5 flavors: the two above, Bermuda Sweet, Caribbean Café, or Gibraltar Traditional in 18 mg or 24 mg of nicotine. Save money by ordering big bundles of cartomizers.

E Liquid

Another way to enjoy a variety of flavors is to order e liquid which you can use to fill your Portal. Order 3 bottles and get a 4th one free or receive 14 for the price of 10. Each 10-ml bottle costs $8.99, but by taking advantage of the 14-for-10 deal, this works out to $6.43 per bottle.

There are more nicotine choices: 0, 6, 11, 18, or 24 mg. Select Riviera Margarita, San Juan Colada, Bordeaux Bubbly, or Kingston Rum. Each product is accompanied by some trivia regarding the geographical area named in the flavor’s title, providing a bit of knowledge and entertainment while you shop.

Mods at Atlantic E Cigs

The Nautilus is a chrome or black automatic mod, 650 mAh, sold as a kit for $59.99. This includes two 2.4-ml BC tanks, 2 batteries, 2 USB chargers, a case, and 10 ml of liquid. Batteries are charged via a micro-port suggesting they might be pass-through-compatible.

Atlantic E Cigs Review

The logo for Atlantic E Cigs looks like one of the badges from a Star Trek spin off: a highly stylized, futuristic “A.” It’s very cool against clean, white cells which, with their blue accents, are extremely attractive. Standard batteries, however, are behind the times at 190 mAh, while a lot of companies have upgraded to 240 mAh or more.

Mega kits perplex me because, although the 4-battery part makes sense, I can’t see buying 4 USB chargers. A better idea would be to change two of those to a strip charger, sold separately among accessories.

I couldn’t find e liquid information, which was a shame: it all looked very good and many flavors are original. Glasgow Black Tea, bold and strong, caught my eye. The nautical theme interested me too.

Shipping is free and there seems to be no proviso that customers spend a minimum amount of money to qualify. Their automatic 650-mAh batteries are excellent for new vapers and those who are only inhibited from trying eGos by the action of pressing a switch.

Atlantic E Cigs is located in King of Pruss, PA, where a team of “ambitious” technological and academic experts hope to provide a higher quality alternative to some of the other products which, though excellent, Atlantic E Cigs believes are inferior to their brand.

They talked to ex-smokers, smokers, vapers, and people who no longer fit into any of these categories in the hope of creating the best brand money can buy without charging more for the privilege.