Apollo ECigs

Recently I went browsing to see which brands consumers and pundits consider as the top names in electronic cigarettes. Brands like Atlantic, Halo, and Green Smoke made the list, as did this long-standing figure in the vaping world: Apollo.

Their catalogue has undergone some changes in recent years so they can keep up with trends and client expectations. They will certainly meet yours if you want the best battery styles and a lot of choice. Whether you like eGo, EVOD, or mini cig products, Apollo sells great gear.

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Organizing Apollo Kits

Apollo’s organization, however, lacks a rational touch which would make shopping for precisely the right kit easier. They used to sell just 4 kits and presented them by how heavily you smoked and your vaping experience.

With double the number of kits, they let go of this classification method and just list stuff willy-nilly, which is ironic: they need to get their stuff organized more than ever. Instead of looking up items according to a budget or experience level, you just have to scroll through and hope for the best.

At least they separate starter kits from the rest of their product lineup. Also, they sometimes recommend that a heavy or moderate smoker choose a particular bundle.

Apollo starter kitsTypes of Starter Kits

Select an eGo, EVOD, variable voltage, or cigalike setup. EVOD batteries are known here as Luminous batteries, but they operate in exactly the same way as Kanger’s famous cell.

The battery sits flush with its shell. A spring-loaded contact adjusts to various types of atomizers and also prevents damage from over-tightening. A built-in microchip protects against damage from low battery charge, shorted circuit, or overcharging by leaving the battery to replenish itself overnight.

These problems once caused batteries to implode and even catch fire. IT departments moved quickly to solve the problem and Apollo’s cells are as safe as they come.

The Superior battery is an eGo style. Equate this to a JoyeTech eGo and comparable threading style. Apollo’s advanced personal vaporizer is the VTube with adjustable wattage and voltage.

Shaped like an original eVic with the rounded top, the VTube is a tube mod. At the opposite end of the spectrum, an Extreme starter kit will get the first-timer on track to vape comfortably and safely with something known as a cigalike.

Pricing for Kits

The Extreme package costs $49.95 which is a fairly good price considering it comes with a car charger plus the usual 5 cartomizers, 2 batteries, and a USB/Wall charging set. Apollo stopped offering numerous carto flavors, but their juice selection is good.

I appreciate Apollo’s decision not to carry multiple versions of the same thing. When a vaper is becoming accustomed to vaporizers, all he needs is exactly what he finds here.

The Oracle Kit costs $26.99 with a Luminous 900-mAh battery, CE4, USB charger, and 10 ml of tobacco, menthol, or watermelon e liquid (12 mg). Buy the Oracle-X which is the same but with a Superior battery and priced $19.99. Both come in blister packs.

The Superior Kit for $49.95 is the equivalent of an Extreme package but with two full eGos and e juice instead of cartomizers. Apollo’s Endeavor bundle contains two Luminous batteries, 2 Dual Coil Clearomizers, a set of chargers, and two 10-ml bottles of liquid for $10 more.

Try the Valiant package, priced $49.95, if you want a variable voltage setup and 1300-mAh batteries. A screen shows your charge level. The Valiant kit also contains a ProTank 2, 10 ml of liquid, and a power chart to help you select volts for your desired resistance.

Sub-ohm vaping is not recommended at 15W. It was designed for vapers who have already become accustomed to vaping either using a mini cig or an EVOD/eGo style device.

The VTube (a Vamo-type device) comes as a kit or you can just purchase the body for $79.95. With an 18650 battery, Trustfire charger, Protank 2, and a carry case, this is $119.95.

The VTube operates at 3 to 6 volts and 1 to 20 watts. The spring-loaded pin will accept either eGo or 510 atomizers. It’s a lockable unit with three buttons: a manual firing button and plus/minus buttons to adjust power.

Beneath each of these products is a series of recommended or related Apollo items. These might be drip tips, cases, lanyards, alternative starter kits, or anything associated with what you are looking at.

E Liquids at Apollo

All of Apollo’s juices are made, packaged, and distributed from a lab in Northern California where juice making is supervised by a chemist.

Over 30 flavors concocted from US-sourced ingredients provide ample opportunity to stick with old-fashioned tobacco, branch out and try sweet vapor flavors, or mix e liquids at home to create a richer experience.

Your e liquid will contain up to 2.4% nicotine, and zero-nicotine is an option as well. Each 10-ml bottle costs $6.95. Read the entire list or look up flavors under sections for seasonal offerings, tobacco, menthol, fruit, and desserts. Menthol Breeze, French Vanilla, Clove, and RY4 are a few examples.


Apollo Shopping

This purveyor of “fine electronic vaping” as they call themselves hails from Livermore, California. Right now, most customers buy their goods online although some independent companies carry their gear.

Customers can also watch out for a new retail store which is about to open in Livermore. Until then, shipping is free when you place an order for $30 worth of goods or more.

Apollo offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on products, a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, rewards for customer loyalty, and the chance to become an affiliate marketer for them. Their products are designed in-house by a dedicated R&D team and, although items are manufactured in China, they exert quality control at all times.

More important than all of the details covered in this review is the trustworthy reputation Apollo has built up. Customers have come to appreciate their attention to quality and customer service since Apollo first started giving other early e cig companies a run for their money.