180 Smoke

You would not guess this in a million years if someone asked “where do you think 180 Smoke comes from?” Tell them this is an electronic cigarette company and minds go instantly to California, China, and Florida.

Consumers would sooner pick Nebraska as the location for this brand of e cig than Ontario, Canada, but there you have it. One side of the country is famous for BC Bud. The other side will become known as the home of 180 Smoke. They can also be found at their US branch in Wilmington, Delaware, or online.

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Commitment to Customers

The people at 180 Smoke are dedicated to ethical business practices which include making products in a facility certified to many standards. Examples are FCC, CE, SGS, RoHS, UL, HACCP, MSDS, and ISO 9001:2000. Yep: that looks like code to me too, but in this case I know the code stands for compliance with health and safety regulations, so I am happy.

Canadians are a conscientious lot too and would sooner eat shoe leather than let customers down. Lots of people are involved in the process of developing products using a crowd-sourcing format, but employees are few on the ground to maintain affordable prices.

E Cigs and APVs

180 Smoke carries a variety of e cig configurations. This includes several starter kits, a bit of hardware variety, and several accessories, but theirs is not an all-purpose site.

Their 2-battery 280-mAh kit with 5 cartomizers is priced $49.95.

180 smoke optimal kit

A charging kit is also packaged in a slim box with a magnetic lid. The Essential kit (with just 1 battery, a USB charger, and 5 cartos) costs $29.95.

An advanced, regulated device costs $99.95.

180 smoke cloud maker optimal

This comes with two 650-mAh batteries, 2 clearomizers, a USB charger, wall adapter, carry case, and 10 ml of e liquid. A 650-mAh battery lasts much of the day, so having two batteries on hand is plenty for every waking hour. Batteries provide internal safeguards against discharge, overcharging, over-current, and short circuit dangers which can damage a battery. There is also a digital display operated by a microprocessor built into the base.

E Liquid Flavors

As I said, 10 ml of e liquid are included with this kit. Priced $7.95 for 10 ml, it is not your cheapest choice, but quality is high. It’s not everyday that you are given the chance to buy Canadian-made e liquid.

Flavors like Applelicious, Coconut Banana, and Pure Mango are leagues away from the taste of a real cigarette, but not in a bad way. Learn to enjoy flavor once more as your taste buds are revived.

New flavors are created by a mixologist and a bio-chemist at the lab in Ontario. The company tries flavors in-house before testing them through the process of crowd-sourcing.

Disposable Products

The E Cigar at 180 Smoke is a long-lasting electronic product.

180 smoke e cigar

It should taste like a cigar without the smell and flavor of burnt leaves and certainly looks like a stogie. Pay $19.95 for each one and do not buy the bundles. A quick calculation shows that bundles either cost more or are no cheaper. E Shisha pens cost $9.95 each. Diamond-tipped 800-puff pens are priced $14.95.

Cartomizer Refill Packages

Cartos are also disposable products, this time for adding to rechargeable batteries. Pay $9.95 for each package of five, which should provide the equivalent of 5 to 7.5 packages of cigarettes going by the number of puffs they are good for.  E liquids inside these cartomizers are made in Canada from US and Canadian ingredients.

Try Red Star Tobacco for a dry, cigar-like taste. Silver Star is light, pipe-style tobacco. With Orange Star, you taste a rich caramel and peach tobacco. Smooth Mint, Caramel Macchiato, and Grape Juice are three more choices.

Recycle with 180 Smoke

The term “doing a 180” refers to turning around and going the opposite direction to the one you were previously taking. That can mean ending a battle with addiction, changing your attitude to spending, or giving up cigarettes.

That is, of course, the purpose of 180 Smoke which was developed with the help of a cardiac professional. His goal and that of his team was to give smokers a realistic alternative that would keep them out of his consulting office and operating table where many smokers wind up. Vaping has potentially done just what he intended.

180 smoke ad

“Doing a 180” as a smoker also means changing your attitude to the environment. Data regarding pollution caused by analog cigarettes will shock you. Cigarettes are toxic to people, animals, and the environment generally. Statistics referring to the amount of waste created by real cigarettes show a staggering problem, and no part of a cigarette is recyclable either. E cig components, however, can be sent back to the company and recycled both to ease your ecological conscience and to earn rewards.

Send 8 disposables to receive one free. If they are e cigars, you receive a free e cigar. Post 8 e hookahs and receive a free e hookah. Another way to save money is by posting dead rechargeable and disposable batteries plus empty cartomizers in batches to 180 Smoke to earn store credit equal to 10% of the original cost of these items. This is not good for credit in cash but spend that 10% at the online store when you are ready.

180 Smoke Review: the Website

The makers of 180 Smoke organized their site as an e-commerce venue and an educational portal at the same time. View what you need to see by entering at the correct link. There are sections for journalists to visit, wholesale clients, and one for smokers interested in vaping.

Visit: http://180smoke.com