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If seven is considered a lucky number, what does that make triple sevens? That has to be an even luckier number, especially for smokers.

Burbank’s 777 Ecigs hosts a load of different products to suit brand new vapers, consumers growing confident with e cigs, more advanced vapers, and really advanced e cig users. Most of their products are 777-brand items, but they also feature some devices by Innokin and others.

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A 777 Ecigs Review

I am going to skip over the basic 808 series except to say that this section sets the tone for what comes later: a series of starter kits beginning with one battery and moving on from there. Each page follows a similar format.

In recent months, 777 reorganized their website. It is cleaner now so that instead of being hit between the eyes with loads of options, you go to “Starter Kits” and choose a type.

Sub-headings are 808, Bullet, Magnum, APV, Ladies, and E Hookah. The first page you reach leads to these, requiring that you choose a direction before moving forward.

Bullet E Cigs

Essentially, these are the same as 808 e cigs — low power devices — but kits are fitted with 1.3-ml clearomizers and the battery will hold a charge for up to 320 mAh.

777 bullet kit

A single-battery kit for $29.95 is insufficient, then, since that is no better than a 1-battery 808 kit. Choose 2-battery sets like the Standard for $49.95 or the Deluxe priced $20 more.

That is probably your best value because it contains the charging set plus a car charger, 4 clearomizers, a carry case, and e liquid. You need the juice, obviously, to move forward although it doesn’t have to come from 777: Smokeless Image, NicQuid, V2, Halo, and others would also work in these standard clearomizers.

All of these brands are made with enough propylene glycol to suit the coils they use while high-vegetable glycerin juices would be too thick and the voltage isn’t high enough to make good use of them anyway.

The Magnum

There are three sorts of “Magnum” e cigs: compact, digital, and VV.

Triple Seven Magnum Kits

The first has no screen: just a firing button. The second one has a screen but it only shows you how many puffs you took since switching on the battery once more and also displays the battery charge remaining.

A VV Magnum can be set to 9 different levels between 3.2 volts and 4.8 volts. These are 650-mAh batteries; eGos in other words.

They come with clearomizers, of course, and cost as little as $47.95 for a digital set with a single battery, 1.5-ml tank, wall charger, 5 replacement coils, and a choice of black or stainless battery. Several kits provide exceptional choice of accessories and prices.

For the Ladies

Swarovski Crystals bedeck these lovely mini cigs in white or champagne which look more powerful than they are, especially when light reflects off of them.

Swarovski batteries

Create a stir by pulling one of these out of your purse at a party. Individual bejeweled batteries are also sold individually in a variety of sizes. Triple Seven has also made starter kits from these pretty cells.

E Liquid and Cartomizers

Paying just $7.95 for a 15-ml bottle of e juice is a wonderful prospect; that’s one of the best prices around.

In addition to this excellent price, 777 e liquid bottles are made of glass, so the value is doubly good. Glass is neutral and won’t affect the flavor of your juice while it sits around. That’s especially important when your e liquid is not made to order.

Choose 0, 6, 12, or 18 mg per/ml except some flavors which come in 24 mg strength like menthol and tobacco. Other flavors include cherry, chocolate, watermelon, Italian Crème, and Tropical Breeze.

Cartomizers feature some of these flavors. They cost $8.95 for 5 and $7.95 for 5 blanks which you can refill with 777 e liquid or any of the brands mentioned above plus many others.

The 16-cartridge flavor sampler is just $15.95: about $1 each. Another way to sample flavors is to buy disposables costing $7.95 each. Triple Seven E Cig sells them in various flavors like Apple Martini, Menthol, and Berrylicious.

Accessories for your 777 Ecigs

The selection is pretty good here and is organized by e cig model. You do not have to wade through Bullet accessories to reach the ones for Magnum e cigs.

My one complaint is that batteries for 808 e cigs, 250 mAh and 350 mAh, cost about $20 each which is way too much. A picture shows how much larger they are than real cigs. The difference is noticeable: a few millimeters, but not excessive.

Advanced Vaping Devices

An M1 by Triple Seven resembles the original eVic by JoyeTech with its size, rounded shape, and control head with an OLED screen. It is priced about the same too. Triple Seven sells some Innokin items and other products for advanced users.

More from 777

I didn’t even get into the e cigars, gift certificates, rewards, affiliate system, eShisha, or eHookah products. There is a lot to see at Triple Seven E Cig.

I suggest customers visit when they have enough time to do justice to the site. The company posts news, blogs, and videos of educational value. They share information about e cig regulations and research as it arises. Theirs is a full-service site in that sense so you get more from them than advertising.

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