It took me a few minutes to locate where 3AVape was from, although the clues had me believing they probably came from China. There were the amazingly low prices for one thing. Some small errors with English offered a second clue.

Something about the website style reminded me of the many Chinese e cig websites I have already visited. Sure enough, 3AVape is located in Shenzhen, home of most major e cig brands sold in America.

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In other words, if you were going to turn your nose up at transactions with a foreign company, remember where your e cigs come from. Certainly I would argue that it’s best to support local or, at least, American companies, but not if you think they sell American goods. You would be fooling yourself.

Some products will be American such as e liquid and certain brands of drip tips; a number of high-priced mods and accessories. Most electronic vaping equipment, however, is manufactured in China: Innokin, Smok, Kanger, JoyeTech, and other brands, for example. Even American brands of e cigs (V2 Cigs, South Beach Smoke, Bull Smoke, and White Cloud) are manufactured in the same places where the iTaste CLK, Smok SID, and Kanger EVOD are made.

3avape.comCompany and Website Details

This is a wholesale/retail company open 9 until 8 Monday to Saturday. They run an affiliate marketing program whereby participants have the chance to earn 5% commission using ShareaSale. If your order is $60 or more, they will ship goods for free, worldwide.

Go shopping for brands of e cigs and vaporizers like Sigelei, HeatVape, Smok, XTAR, and others. Buy kits, mods, accessories, vaporizers, or juice. Select herbal or e liquid devices. The entire range is available so long as you don’t want to build DIY mods.

Buy Mid and High-Powered APVs

Aspire, Cloupor, Dovpo, and others are listed on this page. Try relatively new Aspire CF VV batteries made with a carbon fiber finish priced $25.50. Choose a Cloupor 30W for $39.50.

A VTR by Innokin is $70. The CF II kit costs $55 on sale. Choose an Innokin CLK 1280 for $39 or the iTaste MVP 3.0 20W power bank with a charging cable ($59). So far, so good: 3A Vape has secured great prices as a retailer.

All three Dovpo items listed at 3AVape are on sale with varying amounts of discount applied. This includes their E-LVT 2.0 30W, E-Mech, and DT 50.

Clearomizers and More

Research your needs and you will find that some vaporizers will only work effectively with certain types of atomizers like sub-ohm coils. Herbal vaping requires special tanks. Cloupor’s dry herb tank and parts for the tank are sold here. 3AVape has the Atty V2 RDA for $9.50, a dripping atomizer suitable for mechanical and VW mods.

The Eleaf Mega DCC stainless tank for $5 suits APVs too. Try the Fogger V4 RBA priced $21.50. The Nautilus by Aspire sells for the very low price of $25 or you can pick their Mini Vivi Nova-S BDC, made of glass, for $7.50. You could use this with an eGo or APV.

Accessories for your Hardware

A list of assorted products features eGo batteries, drip tips, silicone holders, and a HeatVape Coil Master for building coils. Where does the brand Emili come from? Their battery and a starter kit shown elsewhere on the site are cheap but unfamiliar.

Dry Herb, etc.

Although their heading suggests further styles and models will be added eventually, 3AVape currently sells just the Dry Herb Flower Mate V for $69 on sale. Maybe at times they have sold eHookahs and Wax Vaporizers or they plan to add them one day.

Cheap E Liquid

Another clue that this was a Chinese all-purpose vaping company arrived under this heading: their e liquid. I had never heard of Nokan or seen e juice priced $1.99 for 10 ml. It turns out that this is Innokin’s line of vapor juice sold in 0, 6, 12, and 18 mg nicotine strengths. Sweet flavors included Apple, Cherry, Grape, Strawberry, Guava, and other fruits. Tobacco styles are listed separately with options such as Indian Herb, Virginia, and American Blend.

Many Bargains

Where bargains are concerned, it’s hard to beat 3AVape. Their company, operating since 2013, is located right at the heart of e cig industry. They offer the lowest prices for most gear and most of their items are brand-name. A full selection of accessories is available so you can make the most of your order and qualify for free shipping.

I don’t mind that this all comes from China and it is true that I would like to save money on otherwise over-priced gear. Some consumers truly prefer Chinese juice and are not too concerned about whether ingredients are made to US standards. Given the fact that so many vape vendors operate in the US, however, I would like to support them wherever possible.